Video: Jason Derulo – ‘The Sky’s the Limit’

Jason Derulo

Lights out! Jason Derulo pays a visit to the electric funhouse in his video for the synth-heavy “The Sky’s the Limit,” the latest single off his debut album. Dancing in a room filled with mirrors and fluorescent light bulbs, the Miami native shoots lasers out of his outfit when the lights cut off.

Catch Jason flexing his talents in the flesh on his current headlining tour around the country, and watch the blinding video below.

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  1. ayototz

    brings back the energy of his first 3 singles not saying that what if wasnt good

    he has proved not to be a one hit wonder over and over again and he will be here 4 long

    thru his album did not sale much it is so obvious his sophomore will be explosive


  2. Sly B.

    I like the song, but his style seems repetitive. its aaight tho :)


  3. sagb

    i like it..but that sound in the begging of his song is getting annoying


  4. Ami

    never seen a black girl in his videos always a white girl. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  5. JD

    its hard to take this dude seriously lookin like a transexual usher


  6. Kevin

    That girl was on some J.Lo shit and she knows it.


  7. oprah

    It aiight.. Better than that tragedy of a video ridin solo!


  8. RAHJA

    He is apart of the ghey group. Haha


  9. Ida

    @sagb maybe u re right……… but whatever I love him and his songs………………….. <3


  10. skylight


    [...] || Video: Jason Derulo – ‘The Sky’s the Limit’[...]…

  11. jeremie

    i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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