Keri Hilson Sets Date for Second Album

Keri Hilson

Music’s biggest stars are rushing to get their albums in stores in time for the holiday shopping season, and Keri Hilson is no exception. The R&B songstress has claimed a release date for her sophomore album.

Miss Keri Baby is scheduled to unleash No Boys Allowed, the follow-up to her 2009 debut In a Perfect World…, on November 30, has learned. She shares a drop date with her labelmates the Black Eyed Peas (The Beginning) and Chrisette Michele (Let Freedom Reign). In addition, Amazon reports that Ciara’s Basic Instinct will arrive that day December 14, but Ciara has not confirmed this date.

Keri has been in the studio with Polow Da Don and Timbaland, and most recently Kanye West. Singer-songwriter Kevin McCall told Rap-Up TV that he produced a slow jam with Chris Brown and Tank for the project as well.

The lead offering “Breaking Point” is currently on radio, while the Chuck Harmony and Ne-Yo-produced follow-up “Pretty Girl Rock” will hit iTunes on October 12. Keri debuted the song live at the Beats by Dr. Dre fall presentation in New York on Wednesday.

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  1. Rihsus



  2. Da Don

    Uh oh it’s about to be a girl fight or the Clash of the Flops with Keri and Cerror dropping on the same day. Let’s see who will flop the hardest and break Chingy and Kelis first weak sale selling less than 7000k


  3. WhatTheF

    I think C-Error is gonna sell more than her :b

    But they are both gonna flop.


  4. Speechless

    WTF Keri? Why drop the same day as Ciara? She must really want to be embarrassed. Ok C’s let’s show her why Ciara is the reigning queen of Decatur. POW!


  5. Tish

    Lol… Oh hell no, Chingy takes that cake and then some. He sold less than 700, YES SEVEN HUNDRED, albums lmao. As far as Nov 30th Keri and Ciara don’t have a chance up against Black Eyed Peas and they know it!


  6. J.J

    No body will break chingy’s record (683 1st week)@Da Don. But i am looking forward for Keri’s flop


  7. alania

    I really dont understand the whole leaving a comment just to say something negative on blogs thing. Most online users aren’t even the real artist consumer anyway and besides in order to be a consumer u have to be employed and what employed person u know has time to visit a website just to say something crazy about someone. I’m here because I support good musicians and keri is just that beautiful talented and doing her thing so reguardless of your online opinions she is getting paid! :)


  8. U GOT ME

    @ alania


    how you gonna try and shade people leaving short comments and tell them they probably unemployed when you writing an entire PARAGRAPH?! #icant


  9. Will

    There is no way Keri will flop off this album she is definately gonna do decent numbers. She has over 800,000 followers on twitter, Pretty Girl Rock is for sure gonna be a smash hit and she has a big fanbase so she will do just fine.


  10. PRESSED?

    can’t wait to watch this flop up and down billboard


  11. Deontae

    Having that many followers on twitter didnt help her with Breaking Point to that is useless, the promo and who know the album is coming out will matter and no one will know if she doesn’t act right


  12. Kyle

    HOLY S*** this holiday season is turning into FEMALE R&B OVERLOAD. I must say I’m really excited though. Keri, Rihanna, Ciara, Jazmine, Chrisette. I love them all so I will be picking up a copy of each one of them. I seriously think Chrisette and Keri should wait until early 2011 though for their albums. It seems like they just kinda came out of nowhere. I hope Ciara doesn’t release hers on November 30th; I think earlier November would be in her best interest if she doesn’t want to be lost in the shuffle with all the other releases later in the month.


  13. C.A.

    Keri Hilson and Ciara coming out the same day? I could see that coming a mile away. Let’s throw Nicki Minaj in the mix too, then we’ll have the ultimate cat fight!


  14. Daniel from Israel

    Please let her have solo hits this time around. Her last album’s solo material was weak for me compared to her collaborations.


  15. Phillybul

    I c the same losers post the same comments about Keri everyday. Keri has fans get over it


  16. Ciaralover

    oh lord u fucking haters i love it how u guys are the first to post hahah thanks for the promo bitches. anyways keri will most likely delay her album lol she has no got any buzz so im hoping she aint that dumb.


  17. Keep Hating

    Why are people saying this albums gonna flop. Did In A Perfect World Flop? Ok then STFU and keep it moving u haters sound stupid.


  18. Lild

    Ciara & Keri gotta change their date cause as much as i love em! They will not be able to beat Black Eyed Peas! But i hope ciaras album does as good as the Ride did on iTunes!


  19. OH U MAD?

    Keri will sell more than Ciara and i cant wait for these stupid stans to be dumbfounded when it happens.


  20. Hold up!

    Not a very smart move. She’s destined to fail.


