Album Cover: Cee Lo Green – ‘The Lady Killer’

The Lady Killer

Cee Lo Green gets introspective on the cover of his new solo album The Lady Killer. The “F**k You” singer, rocking a face-shrouding pair of specs, fixes up sharp with a white bow tie, chunky pinky ring, and button-down, gazing out the window in a moment of contemplation. The Goodie Mob member’s third LP, previously set for a December 7 release, hits stores November 9.

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  1. miizy

    F**k You is so nice!!!!!
    and I’m first…


  2. Kiimm

    Yeah Fuck You is very good song, one of the best songs this year :)


  3. Pat

    I’m a singer and I would like to bring back the old sound of Phyllis Hyman and Stephanie Mills. I’m a strong singer, and I would love to get the chance to prove that, there are good singers out there and I’m one of them. I dont have to be white (I’m Africian American) and supper thin to get a record deal with no real vocals. God was good to me. Again
    the F-you song is one of the best songs this year and the most soulful way to say fuck off. My kids love it and they hear the non F-you one.
    I have been un able to find your record lable.


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