Kelly Rowland Heats Up Halftime, Common and Serena Williams Back On

Kelly Rowland

A white-hot Kelly Rowland sizzled on the orange carpet at the Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots game in her hometown of Miami, performing a three-song set for Breast Cancer Awareness Month during the halftime show at Sun Life Stadium. Her BFF Serena Williams was seen rekindling her romance with boyfriend Common, while Toni Braxton and Rick Ross also stopped by for some Monday Night Football.

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  1. HCF

    wow!@ Kelly looking drop dead gorgeouse!!!


  2. NikkiIsChillin

    Awwh, Kelly looks so pretty. Serena and Common? Wow, okay…Why Rick Ross look sleepy? Anyway looks like and fun weekend.


  3. SohhJavier

    Wow look at my kellz just sickning! !!


  4. BlazianBarbie

    Kelly looks GORGEOUS!!!!! She stays killing them other hoes. Serena and Common are a cute couple! :D

    WTF is up with Rick Ross? No ma’m with that hair Toni.


  5. luv music

    kelly looks stunning..she’s been looking fabulous lately!!..get em kells


  6. J.J

    Kelly is so hot, Rick Ross looks Super High


  7. Muni

    OMG Kelly is AMAZING!!!


  8. Rocdiva

    Get ‘em KELLZ!!!!!!!! I knew she would bring it!


  9. Dave

    Kelly is slaying!


  10. Jazmine



  11. jazmine

    KELLY ROWLAND IS SO GORGEOUS !!! she always keeps it classy, nice n coool. she’s my model


  12. From Tokyo

    She looks great!


  13. SexyAnto

    go get them miss kelly. command the to the dance floor and demand that they take those rose colored glasses off and see what a real diva looks and sounds like. love u Ms Kelly


  14. Cindy

    Kelly looks GORGEOUS!!!


  15. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    kelly is so damm fine … phire !!!


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