Rihanna Gets ‘Loud’ with Nicki Minaj, Samples Avril Lavigne

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj

After making noise with the red-hot cover artwork for Loud yesterday, Rihanna is revealing some of the tracks on her new album.

Just Jared was invited to preview RiRi’s fifth effort at L.A. Reid’s office at Island Def Jam and wrote up a glowing review, calling it the “biggest album for the Bajan beauty yet.”

The sexy siren teams up with her could-have-been tourmate Nicki Minaj for “Raining Men,” described as an uptempo record. “There isn’t much of a chorus, but the song features a variation of the popular children’s phrase ‘eenie meenie miney mo,’” writes Jared.

Other highlights include the catchy “Cheers,” which samples Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You,” a naughty club banger called “S&M,” the second single “What’s My Name,” and the ballad “Fading Away,” which likely references her relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Below is a list of nine tracks that were played, but does not necessarily represent the final tracklisting. Drake recently spoke about working with Rihanna on the album, but that song was not previewed during the listening.

“Only Girl (In the World)”
“What’s My Name”
“California King (Bed)”
“Raining Men” featuring Nicki Minaj
“Who’s That Chick”
“Fading Away”
“Man Down”

For a more detailed description of each track, head over to Just Jared.

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  1. Giamma

    I want to hear it now :(


  2. toni

    sounds wack!!


  3. Ready4DaWorld

    I don’t really like the 1st single but album wise she’s yet to dissapoint me so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.


  4. juicy

    it do just as good as MASSIVE ATTACK


  5. VV

    @toni, At least you are consistent in your hating. Ciara would not approve. Tsk tsk.





  7. Kyle

    Sounds VERY GOOD!! Each album keeps getting better and better for me. Sometimes I think I like GGGB better than “Rated R,” but I definitely feel like each album gets more cohesive. Hopefully this one is the same.


  8. Music Lover


    Sound like no urban audience for her this era.


  9. sexy smiles

    i just want think ,rihanna come bacl reaaly!


  10. WhatTheF

    Some of y’all seem mad :(



  11. tell'em

    Sounds cool.

    @Music Lover, “What’s My Name” is the urban single. Her label already said there would be urban, pop, and dance records like she ALWAYS does.


  12. beyonce

    that crap simply SUCKS!!!


  13. Cory

    Don’t forget that her urban singles “Hard”, and “Rude Boy” were the biggest hits off “Rated R”!! I’m excited to hear the album. My favorite record from “Rated R”, was “Cold Case Love” so if the ballads are anything like that, then I’m gonna love them.


  14. JayCred

    One of Avril’s best songs in one of Rihannas?! Sounds very very interesting.

    It’s raining men, hallelujah? Hopefully not. I hope to GOD Who’s That Chick makes the album, love that song. I really don’t mind that this is gonna be GGGB Pt 2 cause that’s how a pop album should be: tons of variety.


  15. meme

    Love love love rihanna GGGB. If this album is anything like that and less of RatedR then im for it. Im ready


  16. king

    she is the best


  17. K.K.

    “California King (Bed)” ???
    “Raining Men” featuring Nicki Minaj
    “Man Down” ???



  18. Arkham

    Rihanna why put Nicki on your album? Why?


  19. risguy

    @arkham Cause Nicki ditched her tour!! SHe owes Ri


  20. Kim Robot

    @Arkham.. Why wouldnt rihanna put Nicki on her track ? Shes the hottest b*tch in the Game ATM ! so STFU nd dont post any nagative shit on here <3


  21. Antonios World

    Go The Fcuk Home People Who Do Not Like This !! This Is Real Dance Music. Go Listen To A Bunch Of Screaming Heavy Metal. Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On This!!


  22. Rap*



  23. rihannito

    RIHANNA all the way !!! lol u mad…. only girl after just a week of release was #1 in australia,new zeland,Sweden,Canada,Norway,Finland and ofcourse without counting the top tens !!! hahaah and of course not to mention that it debuted at #1 on billboard digital songs and #3 on hot! so i think that haters r mad for that!:)

    i also cant wait for brit’s, BEP’s and avril lavigne’s albums!! i miss those days!! without gaga and her nasty music !! Lively 2007 !!!


  24. OKAY

    only 9 songs on the album wtf


  25. Bizzy G.

    This sounds interesting one sampled song of Avril Lavigne’s I’m with you…

    this could be her best album yet so let’s hope the best..


  26. tifanyy

    nicki minaj?? she have talent!!! what she do with dat girl who can’t sing and can’t write her own songs???

    hum just for money i hope


  27. J-Wellz




  28. Vinnie pooh

    I think so 2


  29. xray vision

    @tifanyy…i see ur still commenting on RIHANNA posts…can’t realize that even the haters want to read about her and nobody wants to listen to fist brown aka chris beatdown brown aka chris the ironfist aka chris (grafitti flopstar) brown…tsk tsk


  30. Steve

    @J-Wellz Yeah I think they were tryna diss the song but didn’t do a good job.

    and @WhatTheF you have the nerve talking about somebody bein “Madd” when u come in all Nicki’s post madd soo sit down.

    But anyways I cant wait to her and copp loud.


  31. Yas

    Ugh… music is dead. I think her stock is declining, try a new occupation please.


  32. king

    rihanna is the best that is y she has haters


  33. Levina

    I lovee you so much RIHANNAA!!!! <3 <3 Album sounds awesomee…xD <33 (:


  34. vanya1199

    GO f*ck!


  35. Gina Aubrey Drake Graham

    nicki minaj & rihanna on one track .. ? this should be good .. !


  36. Kiddogoingup

    Nicki & Rihanna on a track…

    they NEED to make the VIDEO to it…i want to see what it would look like :P


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