New Music: Tiffany Evans – ‘I’ll Be There’

Tiffany Evans

A couple years after the release of her eponymous debut, “Promise Ring” singer Tiffany Evans is back with the sultry ballad “I’ll Be There” and a more mature look to match. The 18-year-old talent promises to stay by her friend’s side when troubles arise, singing, “I’ll be there when you need me/ No matter what, how, or when, my friend/ I’ll be there.” Get a taste for what the starlet has in store with the first single from her sophomore album, due in 2011.

Download: Tiffany Evans – “I’ll Be There”

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  1. jeremydante

    what’s with all the recent covers? keep that shit on youtube. nonetheless, she can really sing. wish she could push her own shit with more effort though. promise ring was coo & another track called, “whats your name?” by her is dope too.


  2. Carolina

    ^ Did you listen to it? This is not a cover.


  3. jeremydante

    the production on this is powerful. this could be her time. best of luck to her.


  4. jeremydante

    @carolina- was referring to her “every woman” cover.


  5. smiley

    No you werent, jeremydante. lol you assumed it was an mj cover.


  6. Hannah

    lmao @ jeremydante. Foolish. lol


  7. WhatTheF

    Who? This girl is gonna FLOP! Just go ‘head and join the church choir or something.

    But wait, she had a debut album already? *DEAD*



  8. RAHJA

    This is a nice track but I don’t think this should be the 1st single. More like the last one to end it off right. It does remind of something that shouldve been on the Dreamgirls soundtrack. Good vocals, though.


  9. harvey

    @WhatTheF…did you hear about shontelle No Gravity albums sales.


  10. billy jean




  11. anonymous

    Dang smiley! lol


  12. anonymous

    BTW. I LOVE her voice but I don’t care for any of her songs. I think she needs better songs and imaging. She’s an excellent singer!


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    some song on youtube that leaked are cool, like the one jeremydante mentioned, “I can’t ask for more”, “Go Round With it”, and “Cry”.

    This balled is cool, just not something I’m feeling at the moment, it’s an uplifting song (love those types of songs), but yea it’s aight.


  14. nookie

    song great but its not going to do well as the 1st single..


  15. jeremydante

    hahaha swear hella people on here tried to come for me. dont shade me guys! hahaha


  16. Lauren

    All u negative “Mc Donalds” working people. go to sleep, the fact that you listen to the single OR NOT means alot. let the girl make her damn money. negative ass people. fuck outta here!


  17. honeybun

    like the song but she should put out a more of an up beat song


  18. mistwalker

    i think once this song gets the right promo it can break the top 10 songs, its really good, inspirational songs like this touch people’s lives i really this here probably the best new R&B song ive heard 4 the month 2 thumbs up to this 1


  19. sophie

    a song like this can only be a hit, if we care about who’s singing it, not a bad song, she did good on it, but radio won’t play this especially from a no-name like her.


  20. asunkee

    Amazing voice. I’ve been supporting this chick for about 10 years now (since she was this skinny little thing w/ a big ass gap b/w her front teeth LOL). I love how she’s grown musically. She’s one of the only 90′s babies in the industry that I admire. UNDERRATED!


  21. Sly B.

    Her voice is great, but she’s not on RiRi Or CiCi’s LEVEL !!! :)


  22. @yoBrandonDude

    She Did a Great Job. You need To Learn How To appreciate Real Music. #DoyourThingTiffanyE


  23. cali

    she can sing get it gurl i like this song and forget u other haters its about time we slowed it down in da music industry


  24. jofan

    Sly B.
    SMDH how u gonna say she’s not on RiRi’s level SHE CAN SING!!! un like riri.


  25. #NICCI

    @jofan Hey i like riri…but tiffany can sang she make keri hilson look like a copy right of cassie..finally tiff is back we need her cause female singin for our generation is just wow smh..i give ciara some points cause she can dance..anyway i totally want tiffany’s album and it hasn’t even came out yet lol…and by the way how old is tiffany evans now ..someone told me she like 18 now i guess.#NS


  26. Bri

    This song starts off really slow, but it gets better by the end. Wish you the best of luck Tiffany!!!


  27. Tay-Tay

    I think this gurl is real classy, so far she is the only superstar who hasn’t gone to jail (Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc.) and she is a good gurl. She can SANG her tail off, so I’m fo ya 100% Tiff!! P.S. I love “I’ll be there” gettin sick of all the stupid sex music


  28. raven

    i really like dis song yall jus hatin on her cuz she probaly can sang betta dan yall lol bitches


  29. corin

    this song is hot i like it:)


  30. denisha

    i luv this song lik soooo much gud job gurl nd keep the wrk up we liked really missed yu gurl.


  31. Cierra

    love it


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