Dr. Dre Aims to Release ‘Detox’ by Christmas

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s Detox has been over a decade in the making, but fans of the rap mogul may get their Christmas wish this year. Dre is hoping to release the long-awaited project by the end of 2010.

When asked at Wednesday’s Beats by Dr. Dre fall presentation when the follow-up to The Chronic 2001 would arrive, the Doc said, “That’s a good question. In a perfect world, you know I’m really trying to make Christmas, but we’ll see,” adding, “Something will definitely be out.”

The hip-hop pioneer has been recording non-stop. “I’m actually working on it every day.” He is making sure to take his time so he doesn’t disappoint fans. “I just have to make sure I don’t accomplish this word: anticippointment.”

Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine seemed less confident of the drop date, joking that Christmas may have to move for Dre. “I feel that if it comes down to it, Dre will move Christmas. We support him 1000 percent.”

In a hopeful sign, Dre previewed some new music from Detox for a lucky few backstage at the event. “He just played something for us back there,” shared Iovine. “He’s got two new songs that are just incredible.”

Dr. Dre was on hand to announce his new Beatbox digital sound system and headphone lineup, including a product collaboration with Justin Bieber, at the Beats by Dr. Dre press conference at the Best Buy Theater in New York City.

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  1. OMg

    HA ha ha, what the….. Boy why is he playing around. at the beginning everybody was hypet and now who cares? sorry but i even think it will be trash……


  2. iHATEhaters



  3. DRB

    I’ll believe it when it happens


  4. JD

    ill believe it when i see it


  5. 250 MG

    Detox will be amazing whether you like it or not



    HAHHA YEAAAAAAA RIGHT. Don’t hold your breath people.


  7. Reezy

    no chance in hell its droppin at christmas, detox better be good when it finally comes out !


  8. J.J.

    Detox Has to be Amazinnnn.. he had like a decade to make the album…. it has to be the best album of 2010… or what he made was pointless


  9. Nait Phoenix

    Boy, I’m still waiting for that “Planets” mixtape he promised. Where’s THAT release date?


  10. Phoenix_Wright

    I would like to believe u dre, but u should stay in the studio until u are 100% sure it will be released ok?

    & it prolly is going to sound real dated & wack, BUT I say good luck to him because some people don’t lose it. He better be 1 of those ppl.


  11. Tree

    This Should Be a Good Album ! LEts Go Hip-Hop


  12. JhuntdaProdigy

    I predict that we will see an article with the same title as this one, on September 29th 2011 lol


  13. Chris

    well hope its by Dec 25 that song under pressure that was leaked ft. Jay-Z was trash hope we get better stuff on Detox


  14. JeezyWon

    yessssssssss xmas of 203545574526456679438549004948545


  15. jukka

    its like a…urban legend kinda thing lol


  16. Miniblock

    i thought detox was a myth


  17. ugh

    Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf??
    His name was Dr. Dre!


  18. Cory

    Dre might as well keep that album where it has been for the last few years. Keep putting out headphones, cause nobody cares anymore.


  19. MikeTone

    Haha I remember seeing this same hype around this time last year thinkin hell ya finally gonna drop in 2009! damn dre i’m a huge fan and a producer too hope to meet u someday, but u need to feed these fans dogg! Word is u got enough material for 10 detox’s!


  20. John

    If Dre’s not careful Detox will end up like GnR’s Chinese Democracy, album 14yrs past its time, no one cared, which was a little sad as the music would have been amazing in 1996.


  21. Frenchy

    biggest mistake he made was to ever talk about that album! it should have been unexpected and come out as a surprise from God whenever … People would have thougt “Daimn! Dre is still the master!” But now he made everybody wait for 10 years, he’s just disrespectfull ! However, I think that album is not for now… He’s preparing another era.. where he might not be…


  22. Joyams

    Detox better be good. It better be good…


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  25. lilhack

    It won’t happen in 2010. I know that shitz gonna be good. I hope DD’s album don’t end up like GNR’s Chinese Democracy. Though I give Axl credit cause that album is tight.


  26. Drefan since 91

    First single “Kush”is average to wack. Dre gotta come alot more original than that with Detox. Detox gotta be sum crazy new shit. “Kush” with autotune and annoying Akon sounds like a leftover track he made bout 5 years ago.


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