Rihanna Opens Up About Drake Duet, Finding Love with Matt Kemp

Rihanna and Drake

Just last month, Drake revealed that he and Rihanna had linked up for a song on her upcoming album Loud. Now the pop starlet is providing a few more details about the highly-anticipated collabo.

“Drake is such a cool guy, man. He’s like one of my great friends,” RiRi told BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Max in a recent interview. “We actually just did a song together that’s gonna be on the album. The second single, we did a version with him, and who knows, we may shoot a video for it.”

The follow-up to “Only Girl (In the World)” is reportedly “What’s My Name,” for which Rihanna filmed a video on the streets of New York City last weekend.

“I just did this great song with Rihanna so I hope we get to shoot a video for that too,” Drake previously told MTV News. “I’m really excited about that song.”

RiRi was seen partying with Drizzy, J. Cole, and Trey Songz following the Canadian rapper’s show at Radio City Music Hall last week. But just because she was hanging with the boys, doesn’t mean her boyfriend Matt Kemp is worried. “He’s not like that,” she said of the L.A. Dodger. “He’s not insecure at all.”

While admitting that she’s in love with Kemp, they’re not rushing to the alter. “Oh my gosh,” exclaimed the singer. “We’ve only been dating for a few months. Take it easy.”

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  1. RAHJA

    Love you Rihanna!!!!!


  2. justme

    She is starting to be like Keri Hilson.. She is talking too much for me.. Time for u to shut up and dedicate all that talk to talking about how r u gonna do better than ur last album


  3. Shyann

    i love rihanna, and people need to stop hating all the time. like leave her alone. ppl always have somethn negative to say. she is definetly not acting like keri hilson. pls!


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  5. meme

    I cant express my love for rihanna enough. This girl is the most versitile, beautiful, successful female in music today. No other female in the game can switch between dark urban, alternative, hip hop, reggae, dance and pop so effordlessly that u didnt even realise it.


  6. philly31

    I like them both but comparing Rihanna to Keri Hilson in anyway is ridiculous. Also, she is getting interviewed…aren’t you supposed to speak or maybe that’s just me..lol


  7. Droppin Bombs

    How is she talking too much?? She’s doing promo in London. They’re interviewing her. Stop the hate. Riri can do no wrong in my eyes, love her to pieces. Can’t wait for Loud.



    I’m expecting this drake collabo to be really BIG, I’ve been waiting forever for them to collaborate! Now I want her and Lil Wayne to duet!


  9. nike

    rihanna needs to shut up and……keep whoring around!


  10. William

    I love ri, bt talkin lyk my grnny not so cul is lyk loud noise on a hot dry day. Stop it! U irrtated nicky on the collabo


  11. king

    rihanna is the fuking best


  12. K.K.



  13. Kyle

    What in this interview did she say that prompted you to say that she is “talking too much?” When she gets asked a question, she answers it. That’s generally how it goes. Anyway, can’t wait to hear the new album.


  14. BullShit

    I don’t entirely believe the whole “being in love” bs right after she was soo in love with CB for 2 1/2 years. All of a sudden she’s in love only after dating Kemp for only A FEW months? GTFOH. Rihanna has u guys fooled. Now all of sudden she’s talking openly about her relationship with Kemp who she hardly sees–but was quiet and private with her relationship with CB…boy I tell ya…smfh


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  16. queen

    @philly31…THAAAAANK YOOOOOOOOUU!!!!!!!!!

    sometimes these haters just saying anything these days… til THIS DAY!!!…i cant understand why you would read a post and comment on a post of someone you DON’T LIKE…like WTF!!!!

    @NIKE…if going out with 2 boys over a period 3 years is “whoring around” then 80% of women are “whoring around”, or, and im going out on a limb here…YOU’RE A BIG FAT HATER!!!!!!! SMFH


  17. Terri

    There’s no time frame of when you can say you’re in love. When you are you just know it.


  18. Cookii

    I think its funny how they are such great friends just a few months after Drake came and said she had used him and he was a pawn to her!LOL!celebrities are so fake!


  19. vivica

    1) Rih is a busy lady to fall in love with any guy right now.

    2) She has never been engaged to any guy or moved in/ live together with any guy, like the rumours before.

    3)She’s not so stupid to fall for that crap, she’s only having fun, after all she’s only 22 yrs.

    P.S….. let her be, she knows what she wants out of life.


  20. markybo

    There is no way that rih is n love with matt kemp after she just broke up with CB.she has that hero syndrome …go blue


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