Kodak Captures Rihanna as Spokesperson


Rihanna is strutting in front of the cameras, but this time it’s not for the paparazzi. Kodak has snapped up the pop star as the face of its new “So Kodak” campaign, joining previously announced artists Drake, Trey Songz, and Pitbull.

“I am excited to team up with Kodak on this project. I am an avid fan of photography and love taking pictures, so this was a natural fit for me,” she said in a statement to JustJared.com. “Being on tour, traveling around the world, I have so many cool moments that I have captured on my camera.”

The Bajan beauty will be featured in a multi-platform advertising and marketing campaign designed to bring to life what it means to be “So Kodak,” a phrase used to describe things that are hot and worth talking about. The campaign will consist of a series of television spots helmed by music video director Chris Robinson, along with print and online advertising, exclusive events, social media engagement, and consumer promotions.

“ET” was on set of the commercial, where Rihanna and her real life friends, including her stylist, hairdresser, and assistant, were all front row watching models walk the runway at a fashion show, while RiRi took photos using her Kodak EasyShare M590 digital camera.

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  1. TluvRi

    Awwww riri is so cute ;)


  2. SILQ

    Her hair looks good in here :) LOL


  3. king

    she is hot and i cant wait for the new album


  4. YMCMB

    Awesome. Now everyone in the “So Kodak” campaign should make a collabo together: Rihanna, Drake, Trey Songz, and Pitbull. I’ll definitely listen to it…a lot.


  5. Kera

    She is too cute! I love her accent.


  6. Oreka

    I really can’t wait for he album :) & I wanna see pics of Katy’s wedding in India lol…


  7. king

    love rihanna


  8. WhatTheF

    Bow to Queen Rih! <3



    kodak and a massive doritos campaign, Loud is most definitely kickin off wiith a bang……..i wonder wat endorsement will come next for her!


  10. @BrittBrittM

    I can’t wait for her new album, but her nose look crazy in the first picture


  11. Rihanna Baby

    She’s looks CUUTE!!!! I love HER!!!


  12. meme

    wow all positive comments. way2go. I love rihanna. She as such a real personally….something I cant say about no other female artist.


  13. piper

    @meme…dont hold ur breath, a hater always manages to find their way into a post bout ri….


  14. pattysism2398

    Give Ronald McDonald back that hideous wig


  15. 22kisskiss

    She should cover up her head. Its huge, she looks deformed. I will be so glad when Britney comes back, the true queen


  16. I guess!!!

    Love Rih,,,, lol @ da haters


  17. king

    fuk britney that bitch cant sing to save her life


  18. ponyo

    i love everything that riri does….and i really love her red hair


  19. RAHJA

    Lmao I bet if u haters saw RIhanna in the streets, ud be riding her p**sy. She’s on her shit. Deal with it!


  20. Nait Phoenix

    I’m loving her hair more and more everyday!!! No more short, plz!!!


  21. altered_mind

    People hate on those they are really jealous of and I think this is the case for Rihanna. She seems to never get the credit she deserves. Especially by a certain portion of the black, female population. Why is it that black women hate to see other black women do well and be successful? Same people hatin’ on Rih and claiming love for Beyonce deep down wanna hate on her too and they will…


  22. fi

    @ altered_mind
    i just wanted to assure you i am a white male
    and still hate Rihanna’s overrted ass!
    do u feel better now?


  23. Jayden

    i just cant wait for the album anymore!!!! i think we should take this as a lesson..everytime she changes her hairdo..BOOM! new album!! example:
    long hair:music of the sun & a girl like me
    short: good girl gone bad
    blonde: rated r
    and now LOUD: FIERY RED!!
    RiRi should come to lebanon to promote her new album!!! you have a lot of fans here!!!


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