Chris Brown Speaks Out on Nixed Usher Tour, Fake Industry Friends

Chris Brown and Usher

The Internet lit up with reports of a possible joint tour between Usher and Chris Brown, but it never came to fruition. The “Deuces” singer is keeping it real, revealing why the tour didn’t go down and why he doesn’t keep many friends in the industry.

Breezy appeared on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show on Wednesday to discuss the canceled outing. “We kinda had different views on the tour—no beef,” explained Chris. “We both have two different promoters, so whoever would get the tour would have to work it out and I think they didn’t see eye to eye. I think we rushed into it. We were in love with the idea more than the actual [business part of it]. We couldn’t get ready for it. Hopefully in the future, we might work something out.”

While Usher may have gone with his other R&B peer Trey Songz, Chris doesn’t hold a grudge, but does admit that he and Ursh don’t have a close relationship. “It’s whatever, we cool. I’m cordial and that’s with everybody,” said Chris. “I don’t have friends in this industry. I have my circle and I have my people who’ve been with me through the bad times and the good times. Everybody else is just wallpaper.”

After the recent success of “Deuces,” industry folk came calling, but Chris could see through their fakeness. “I wasn’t like bitter. Now I see you for you. Get your money, do you. We can be cordial, we can be cool. Other than that, I don’t need to be your homie, like we don’t gotta go hang out.”

His experiences of the past year taught him who were his true friends. “I kinda just got a gauge of who was there and who wasn’t, so now I know who I can deal with. There’s people in my phone I’ll call and they’re my homies. I don’t need no more friends. Oh, you need me to do something for you? Holla at my manager.”

While he does maintain some industry relationships with those who supported him through his trying times, he has a message to the ones that weren’t there when he needed them most. “Kick some rocks.”

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  1. ugh

    he is a damn fool, no one talk to u bc u wack n hit RIHANNA THE QUEEN


  2. ...

    Yet again he takes no responsibility for his actions and plays the damn victim. Yes, I’m sure it was an extremely trying time for him and he seems to be taking everything in stride. But he needs to quit running his cocky little mouth and focus on improving HIMSELF, not defensively tearing people down. If you want to “show” these people, do it with your music, not with little boy rants.

    Also, a real friend doesn’t support you in every single thing you do. If my girlfriend just went out and beat the hell out of some random person, robbed a bank, or stole a car (all crimes), I wouldn’t support her like that. I’d wish her well and hope that she managed to sort out the personal problems that she had that made her commit the crime, but I wouldn’t condone her actions either because they’re wrong. Period.


  3. Woman beater

    Eff you chris brown get you effing life together stop beating your mom and women in general stop acting like a begger on twitter and no you are not the victim you are just a bitter loser


  4. DJ

    THATS WASSUP CHRIS … Go ahead homie .


  5. I guess!!!

    Damn all he do is cry like a woman on the rag


  6. Haters

    Wow! PEOPLE NEED TO REALLY GET OVER HIS SITUATION. we know its not right to hit women but he has took some responsibility for his action. He is tryig to better his self but people like yall keep bringing him down.


  7. WhatTheF

    Boiiii STOP! He’s always acting like people turned against him for no reason…


  8. love bee

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmm ok chris breezy no more interviews lol wheres his PR company @? i still luv your music though… he needs to move on… focus on the present & promote his new music & album be positive


  9. 4Real

    Well some of your favorite artists shouldn’t be fake. I feel like some of you are getting butt hurt. He’s just keeping it real. He told the truth.

    Who the hell wants someone to love you yesterday, call you little brother, homeie, my BFF than tomorrow says fck you? Than come back a year later and say “homeie” “lil bro” again? Seriously you guys like people like that? you’re going to fcking with me than do. If you are not than don’t. Simple as that. Don’t come back when my life is going great and you just want some.


  10. kw

    Oh plz, he just stated how most entertainers feel. They have friends and they have acquantances. When shit hits the fan, friends tell you when your dead wrong and as long as you stand up and take responsibility for your actions then they stick around. Acquantances don’t have to give you that opportunity and keep it moving. Thats life. Lesson learned.


  11. xedos

    this idiot will never take responsibility for his fvck up your career and you expect others to support you when you beat the shit out of a woman. You did a million interviews,yet you have not
    come up with a good story yet for ppl to support you.
    Why should others put their career on the line by taking your side? You show no remorse. Its everyone else fault but you. Until the few Negroes who support you come to their senses and stop supporting you , you will never learn that what you did was wrong.
    I bet my life you will put your hand on a next woman again,because you think you done nothing wrong. as soon as the probation is up the real Chris brown will come out.


  12. xedos

    When he talks dumb like this ppl will not get over the situation. He just rub ppl the wrong way every time he opens his mouth.


