New Music: Rye Rye f/ M.I.A. – ‘Sunshine’


Baltimore native Rye Rye may be used to playing hype girl for her mentor M.I.A., but the student becomes the teacher on “Sunshine,” the feel-good first single from her debut album Go! Pop! Bang!, dropping January 11, 2011. With its squiggly beat accented by hand claps, the 19-year-old MC sass-raps in her signature high-pitched tone, rallying listeners to follow her lead: “Now it’s time, and we proceed/ Come get with me, if you know my steez.” Brighten up your day by listening below.

Rye Rye f/ M.I.A. – “Sunshine”

Audio via Stereogum

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  1. jeremydante

    i love it. rye rye goes hard.



    Rye Rye i love this track :)


  3. RAHJA

    Is that Tiffany Evans on the cover? Lol


  4. mr

    @jeremydante congrats to all your success and keep doing your thing man. Your hustle is dope. Rye rye is cool her tracks always get you on your feet


  5. HA

    Why the hell would it be Tiffany Evans on the cover. It’s RYE RYE’s single so it’s obviously RYE RYE! I don’t have speakers right now but I cannot wait to hear it! Go! Pop! Bang! on 1/11/11 !


  6. ponyo

    i like her …her flow stupid good


  7. NickGfromDC

    Yes this track is so good I can’t stop listening. GO! POP! BANG! is gonna be great!


  8. real.

    Rye Rye wrote and recorded this verse years ago for a track called ‘Gangsta Girl’. The only thing new about this M.I.A. I love Rye Rye but she can’t even get it together enough to give me something new.
    I was waiting for M.I.A. would help this teen mom grow up.
    I’m still waiting.


  9. real2

    @real. its a new beat and a different sound! although gangsta girl wasnt properly released! before you talk get ya facts straight…that was a prep song for sunshine…! just enjoy smile and stop being so negative the world needs positivity ;-)


  10. real.

    yes its a new beat and yes the sound is different, but i like the beat on Gangsta Girl more. To me, that’s the real Rye Rye. The B-more party girl who can spit crazy.
    Again, in my opinion, Sunshine is a watered down gangsta girl.
    I’m all for positivity but as a Vet Rye Rye fan, i cannot hid my disappointment.
    When I see New Music: Rye Rye… that’s what I’m expecting.


  11. cisco

    actually, she’s a NOT a gangsta girl, but she’s a ghetto superstar.


  12. Amy

    This song was great until RYE opened her mouth. It flowed well and with MIA was great! Sucked they put some simple minded rap in it. How pathetic. Hey, let MIA do the rap instead of RYE – and watch the song climb. ;) Why MIA is selling herself to these pathetic goofs puzzles me.


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