Video: Nicki Minaj and Perform on ‘Letterman’ and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and landed their spaceship at the Ed Sullivan Theater to perform their futuristic collabo “Check It Out” on Monday’s “Late Show with David Letterman.” The animated femcee bounced around the stage wearing a black patent bolero jacket with striped jersey draped pants by Mark Bouwer, while the Black Eyed Peas frontman donned a space-age suit and plastic hair. This is the duo’s second performance of the song following last month’s VMAs. Watch them rock late night below.

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  1. Hold up!

    Better than the VMA performance


  2. honesty

    dragging your favorite female rapper by her ratty ass wig.

    who would DARE dispute it?!


  3. toni

    a hot mess, she can’t perform


  4. MrBK



  5. Quinn Zolonski

    your fav could NEVER. its BARBIE bitch!!!!!


  6. MrBK



  7. Sharp Tongue

    I love the song and Nicki she did her thing and i agree with you way better than the VMA’s.


  8. Trey

    i agree!!!! Wayy better! haha


  9. Ummm

    Nicki cracks me up with those faces, I liked the performance! Thanks for Posting, I missed it on TV!


  10. Mike

    Nicki KILLED it, i can’t wait for November 22nd.


  11. Hell Naw

    Nicki can not perform to save her plastic life.


  12. Jaye

    co-sign honesty!!!!!
    “how the fuck they gettin’ mad cuz they run done?!”


  13. Kanye Fan

    wat a dumb b!tch


  14. UBeenAFan

    I will never for the life of me understand why ppl who claim to hate Nicki run straight to the posts about her and in this case sit for 3 mins, watch her performance, then proceed to comment! SMH

    Anyway, loved the performance. She keeps getting better performance wise and thats all u can really ask for cuz she got everything else covered! I LOVE YOU NICKI!


  15. ASH

    better then the VMA’s…but still wack.


  16. Kanye Fan

    @UBeenAFan i dont have to watch the performance just by looking at her fkin retarded ass face as the thumbnail for the video!


  17. ASH

    & before I get a bunch of ppl telling me ” I shouldnt comment” since Im not riding her clit ..let me make one thing clear… I would fuck the shit out of that women!! & some of her songs are hot..but this is just super dooper wack. & is super bubble gum for that outfit o_0


  18. Ranoey

    I mean if you don’t like her, don’t listen to her music o_o or watch her interviews- but sadly the MAJORITY likes her so she’s going to get bigger AND BIGGER.


  19. UBeenAFan

    @Kanye Fan u may not have to watch the performance, but u did :)


  20. Carmen

    lol at them walking off the stage like that.

    She is growing before our eyes. This was an upgrade. She moves better with the loose fitting outfit too. See as time goes on she’ll get better and better. This was a good performance for her.


  21. Carmen

    @kanye fan did u see Kanye on snl?

    Anyway if you watched the performance ull see it was pretty good. Some people are so stuck on being negative they don’t give things a chance. It really was a good performance.

    Will I am looked better with this look. Still odd but not too over the top


  22. PRESSED?

    knocked it out the park! She kilt it! Love her!


  23. Becca

    her ass is huge!


  24. From Tokyo

    Good that she sung it herself so people can stop complaining about lip-syncing. Liked the wig.


  25. checkmeout

    + she did it live
    + nice overall performance
    + dancing

    - facial expressions
    - chorus “check it out” is kind of ‘flat’


  26. Jay



  27. Youssss! ;) ..

    I Prefer Nicki Just Rapping Then All The Singing And Dancing.
    BUT She’s Good At What She Does Otherwise She Wouldn’t Even Be Performing.
    Wow. Why The Haters On This Page?! Jheeze! Go Take Your Hating Somewere Else. Losers.


  28. Alejandro

    What will the haters say next?

    Everytime you hate on the girl she steps it up another notch.

    Basic bitches dont get invited on Letterman or Regis & Kelly. And I’ve never known for female rappers to get an invite.



  29. Migrator

    I love me some Nicki but she makes Rihann look like Janet Jackson on stage. Glad the black hair’s back though!


  30. Kyle

    The performance was better than the VMA one and I really like what Nicki’s wearing. Her faces are getting to be a little too much though. They were kind of funny/entertaining at first; but now it’s just getting stupid and I feel kind of embarrassed for her.