  13. Marie

    Well @WTF yea thats true but if you gone turn against somebody stay against them don’t try to come back and say Hi to me once everyone else wants to say Hi to me that’s being phony as hell like he said and that’s all the industry is phony they see his song deuces is a big hit so now everybody want to jump on it and make they money off it too. All he doing is being honest and thats good. you don’t have to bite your tongue for no one bcuz @ the end of the day no one is paying your bills but you #okbye.. #itspinkfridayhoe


  14. Curtis

    He’s so stupid. Honestly… listening to him I just can’t. He’s unbearable, what a cocky fool. Your nowhere near your former glory and never will. He hasn’t done anything right since the altercation and that’s what’s holding him back, it’s no longer just the fact he beat Rihanna. Cause Rihanna is no longer associated with this and has moved well past and beyond personally and career-wise.

    Chris is just stupid. I don’t like him but I think I could have put him a lot further if even I was his manager. Him and his team SUCK period and he will always be associated with this now cause he’s so fucking foolish. Angie couldn’t even hold herself to ask somewhere around about it…it’s still the elephant in the room for him, SMH.


  15. sachfan

    Just because he did something terrible, if your a true friend then you would stick with it and find out what the truth is. That is what he is trying to say! And really he gonna keep talking about it because people keep bringing it up! Lawd stop asking and he will stop answering.


  16. LOL

    Ch..Stfu up Christopher..Damn


  17. WhatTheF

    He thinks people should forgive him because he did community service, picking up trash? #BoiStop

    @Marie that’s true, but he was begging for forgiveness and whining about it. Now all of a sudden he thinks he’s da ish because of Deuces…


  18. zania

    How is he talking dumb? He is talking real if my real friend did not stand by me through tough times, then they are not real friends. If you brother did something wrong would you abandon or will you tell them their mistakes and help them not to make it again.


  19. zania

    he isn’t whining. His fans have forgave. Get a life and move on. Because you were never a CB fan.


  20. Hays

    This website has some dumb ass people commenting. Y’all are all wankers. He is not playing the victim. He’s owned up to his wrong (Rihanna has some owning up to do…skank bitch). I am so glad that he knows who his real friends are. Just because you make a mistake, real people will stick by your side! You are not supposed to abandon someone just because they do wrong. That is why the world is so fucked up today. People think they are supposed to ignore and abandon a person when they do wrong. You are supposed to be by their side, and make sure that they know what they did was wrong and stick witht them to help them learn and not make the same mistake. He is a smart boy. You people commenting negatively are just dumb narrow minded people. I hope you all do something really bad (if you haven’t already) and I hope no one wants to talk to you all again…I bet you all are insecure, lonely people WITH NO LIVES.
    Stay off of until you get sense!


  21. dj

    he aint do nothin wrong wit me..

    at least he keepin it a 100 and he speakin the truth

    your real friends will stick by you through bad and good times


  22. rihannathedevilsfavourdaughter

    hate rihanna and hate her more for the haters that r hating on chris like he is the devil. he aint angel, bt neither is he a devil. quite funny that rihanna coud nt be said the same to as she is the devil worshipper herself. and with all that bs that u should nt hit a woman, my as@ i say, u should nt start on some1 bigger or stronger thn u, and same goes to woman and man. no man would stand there and watch a woman hit him and he leaves it like that, invest physical in ur relation and thats wat u get. who told u that rihanna wasnt physical herself, the grl has history of being physical for gods sake. lay of the guy u hater. dude i dont even like chris brown, bt seeing ths pple defend one side of story is like bs. to hell with rihanna and her followers.


  23. MaMi

    Sry chris I been a fan up until this point. Your actions are what caused people to distance themselves from you. PLUS stop exaggerating about calls to work with people. You barely had any calls before the drama so I doubt you’d get much now…

    He has a sour attitude god…


  24. nookie

    well i can say he’s speaking the truth.. nd for those who didnt like it you must be fake also! i feel wat the man was saying.. everybdy hve dwnfalls and it took a min for him to get on his feet bt he fought thru everything.. yeah i agree with the whole part hittn ri ri was wrong and it shouldnt of went dwn like dat bt yhu live and learn.. yhu lose some and you gain some.. so wtf is yall complainin about.. or y’all want him to be like “oh usher and i are real cool thats mhy hommie” lol #epicfail.. bro stick to bein real cuz yhu really learn and and see how ppl really are and who’s with you thru the good and bad.. keep doin yhu hommie..#shutemup bro


  25. Nicky






  26. Nicky






  27. Claudeee

    Besides the Rih–Chris thing…’cause that’s null & void at this point. Move on, forgive, don’t forget.