  21. jigga boo

    to the person who said that keri will sell more than ciara lmao!!!!!!! we will see


  22. Oh u Fancy huh

    Keri can u just drop the Boi-1da produced song already so the haters can finally shut up im suprised that wasnt the second single. Third maybe?


  23. OH U MAD?

    @jigga boo Well it happened when keri dropped her first album it sold 15,000 more than Cerrors Fantasy Ride in its first week and that was her third album smfh so dont even start with that We Will see talk.


  24. Need i say more

    If Keri Hilson went Gold off her first album and Ciara couldnt even sell 200,000 in the U.S. her third album after one year why are u haters talking? ok then…..



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  26. A damn shame

    Lets get this straight Keri Hilson and her Label had said they were shooting for a November release months ago and Ciaras Basic Instinct was supposed to drop in August. 3 months later ciaras label wants to drop it in November? Whos wrong here if anything Ciara needs to move her date up to October and just release the damn album. stop stalling point blank period.


  27. nookie

    @oh you mad? lmao its funny hw yall dissing ciara lol bt guess what all 3 of her albums was really good..goodies and the evolution was bth huge sales..fantasy ride just didnt get the support she needed cuz she was having problems with her manager..her whole album leaked bt fantasy ride was still good.. yes keri had a good album bt the new songs i’ve heard from keri …smh are nt going to sell well.. breaking point nt even playing on the radio and its going to flop like crazy and this new song ummm will nt do so well neitha.. look at ciara ride was successful and still counting gimme dat/speechless are both hits also. ciara been on it since april. #basicInstinct on the wayyyyyyyy!!


  28. OH U MAD?

    @Nookie First off the “Breaking Point” video hasnt even been officially released to Mtv, BET 106 and Park and all music video networks so dont even start with it flopped. Ciara didnt even crack the top 40 on billboard Hot 100 with a hot video out so dont talk u have no say.


  29. Lames

    i swear these ciara stans kill me im laughing my ass off right now. Ciara done pushed her album back mad times and u have the odasity to say keri’s a flop LMFAO!


  30. nookie

    keri will neva eva sell more then ciara lol like forreal.. dnt get me wrong i like keri..breaking point cool bt dhats nt a good 1st single.. shes nt a. keys, beyonce, rihanna.. she cnt do at the end of the day dey both have money and dey fine ass hell and they bth hve good music bt #teamciara all day.. keri got love for yhu


  31. GangsterA

    the first single is a no no the second one is alil betta but no scari hun you betta come harder


  32. A Realist

    Speaking of Chingy…I’m lmao at the shade Wikipedia is throwing at his latest album. ROFLMAO.

    * “Iced Out”, featuring 8Ball, was released as the album’s first official FLOP single on May 11, 2010.
    * “Anythang”, featuring Lil’ Flip, was released on June 1, 2010 as the album’s second official FLOP single.


  33. Nashawn

    @Lames Keri’s first album was pushed backed plenty of times so your point?… aw iight


  34. ayototz

    whats with the hating on chingy seems u have forgotten him first album did 2 mill and second 1 mill

    he just has to get a hit and he will be back

    talking of ciara and keri i love both of them and i think they are going to do well and the sales difference between the 2 of them will not be much

    so either they both flop or be successfull cuz they have the same set of fans and lovers


  35. 2011k

    Ugh, there’s that “ODASITY” word (?) again…..


  36. Yan

    Well… In A Perfect World outsell Fantasy Ride in the first week AND in total sales. So…


  37. nookie

    ciara and keri albums nt comin out on the same date..


  38. Keepin it 100

    @Yan EXACTLY! If In a Perfect World outsold ciaras fantasy ride and it was only Keri’s first album then im damn sure its gonna happen again with “No Boys Allowed”. Basic Instinct will end up leaking like 3 weeks prior to the release anyway so im not even worried lmao.


  39. Alexis Loves U

    Yall keri stans r just ass delusional and dumb as keri. lets do it~! lets go in order here
    Ciara Goodies sold over 125k first week keri hilson in a perfect world sold 94k first week Ciara Goodies sold over 5 million world wide keri in a perfect world sold 5ook worldwide

    Ciara Goodies #1 billboard hot 100 7 consecutive weeks Keri Energy not even top 70
    Ciara First single for her second album Promise Debut at #42 on billboard hot 100 and hit #1 on r&b/Hip hop chart #11 on billboard hot 100
    Keri Breaking Point …Crickets lol

    Ciara The evolution sold over 338k in first week beating Qwen Stafani and Eminem something keri will neva do
    The evolution sold over 3 million in the U.S. over 5 million world wide
    evern thoe Fantasy Ride floped Love Sex Magic was a world wide smash hiting top 10 in over 20 countries 10/20 hit #1 and earned her a grammy nod and was her most successful international single Fantasy Ride was her highest peaking International album to date
    When Keri does that then talk


  40. Keepin it 100

    @Alexis loves You I can tell your pressed if u wrote damn more than a paragraph and your a ciara stan. go write a fkn book cause nobdoy cares. Keri runs shit now and your mad. #Thatisall


  41. Get Em

    Highest peaking international album to date? That shit FLOPPED what u mean? It didnt even sell 200,000 worldwide do u realize how pathetic that is and with all the promotion she got for that album. Shes hanging on to her career by a thread cause if Basic Instinct flops Jive Records is going to drop her. They will be forced to regardless of her past record history. Just pray it does well cause i kno u wack stans are crossing your fingers it doesnt.


