M.I.A. and Rye Rye Hug It Out

M.I.A. and Rye Rye

Following her show at Terminal 5 in New York City, M.I.A. showed love to her 19-year-old protégée Rye Rye at an after-party at Greenhouse. The Baltimore MC performed material from her debut album Go! Pop! Bang!, due in January on N.E.E.T. Recordings/Interscope. The lead single, “Sunshine,” features her motherly mentor, and the disc may include collaborations with Pharrell, Tyga, Blaqstarr, Arabian Prince, Egyptian Lover, and Diplo.

“She’s very involved, like most of the decisions get made by her as well,” Rye Rye told Rap-Up TV of working with Maya. “If I do a track, M.I.A. has to be comfortable with it as well because I’m her artist.”

Catch the labelmates in a city near you on M.I.A.’s North American tour.

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  1. Nicole

    aww so cute. love this two.


  2. Diamond

    Can someone please explain to me why M.I.A is famous? The only BIG song i’ve ever heard from her was ‘Paper Planes’, I’ve heard other songs from her, but none of them have ever been chart-topping and all over the place, like she is on this site? Not hating, just curious..


  3. mesouth


    I’d try to explain it to u but u won’t undastand, no hating just talkin real.


  4. antsme

    Why do I get a lesbian vibe from them?


  5. Derek

    @antsme Because you’re a jackass?


  6. kani k.

    MIA has jumped the shark. She was more motivated and involved before she got married to those billions of dollars, and now she’s having hit-and-misses. Still love her though, one of the most creative and innovative artist on the scene.


  7. antsme

    @Derek If you don’t have anything contstructive to say please shut up!


  8. NickGfromDC

    Ayyeeee like the purple jacket Rye Rye!


  9. anonymous

    @antsme that’s absurd. maya is like a mother to rye rye. She discovered her and has guided her in her career.. and gave her an amazing outlet to display her unique talent. Maya is a 36 year old woman with a husband and child to assume these two are lesbians because they share a special bond (more like mother daughter) than that makes you sound quite ignorant. They both are amazing people and i’m never one to respond to shade but in this instance I had to.


  10. Tia-Bia

    I love how M.I.A always looks blitzed lol She definitely seems like a fun chick.


  11. Fool

    I like Rye Rye i definitely think she brings something different 2 the rap game she is fresh air


  12. Raider

    Neither girl is pleasin to the eye.And I agree with @Diamond Why is M.i.a famous? Apart frm one obvious stand-out track, there’s been nothing remarkable since.


  13. HA

    M.I.A. is famous because she is one of the most innovative and creative and unique artists out there. Paper Planes wasn’t even meant to be a hit! She’s what you call underground. Apparently y’all are ignorant and listen to Disney Channel artists and the shit that gets played 100 times in the same day.


  14. babe

    this is a load of shit


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