  31. J-Wellz




  32. young$$MOVEMENT;

    i personally liked the performance. it was a huge step up from the VMAs. it seems that she is working on her stage presence and her dancing much more now, which is great. she’s making progress and growing before our eyes. i hope you all didn’t expect her to have the stage presence of beyonce because nicki is a rookie and it takes time to get that good. negativity ain’t cute. keep it mute and give nicki her props. she’s doing her shit.



  33. Kyla

    i think it was a big step up from the VMAs. Nicki Minaj is a growing female rapper. especially since there iss’t many female rappers.Alot of teenage girls look up to here because she proves you don’t have to be a guy to be a rapper.


  34. bass_man

    she sang live, while dancinh. much more than i can say for other SINGERS


  35. Pretty1908

    lol rofl her hair was nice tho


  36. Sly B.

    #HotMess . . . choreography looks like it was learned from a fucking work out video.


  37. Diamond

    The singing sucks, the rap is okay, she is not dragging my favorite female rapper down.

    Lauryn Hill will slay her and cut her into pieces, and sing/rap TRUTH to her face.


  38. joe

    i like nicki, but dragging your favorite female rapper by her ratty ass wig? she has no stage presents, im so confused. wheres missy kim and eve when u need them


  39. Jay

    live or not just can’t get into the pants, wasn’t into mc hammer when he wore em and not into em now lol


  40. miro(:

    i loved it. like half of you said way better than vma’s. And for the confused fans, every time she betters, and kills, what you confused fans were picking on… you have to invent your selfs something new to pick on.

    i think her singing is better live, than auto-tuned.


  41. NellyDon

    I love her and her ass lol


  42. C'MON SON

    @young$$MOVEMENT; You say she making progress & growing before our eyes

    Don’t u think a real star wlda had that figured out long before they hit the stage! Scratch that, a real star wlda had that figured out before signing a deal.


  43. mr.minaj

    “all these HATERS mad caus shes so established” =) nothing else to say!


  44. jenniika

    Nicki Minaj is the most amazing thing to EVER happened to hip-hop. NICK, DO YO THANG!!! :D


  45. nojusthenry



  46. nojusthenry

    cuz i pop on them ho’s like some pimple shit… hahah


  47. jean

    everything was a hot mess! shes singing a song that doesnt require good vocals yet she still sounds horrible. if she was an energetic dance we would understand but shes just two stepping. The rapping part made me sick, she sounded and looked like a crazy person. i love her and all but this is ridiculous


  48. Steve

    Haha love the lines in the Rap

    “All these Haters mad because I’m so established”
    “Im a stereo and she’s so Monotone”
    “Competition, Why yes I would love some…Why the fck they gettin mad..cuz they run done ? Mad cause I’m getting money in abundance ? Mannnnn I cant even count all of these hundreds duffle bag everytime I go to Suntrust.”
    “I dont sympathize cuz u a Simple Bitch..I just pop up on these hoess on some Pimple Shit, then out the IRON to they face, OLD WRINKLED BITCH”
    Lol Nicki’s killin em.


  49. Steve

    Oh yeahhh but I didn’t find anything wrong wit her cherography sheee did more then most female rappers….OR RAPPERS PERIOD do on stage which is walk around looking dumb and tryna act tough. Lol which other Rapper you know that has performed on The Bet Awards, The VMAS, Letterman (TWICE), Leno, and Regis & Kelly BEFORE putting out there DEBUT ALBUMM !!! And she’s already the 4th Female Rapper (Behind Lauryn Hill) to have the most songs on the Billboard 100, thats crazy…wait until she gets more singles on the Billboard in Years to come. All She Do Is Win Aint That The Reason Why You Really Madd ??


  50. Music Critic

    @chekmeout I liked your review and a couple of other people but I don’t think the chorus was flat its just monotone as hell.

    Also I have seen “professionals” who been doing it for years get up and barely move and half lipsinc/ sing and still don’t sound as good as Nicki did on here. I like how she switched up the tone of the vocals to control her singing while she was dancing.(parts 0.40 & 0.47) She must have had some coaching to know that. She did better than some real singers. The rap was the highlight. I liked how the two dancers behind her were choreographed on the rap part. Pretty good performance. B++++

    Everyone has to grow and improve even some of the best. Nicki was a mixtape performer last year in clubs which is a much different atmosphere. She just needs to keep doing it, heep getting coached and practicing and she’ll be on pro level status as a performer.

    @steve Yes.


  51. anthony

    hey nicki my name is anthony and im a huge fan can u call or text me at 972-201-8475 please text or call me


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