  42. CB Lawste like Gnauze

    Ciara you will FAIL!



    [...] Source  [...]

  44. JayRide

    yall say keri run it then how come now ones herd breaking point on the radio how come no one likes her and if she run it why she aint go platinum yet??? y


  45. #DEAD

    @JayRide Why Aint Fantasy Ride even Go Gold yet why oh why? Oh yea and then u say ciara running shit? fuk outta here with that…….


  46. Lets Be Real

    @JayRide Im tired of these stans making excuses as to why Fantasy Ride flopped the leak is not the reason that album just sucked and with all the promotion that album got u would think it would do 300,000+ in first week sales. Keri Hilsons album was very successful for a first album many great albums came out that year and didnt even go Gold so album sales now dont mean shit. Chingy went double platinum on his first album and hes one of the worst rappers ever same with soulja boy. So your point is?


  47. JayRide

    did i make an excuse to y Fantasy Ride failed??? NO i nva said ciara run anything yall said keri run it wen she dnt THE ONLY THANG YALL STUPID KERI FANS BRING UP IS FANTASY RIDE what else? ……….. huh watabout everything @Alexis LOves U said….wat about the fact that ciara has sold over 8 million copies worldwide wat about Goodies 1 2 step oh get up like a boy promise cant leave em alone love sex magic never ever at least went top 10 on rnb wat about like u loose control takin back my love how low remix so what what about the movie All You’ve got ciara performing on the bet awards twice in one night multiple times????? headline scream tour with T.I grammy nods one win for her part in loose control and fantasy ride has sold 300,000 worldwide not 200,000 plus Ride #3 on RnB #42 on Hot 100 *top 50* meaning Moderatly Successful in the U.S.


  48. JayRide

    i asked a girl at school who she like best keri or ciara she said Keri is a bitch and ciara is a slut i prefer ciara thoe cuz keri songs dnt move me *Swear to everything i own* she said keri only had 2 hits and already dissin beyonce *She’s a fan of beyonce*


  49. #NICCI

    what i dont get is how are you gonna diss about ciara nad beyonce and your not even close on their level making albums or even dancing#smh @ keri hilson she do that singin high note mess for so long.well she betta hope someone will buy her album because ciara,nicki minaj,chrisette michelle,,keri dosnt have a chance….sorry ppl but im not hatin im just gonna be straight honest at how i see it “mz.keri baby” betta figure somethin new to do….if u cant dance and u sound betta on the album then peforming well#smh


  50. taj mahal

    lets put it this way, if keri’s second or third single does better than ride, then she will beat ciara. people saying that speechless and gimme dat are doing good, then you are lying. neither of them have charted above 50 on any of the charts. they are both great artist but the stans need to stop yapping and start buying. dont just talk the talk, walk the walk


  51. Funny Style

    @Taj Mahal Well said. I dont think these ciara stans knew that Breaking Point is doing better than Speechless on billboard charts right now. Speechless is at 76, Breaking Point is at 65 on R&B/Hip Hop chart so why are they saying its a flop if your fav artists song is doing worse with a video out. yeah ok….


  52. ciarastanforlife



  53. Funny Style

    Breaking Point and Speechless were released to itunes on the exact same day so what u mean she just released speechless? And for your information the Billboard charts mean much more than itunes charts just remember that.


  54. chris shorts

    i think all these artist are rushing the music to much they gonna have bad cds because you cant rush musical genius @chirs_shorts



    First off Yes Keri will flop more than Ciara, Ciara has a total of 7 million albums sold you got me sold 600,000 digital copies itself since some wanna compare first albums ciara 3x platinum keri hilson gold…. The reason fantasy ride didnt sell is because nobody really understood the next level Ciara was takin it at least Ciara can be looked at as the next aaliyah, janet per say that should let chu know she made a name for herself Keri compared to nobody cause she’s a FLOP look at fashion Ciara all the way I seen a award show at the red carpet Keri didnt even know what kind of shoes she had on. But anyways BASIC INSTINCT in stores now I got it it’s what dat is go cop it!!!!!!!


  56. Dave

    Awkward how Keri Hilson got over 100,000 first week sales..What did Ciara get? 37,000 Proves Keri isn’t that much of a flop. xxxxxxx


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