Nicki Minaj Checks Into ‘Letterman’

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj caused a scene on the streets of New York City during her visit to the Ed Sullivan Theater for a taping of “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Monday (Oct. 4). Flashing a Pink Friday chain, the black-haired rap diva and collaborator rushed inside to perform “Check It Out” on tonight’s show. After a change, Nicki reemerged to sign autographs for her Barbz who had been waiting outside on the rainy sidewalk to meet their idol.

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  1. DangerousBarbie

    I Love That OutFit..My MommA Would Say”Thats Wat You LIke JaleesA…LoL…


  2. Dizzle

    i love the jamaican colour loook ;)


  3. carmen

    lol thta outfit looks weird from the back or something or is it my eyes. Its cute but it looks kinda 3 D. Big things when u make lettermans show.


  4. carmen

    and is that a pink marker on top of that pInk friday chain. I want to see a closeup and what da hell kind of haircut WIll i am have?


  5. miro(:

    she is mighty fine(:


  6. J.J.

    shes VERY fine!!!


  7. ponyo

    i will be tuning in tonight


  8. meme

    this woman is too beautiful. Very very well put together…always


  9. MatureBarbie

    David Letterman is about to come on in two minutes. I can’t wait to see Nicki perform. I will purchase Pink Friday on November 23, 2010, not Kanye’s album. I will purchase his album a month after its release.

    Pink Friday everybody!!!


  10. Jrizzy_

    I miss when she used to look AND RAP like this…


  11. ...

    one hit wonder.


  12. A Realist

    Omg I love her outfit LOL


  13. Big Cotton

    She is a doll, but can’t sing worth a crap. I almost opened a vein when she began. Agggghhhhhh.


  14. From Tokyo

    Really like the ‘fit!


  15. From Tokyo

    Only saw the one outfit before commenting. I like ‘em both. She looks great!


  16. carl



  17. promise

    dont hate on the barbie


  18. GangsterA

    shes very beautiful love the peformance #barbiebitches


  19. team_minaj_az

    YES that is a pink sharpie on her necklace cuz she always signs girls’ boobs


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