Drake Involved in Fan Altercation


Drake may have wowed the sold-out crowd attending his Jacksonville, Florida concert last week, but with more money comes more problems.

After the show, two fans claim that they were merely showing their appreciation for Drizzy when the rapper and his bodyguard got physical, pushing them away and spurring an altercation that sent one of them to the hospital.

“Before I got to say his name, [his bodyguard] punched me in the mouth and I fell back,” said Jeremis Perez Soriano, who ended up with six stitches on the left side of his mouth. “These are the same people that are buying your CDs. You shouldn’t treat us like that.”

His female friend, who was first pushed away by Drake, maintains that there was no physical contact on their behalf. “He never put his hands on Drake, he never put his hands on the security guard. He never even made a fist to hit the security guard for the security guard to come and hit him that hard,” she said. “Drake went to get on his bus and he flicked me off in my face and was like, ‘F you, you’re nothing.’”

Soriano is currently seeking legal advice and plans to file suit against the hip-hop star. He says he doesn’t want much, only reimbursement for his medical bills.

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  1. Bella

    ego..u rappers think u’ll r god.. fans makes u rich…buddy..dont 4get…respect the ppl, that show you love/respect…


  2. Macarons

    I don’t know if it’s true but Drake shouldn’t forget that a couple years ago he was “nothing” too and that without his fans, he’d still be “nothing”…

    Plus, he’s ugly.


  3. Natalia

    Wow if this is true I’ve lost all respect for him as a rapper. How could he flick off a “female fan”. I hope this isn’t true but if it is he will loose alotta of support from his fans. But ya tabloid people do blow stuff outta proprotion so it better be true.


  4. Tex

    your stupid man, why do that to a fan. We’re not allowed to protect ourselves against them but they can hit us….really?


  5. bass_man



  6. JD

    If its true Ima lose ALOT of respect for him


  7. Brice

    I dont believe it!!how Many fans lies for a little exposure.
    Drake is not like That.


  8. 2XCL

    I can see one of Drakes body guard being all stupid and punching a fan in the face. Probably had been drinking earlier and was acting all high and mighty.

    Drake should have reacted better instead of flipping off the girl. He’s really starting to get annoying now.


  9. Cookii

    this is a lie!mtchw u stupid fools who believe this!


  10. queen beyonce

    omg i hope this is not true come on im a huge fan of drake i dont like this behaviour as a fan this is not good


  11. suttin called love

    i hope it isnt true, but if it is i’ve lost all respect for him just like how i lost respect for chris brown


  12. honeybun

    i hope it isnt true but he will loose my respect and others as well… i keep hearing his ego is getting bigger but dang


  13. twitter.com/antonios_world

    When Money And Fame Gets To Your Head


  14. thatruth

    I’m a very big fan of drake started listening to his music when i first heard raplacement girl in 07 ( i think) if this is true then he will lost alot of respexct i had for him because you don’t flip of a female fan because numbeer one they are females and number two they are the main people that buy cds. and you should control your body guard. hitting a fan is pass the line of disrespect and suicide to your career.

    He been changing lately. he didnt even called wayne to say happy birthday . MTV had to do it for him . thats the guy that blew him up when no one was messing with him.


  15. S. Blade

    He’s probably going to make a big song where he apologizes…

    I really hope this isn’t true. It could be, but if it is, Drake has lost all common sense. Why the HELL would you flip off one of your OWN FANS? I tell you the fame is going to his head and he’s going to end up hurting somebody or himself.


  16. K.K.

    It ain’t Drake’s fault! It’s his bodyguard! I don’t believe the woman!


  17. John

    I am a big Drake fan myself but apparently this is nothing new. A few friends of mine saw him in a club when they were all at MTV spring break. They said he would have his bodyguards push anyone he didn’t know out of the way who attempted to speak with him.


  18. Jordan

    That Bitch And Cunt Deserved It


  19. Whitney

    Do we know if this is true yet?


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