Rihanna Dresses Up Fans in Her Fashions


What’s better than shopping with Rihanna? Having Rihanna shop for you! The pop star played personal stylist to five girls, who won a competition to meet the singer and have her style them at Topshop Oxford Circus in London, England, on Monday (Oct. 4). Rocking a “She Died for Perfection” shirt and long tulle skirt with heels and socks, the red-haired fashionista picked out a few items including a pair of leopard heels. Check out their shopping spree below.

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  1. :DD

    for a minute i thought that willow smith.


  2. :DD

    *was willow smith


  3. Oreka

    awe Rihanna :) her hair colour is really growing on me tho, I loves it.* those 5girls are very blessed to have been chosen to go shopping with RiRi …she should have one in all major fashion cities around the world; London, NewYork, Paris, Tokyo, & Toronto…


  4. risguy

    It Looks SO GOOD up like this! I wasnt diggin the red but its sick here! go girl!


  5. Hm

    Rihsus looks cute though the skirt looks like the one she wore at the VMAs not sure how I feel about the socks with the heels but still a cute overall look and yes she should do this again the states. That’ll be dope.



    lovessssss her look here, her Loud era looks promising for her! I’m excited!


  7. K.K.

    Lucky girls overthere! about to be jealous! ;D


  8. bab boy

    Hay don’t for get jamaica we would like her come here too


  9. RAHJA

    She looks beautiful!


  10. vally girl

    that outfit would look a mess on anybody else, but she makes it work….love ya riri


  11. rohanna

    im look a jamaica day new style far a funday at school on febuery 25 2011


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