Ne-Yo’s ‘Libra Scale’ Delayed Again

Libra Scale

Ne-Yo won’t be celebrating his album release on his birthday after all. The R&B crooner has pushed back its release by one month so he can fine tune the project.

Libra Scale, the gentleman’s fourth effort, has a revised drop date of November 22, which is the Monday before the traditional Tuesday release. This is typically when the year’s biggest projects are released, with albums from Nicki Minaj, Akon, and Lloyd Banks expected to arrive the same week. The concept album was originally set for September and then moved to October 19 to coincide with his 31st birthday.

The father-to-be has booked several high-profile TV appearances to promote Libra Scale including “Dancing with the Stars” (10/5), “The Late Show with David Letterman” (10/11), and the American Music Awards (11/21).

His single “Champagne Life” is currently No. 16 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. A video for the third offering “One in a Million” premiered earlier this month.

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  1. Kyle

    I say he should’ve just left it at October 19th. It’s just gonna get lost in the shuffle with all the other releases coming out in November…


  2. Usher is King

    They need to revised the entire album! With the singles and videos that is out right now, makes me think it will be a Flop!


  3. Jon

    Wait is that the Officially Cover Art for the album??


  4. A

    all these push backs from the labels are getting stupid, do they really know what they want and do?


  5. Cameraman

    The most stupid thing about it is now the release date will no longer be in the Libra sign…why not just call it “Scorpio Sting” or “Sagittarius Archer” at that point?


  6. ASH

    Pushed back because his music is on some real bullshit right now.


  7. ...

    “Finely tune the project” = his first three singles bombed and they’re doing some last minute recording trying to find SOMETHING to gain some traction on radio. i like ne-yo’s music but his singles this time have been really weak.


  8. WhatTheF

    He’s gonna flop this time.




    @Jon..UH HUH!!!


  10. king

    he know better than to put his album the same week as rihanna album november 16 loud


  11. Konvict

    Its common sense you can release an album in the same week with Akon, Nicki & Banks. They are all hitmakers(espesially AKON)


  12. king

    all of dem might flop only one might do good is nicki


  13. Konvict

    Akonic will never flop it has Lady Gaga, Dr.Dre, Big Meech, and many more high profile artists.


  14. king

    gaga is goin to flop soon jus because she do the same thing all the time and some ppl dont like her cause she is a devil bitch akon is a flop


  15. Konvict

    I dont like gaga 2. But Akonic wont flop u jst f****n hater @king


  16. king

    is u ppl love to comment bad stuff bout rihanna so i comment bad stuff bout who i want pay bak is a bitch love rihanna. ( Konvict)


  17. Kyle

    I agree with A, there are so many pushbacks lately. Music labels should know best about how the music industry has been lately and how low album sales are. Between Ne-Yo and Ciara, I say their labels just release them when they are supposed to be released and not worry about their albums going platinum because most albums don’t even hit gold nowadays. It just makes US, the fans, MORE UPSET and impatient.


  18. muda

    all of you commenting why neyo dalayed it and shit. while some of you have time like i do to write ignorant comments. this guy is trying his best to give us something we never heard before.. he released three sinles from different genre each. none of his songs sound the same. give him a break. he wrote and produced a whole film for this joint. plus i think neyo really wants us to hear the new stuff he made. but it’s out of his control. remember when rebirth from lil wayne was pushed back one fucking year? this is all i had to say, Mr. SFNR for life!


  19. M J

    good point kyle, cuz that’s pretty much why ciara’s last album didn’t do good and i thought she had some pretty good songs on there but she got fucked over. all the labels are doing nowadays is just trying to screw whatever money they can out of the artists they have and throwin ‘em to the side when they got all they could get out of ‘em and start doin’ the same to the next big artist or group that comes along


  20. jhuntdaprodigy

    He dropping the same week as Rihanna, Akon, Nicki Minaj, & Lloyd Banks? Oh hell no, it’s gonna get pushed back again, his singles suck. I’m a fan of Ne-Yo, but his album is majorly flopping whenever it does come out


  21. Meme

    What ppl need to realise is that its not the label faults when albums have to be push. These artist aint delivering…and anyone would be crazy to release a album without a strong single.

    Only three artist I cant think of who pushed strong ass numbers with weak ass single and that A.Keys and Mary. They can sells albums regardless if they have hyped singles. Artist like CIara, Kelly, Keri etc they need strong single to carry a album or they will guarentee a flop.


  22. Konvict

    You forgot Susan Boyle @meme


  23. Will

    The reason Libra Scale keeps getting pushed back is cause Beautiful Monster the single that was supposed to be a smash hit didnt do well on Billboard it didnt even crack Top 40 and now that one in A Million is out the label needs to give it time to chart. The album wont do well without a smash single that atleast cracks the top 40 on billboard. Its a gift and a curse but in this case this album might end up being a flop but hopefully not.


  24. Concerned Listener

    grrrrrrrrrrrl please, nobody’s checking for this album right now. She’s got to come harder.


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  26. Meme

    lol @ Konvict. that was my 3rd person


  27. real

    easily the worst album cover of 2010/


  28. Nadine

    stfu ppl, i will be one of the ppl buying his album. ive liked all his singles & nikki has put so much effort into her mixtapes her album is gonna be ASS . sorry to say . but everyone is entitled to their own oppinion..


  29. venky

    I am a huge fan of ne yo
    Although the singles were not so great I would have loved to listen all the songs of the album
    I’ve already waited long for the album and further delay is really frustrating


  30. the ear

    Wait til yall hear his song called Cause I Said So that he did with some up and coming producers “Jackpot” from Miami, def has a MJ appeal to it…should easily chart in the Top 40′s if pushed as a single, some ppl are blogging that its suppose to be the next single, but if that doesn’t turn the NAY sayers into believers, then idk, but we’ll see


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