    Son is speaking the truth. I mean, of course you need friends, but in this industry it’s about who you know or just having the hustle. He has both, and fortunately he’s so dope that he knows how to brand himself and has amazing fans that stuck by him. Yeah of course, there’s fake/fickle people in the industry, but that’s everywhere. He has his head on straight, he knows who to trust and who not to trust..which everyone goes through. Nobody’s going to make the money for him but him. So, if you can’t understand this article…there is utterly something wrong with you. You can not like someone for what they did or just their music period…but don’t knock their hustle. We all striving and trying to make the next dollar, too.


  28. Mr Xclusive

    look at all the haters !!! you go breezy!! and he’s speaking the truth, being real your all jealous hop off and stop hating



    Chris Brown is a motherfucking crybaby


  30. JD

    Give me a break. He doesnt have any industry friends because he doesnt have any.


  31. Jay S.




  32. NikkiIsChillin

    Sounds like he is growing up to me. This industry is just business. I hope and pray he really has learned from his past mistakes. I think he’s ready to move on. I know I am.


  33. Sheila (dara7979)

    Again, haters coming out of the wood works. Stop and think about what he said. It was ONLY The TRUTH!!! So he’s a bad guy for just telling the truth now?? You would feel the same way if you were in his shoes. Im sure you ALL including me have done things in our lives that we regret. And in those times you DO find out who your true friends are. If one of my friends did something wrong I woulndt write them off I would be there for them. Im really GLAD you negative people are NOT my friends because you dont know how to be one in my opinion. Why cant people just STOP asking him about what happened and let him move on for Christ sakes. HE’s HUMAN just like YOU are and deserves to go on with his life and NOT live in the past. I dont think what he said was wrong in any form. HE wasnt whining, or boasting, or crying he was flat out being real and telling the truth. Sweep under you OWN backdoor before you start critizing other’s actions.


  34. 4Real

    Why are some getting hurt? Y’all mad he told the truth? I would like to meet some of you guys friends or even friends that left you guys to come back and be friendly with you. I’ll like to be in that room and see how that ish plays out. You guys are acting funny behind a screen and a key board.


  35. Deb

    Hard lessons in life to learn. Some people will stand by u and support in learning form your mistakes. He plead guilty. That is taking responsibility. He did’nt try to cop a plea and is now doing what is expected of him as outlined by the court. Many stars never learn who their true friends are. Too many fake plastic people who want to be with u cuz your famous and for no other reason. I say hold on to your to friends and be thankful you now know the difference. Some stars never fiqure that out.The only comment that may have been strong was the bit about kicking rocks. Other than that what he says is a reality of being famous. I never had that problemm…Ha!


  36. someone

    Chris speaking the truth, either you are with him or against him. When situations happen, rather it be good or bad, your true friends show their true colors. You haters don’t know shit about keeping it real, all you all know how to do is hate. You haters need to look at yourselves in the mirror (@ ugh, @ …, @ Woman beater, @ xedos, @ Curtis, @ WhatTheF, and the rest of you HATERS) before always trying to judge him, because I’m sure what you see looking back, AIN’T SHIT EITHER!


  37. CrimePays

    F*CK Rihanna she is nobody’s Queen. Maybe DRAG QUEEN in that cheap red Raggedy Ann wig! Chris, I agree with you! At 19 you had an opportunity to learn something that takes others years to realize. You only have a handful of friends in life. The rest are basically WALLPAPER & OBSTICLES disguised as “friends”. As for what he”did” Rihonald McDonald admitted to beating on him 1st and several times before he hit her. Why is it okay that she smacks him around? You ppl are just pathetic!


  38. I'm That Bish

    He hit Rihanna, he’s paying for it. He isn’t owning up to what he did? Rihanna didn’t own up either. I’m still waiting for someone to spill the beans on what happened that night and everybody knows there’s more to the story than what we heard.


  39. SarahJane

    hes speaking the truth.. you dont like it, FUCK YOU.
    you cant handle the truth. all the haters on here, you are FAKE. and when he says “kick rocks” he also means ALL of you tooo. i bet HALF of you were either a fan BEFORE it happened, or were never fans at all. explains soo much. its people like YOU who make him speak like this. if it wasnt for all of you not FORGETTING and letting the past be the past, he wouldnt have to cuss…. chris keep doing your thing. been a fan since 05′ and continuing on.


  40. A Realist

    Some of you people would react the same way if you were in that situation… We are so quick to criticize others for their flaws before we look in the mirror and see that we are not perfect.


  41. manny man

    On the real, what CB said is so true. Things happen in life that shows you who your true friends are. I look at it like this, we all have done wrong, I’ve had friends stand by me, some turn against me, but in that same matter, I’ve always remained true to my boys. @ someone, so true, the haters are the ones crying or I will say bitching, they come on CB’s post and bitch all the damn time, for what, stupid ass individuals if you ask me, and I think they know it.


