Bruno Mars Knocks ’Em Dead at Lucky Strike

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is striking it big on the charts with his debut single “Just the Way You Are,” but on Wednesday night in New York City, the only thing he was focused on was striking down bowling pins. At an exclusive media meet and greet at Lucky Strike, the fedora-wearing hitmaker greeted guests with a warm smile and a hug. In a dimly-lit corner with dated pop tunes blasting from the speakers, Bruno made lighthearted chit-chat before hitting the lanes.

Coming off the high of his No. 1 record, the friendly singer-songwriter spoke to about linking up with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley for “Liquor Store Blues,” a track off his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. “If you ever get a chance to go to Oahu, where I’m from, turn on the radio and all you’re going to hear is Bob Marley, Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley, and Stephen Marley. They’re like royalty down there,” Mars explains. “We made the phone call and he came through and blessed me.”

After wolfing down mini-burgers and drinks, everyone made their way to the four bowling lanes reserved for the occasion. Bruno didn’t take the sport lightly, from his push-away stance to his delivery. With the moxie of a champion and the poise of a true pro, Bruno proved that his talents are not limited to music, stealing the game in strikes.

The Hawaiian heartthrob’s full-length debut arrives Tuesday featuring his hit single plus the follow-up “Grenade.” Catch him living out his dream when he performs on the October 9th episode of “SNL.”

–Tanya Remekie

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  1. Nicole

    Go Bruno! he still on top glad that Rihanna failed 5 spots lol.


  2. RihFTW

    @Nicole go f*ck yourself we shouldn’t praise crackheads


  3. Nicole

    oh shut up RihFTW get over ur self ur just mad that someone is taking Rihanna spot Bruno who actually has talent unlike Rihanna’s just a wannabee she doesn’t know who she is. POW go back to school


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    You two need to stop

    Nicole that sounded like hating (even tho funny lol) cause this had nothing to do with Rihanna

    And RihFTW, how you are going to say “we shouldn’t praise crackheads”? So you praise a girl who does sexting, and shows off her ass and breast in promo pics?

    She ain’t no better


  5. Da

    and prob has done drugs herself, and doesnt produce her own music like bruno does, and mostly successful cause she is one sexy bish


  6. toni

    fuck u all rihanna haters!….this as nothing to do with riri and yet still u guys bring her up!..bruno is a good singer and i like his music but theres no reason to hate rihanna…y dont u talk about other female artists showing off there parts…rihanna isn’t d only 1!…so fuck yourself all rihanna haters! especially NICOLE!…HOW DARE U TRY DISSING RIRI!….if u do your research bitch u would find out that rihanna is doing very great!…she’s just fine! and wait until her new album LOUD cums out!…the tracks are very fast and nice! go fuck yourself!


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