On the Scene: Eminem, Ameriie, Rihanna, M.I.A., Ludacris, Christina Aguilera, B.o.B, Christina Milian, Kid Cudi


Eminem revved up thousands of festival-goers with a super-charged set on the first day of EPICENTER Twenty Ten at the Auto Speedway in Fontana, Calif., on Saturday (Sept. 25). KISS, Blink-182, Rise Against, and a reunited Bush were also on the bill. Em is nominated for four awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards, including Best Video for the Rihanna-assisted “Love the Way You Lie.”


The newly blonde Ameriie blew through the Windy City for the 2010 Picture of Strength event at the Chicago Illuminating Company.


X marks the spot. Rihanna departed one of her favorite eateries, AGO in West Hollywood, on Friday night wearing a white tank top and hat.


M.I.A., who is currently on a North American tour, took the stage in a green poncho at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2010 at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, Md.


Ludacris also made the crowd stand up at Saturday’s Virgin Mobile FreeFest. Luda will help select the top 10 CNN Heroes by serving on the network’s Blue Ribbon Panel of judges.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera, looking classy in a floor-length gown, lent her voice to the opening gala fundraiser for the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion at LACMA in Los Angeles.


B.o.B soared high during the BBC Radio 1Xtra Live concert at London’s Wembley Arena. He will return to the U.K. in November to open for Paramore following his U.S. solo tour.

Christina Milian

Christina Milian spent her Saturday shopping with daughter Violet Nash and BFF Big Billy Clark in Los Angeles.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi threw up the peace sign for the camera before hitting the stage at the Details at Midnight performance in the Big Apple.

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  1. D.I

    Ameriie looks amazing
    Rihanna looks a mess
    Christina & her daughter are so adorable
    & I cant wait for Cudi’s album.


  2. Konvict

    Rihanna is looking sexy as always


  3. Katy

    Ameriie Looks Ugly Rihanna looks soo Hoot Christina looks Even Hotter


  4. rihannito

    Rihanna looks stunning as a usual, a FASHION ICON and a TREND SETTER !! haters ….. STAY THE FUCK MAD !!!!
    hahahah Only girl is already #1 in 7 countries without a week of release! and top ten in 5 otheres! who is mad?



    Rihanna is killer.!


  6. Lance

    You’ve hit the highlight of M.I.A.s set at Virgin Freefest: her taking the stage. Everything else that happened was an atrocity and probably could be classified as a crime against humanity.


  7. geishagirl

    A blind man can see that Ameriie is OBVIOUSLY prettier than Rihanna wide nose, clown wig wearing herpes azz. #imjustSTATINGfacts


  8. James

    Rihanna is so hot



    well where is her cosmetic contract with cover girl, her leg insurance for a million dollars with venus legs, her posing for the likings of Gucci and her spread in Italia Vougue? Rihanna got all that covered already! #FactsFail


  10. Curtis

    Rihanna looks great.


  11. king

    rihanna is the fukin best


  12. WhatTheF

    LOL look at Floptina :D


  13. @ Geishagirl

    U do know that ‘self-hating’ Amerie got a nose job, right? (Many people have had a nose job, but she looks TOTALLY different)

    And yes, Rihanna has borrowed Ronald McDonald’s wig. But Amerie stole the hair from a Barbie doll!! Both get a FAIL for the hair.

    Side note – Seems that Amerie needs to take some career pointers from Rihanna – I’m just sayin – both are pretty girls, with little to no talent.

    I’m just stating FACTS!!


  14. Dean

    Christina Aguilera looks great! she’s so beautiful!


  15. bass_man

    all of these women are absolutely beautiful. i just wish amerIIIIIIe wasn’t blonde..


  16. bass_man

    and it’s ironic christina milionceblonde is in this post too, because i’m so glad she’s not blonde anymore. hopefully, ameriiiiie acts quickly.


  17. Pinoy

    Rihanna with long hair that’s HOOT!!!


  18. Shanyia

    Christina A. loks like dirty on her face ;D Too much dark foundation


  19. Phoenix_Wright

    Amerie looks fine, I know everyone has their opinions, but if you think Amerie is ugly then you hating harddd! Blonde or not, post nose job or before it, her face is still pretty.


  20. king

    rihanna u are the best that is y u have alot of haters


  21. simone

    lol @ PRESSED?…cuz geishagirls facts are really facts and not “hatin” lmaooo


  22. Lisa

    Rihanna and Christina Aguilera look cute!


  23. Basketball

    DANG… Rihanna is so sexy & beautiful everything about her just turn me on… SHE’S COMING FOR THAT HOTTEST CHICK IN THE GAME TITLE…


  24. sagal

    my gur RiRi lookz fantastic………..shz absaly staining……beautiful keep it up Ri….love u


  25. D-Money

    Rihanna and Amerie rocked it as usual!!! But everyone else looked decent!


  26. Wesley.C

    Amerie looks great, fuck the haters. She’s way prettier than Rihanna anyway.


  27. Truth

    If ameriie followed anything from rihanna book she would be labled a singing billy ghoat puppet artist big for her stylist sense of fashion and of course fuckin jay, drake, chris brown n the list goes on… Did I mention being naked most of the time n releasin nude photos?


  28. S

    Christina looks GOOD!!


  29. Kev

    Amerie stay doin her never givin a shit what others have to stay. That’s a true human being!! And Rihanna is beautiful her and Amerie are both amazing


  30. Jay






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