Rihanna Makes a Bang at NYC Video Shoot


Red alert! Rihanna nearly caused a traffic jam in New York City while shooting the video for her new song “What’s My Name” over the weekend. A smiling RiRi, sporting a colorful outfit and flaming red hair, danced in Central Park and on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, using drumsticks to bang on light posts. Passersby stopped to gawk and take pictures on their cell phones as the Barbados beauty crossed the street.

The video marks the first time the pop star has worked with director Philip Andelman (BeyoncĂ©, Jay-Z). She previously shot a clip for her first single “Only Girl (In the World)” in California. Catch some more red-hot pics and video footage below.

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  1. Rihanna2k10



  2. OoOshii



  3. beauty

    she looks beautiful!!!


  4. Bonny

    Her hair looks very dry…I think it’s because too much hair coloring. Anyway she roccckkkkkssss!!!!!


  5. RedRocBoy

    No matter how many people hate on this girl you can’t deny she has talent. And she is a stunning young black woman. Love this girl!


  6. JUSTI



  7. Rihannaz #1 Fan

    Loveeeee it!!! when she first got the red short hair they all hated it,then a week later 90% ended up liking it…its gunna be the same shit with this look to..soo im over it…if they dnt ever like it o well bitchez..you better learn to love it,cuz its “hair” to stay for right now!! ;-P


  8. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    hhmmmm!!! interesting …


  9. Droppin Bombs

    Just because she isnt bland like your fav. Rocking the same old ass hairstyle and routine year after year.Same old same old. Dont hate. Rihanna takes risks. She is never boring. New sounds, new styles, new energy. Thats why haters always watching, and commenting on her, because they cant look away. She’s way too hot.Keep killing the game Riri.#2 and #3 songs on billboard; who mad!! LoL


  10. v_nassty

    that song sounds hot!!


  11. rihannito

    omgg all hail the queeeeeeeeeeeeen!!! show the haters what u gottt!!!! yasssssssss WHAT MY NAME next #1 after only girl yes WERK IT bitch


  12. Joyams

    Weird style but we’ll see the final result.


  13. Nait Phoenix

    From what I hear, that song sounds ten times better than Only Girl!!! I can’t WAIT to hear it!!


  14. imma

    OMG look at that legs!ouch where’s the gym….


  15. Daniel from Israel

    All I have to say is Qalqiliya. It’s so obvious that she’s wearing a weave, she looks so cheap and ugly with that… that’s a shame ’cause she’s a pretty girl. She is a puppet in her label’s hands – they tell her to get a long hair – everyone’s laughing at her that she looks like Ronald McDonald…


  16. Well Alright

    Damn!!!! That Rihanna reign will never let up it just wont lmao.


  17. PRESSED?

    the song sounds hot as shit, another smash hit for rihanna! im most definitely loving the fresh earthy vibe of the new album!


  18. PRESSED?

    alright for the queen being 3 out of the 5 most popular topics on the site right now! She has eveeryones attention right now wether u like it or not!


  19. Kyle

    I am so disappointed that she is rocking that red hair this time around. She looks absolutely hideous with that wig on. Other than that, I’m excited to hear what else she has in store for this album!!


  20. Ciara Fan

    beyonce, take notes bytch! Change is good, get rid of the 15 year hairstyle you have been rocking. I wuold love to see beyonce change as much as rihanna does


  21. heather

    COSIGN WIT Nait Phoenix!!!



  22. EL

    I need to hear that song yesterday! That is about to be a smash!

    That’s why she’s getting all this early buzz and pre-publicity. And “Only Girl” is already on its way to No. 1. (Currently at No. 3)

    Get used to her. She’s not going anywhere.


  23. bijan

    this looks just like shakira’s new video


  24. twitter.com/antonios_world

    If Only They Leaked Some Footage From The Only Girl Shoot


  25. bab boy

    I can bet anyone this. Say this video is one fo the best video ever


  26. K.K.

    RiRi’s the best !!!


  27. lies

    LATE Takey outfit…..tackey wig….tackey vocals.


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