  42. phaedra

    I understand where Chris is coming from. If you’re a friend, don’t kick me when I’m down. Rshur doesn’t appear to be a friend to no-body unless we’re counting Beiber. Since when is it so bad to speak from your heart. And how humble does he need to get to please the judgement of most of these folks. Let it go folks and let this young man live his life.


  43. phaedra

    Breezy has given his pound of flesh. All you haters should move on or better yet ….. go on to Fenty’s page.


  44. mohamed chris kamara

    Halla at you man you are my best artist and will always ya


  45. abc123

    lovin all these haters. ya’ll must’ve never dated a crazy bitch b4. The truth is, until CB and Rihanna write a book on the fight and both co-sign it, NO ONE will ever know why/how shit went down. Stop acting like the guy raped and murdered her. She’s alive and doing very well. He’s paid his dues to society, as dictated by the law, and now he’s just trying to do his job again.

    I have no problems with Chris calling it how he sees it. The “Deuces” remix is a case in point, everyone loves you when you can help them make money.


  46. max

    all of u make it seem so much worse than it is….get of his d i c k


  47. dude

    Chris is speaking the truth in everything he said. There is no need to hate, you haters are so pathetic and really need to get over yourselves, better yet come out of the glass houses you claim to live in.


  48. amanda

    Wow we hv some chris brown haterz ova here look if u dnt like da guy dnt waste ur time reading this and posting ur stupid comments u just want him to kno ur alive nd he has better things to do den worry about ppl d@t dnt like him ya make ya self look wack cuz u read everything d@t has to do with him but den you say mah stuff stop wasting ur time reading something about someone u dnt like u look stupid :) just saying leave him alone god he is trying his best and ya losser always try bringing him down he tells ppl str8 up how it iz ya just cant handle it so do everyone a favor go to sleep u dnt need to be reading go to sleep i love chris brown yeah :) muah deuces haterz


  49. nyavery girl

    usher is not good, chris brown is geat, chris brown better than usher abuot everything


  50. headphones

    lol these chris and rihanna stans are vicious! honestly the reason chris ain’t on that usher tour is cuz we all know he woulda outshinned usher… i mean seriously, usher doesnt have the dance moves down anymore, he’s gettin older and to have chris open up for you with dope dancing prolly aint a good look. That’s the real reason I’m sure, why do you think he went with Trey Songz?? cuz the boy don’t dance! haha but i’m glad chris knows his real friends cuz this industry is full of snakes


  51. Anonymous

    I still believe in you Chris!! Just let Haters be Haters, it’s their destiny. Just remember to all them haters: people can change and I believe Chris has become a better person. His future is bright. And will be better than Rihanna’s. Not hatin or nothing. I don’t lie I just tell facts :)


  52. lolo

    people really need to leave Chris alone if thats how he feel than thats how he feel hop his dick damn. An who every refers to rihanna as the queen should be slapped lol the queen of what no talent , she pretty and all but the girl cant sing. That last time a checked Beyonce still has the crown boo sorry .


  53. ponyo

    chris brown needs to man the hell up…its all a learning process…remember that he is still very young and he seems to be a slow learner…..i blame his mother for this….because he doesn’t know how to own up to his actions….we all make mistakes who am i to jugde #iamnotgod


  54. cmonnow

    @nyaverygirl…how is chris brown better than usher?…who has more number one hits….who has sold more albums?…when chris go diamond holla back…@headphones…to bad chris can’t sing as well as he dances…dueces is weak..tell chris to get his hits up and holla back


  55. wats it to ya!

    for all you Chris haters…..FUCK YOU! ..thats all.


  56. arie

    @ ponyo, I blame your mother, didn’t she teach you not to go around talking about someone else’s mother. And the last time I checked, he did man the hell up. Your problem and the rest of the haters is, you all love to sit back and judge others when I’m sure ain’t none of you perfect at all. Chris told the truth, you haters hate that, do us all a favor and move the fuck on, get over yourselves and stop being such hypocrites, I agree with alot of the others, if you don’t like him, stop looking him up posting hateful comments, I’m sure alot of you don’t have shit going on in you all’s lives.


  57. mac

    @ cmonnow, you are weak, Chris can sing and he can dance, what the hell can you do besides hate? Why don’t you get a life, and then holla back, I bet you don’t have two nickles to scratch together. CB keep doing you, haters are going to hate, they don’t have nothing else better to do.


  58. America's Sweetheart

    @ ponyo, didn’t your mom teach you not to go around talking about someone else’s mother. The last time I checked, he did man the hell up, its haters like yourself who can’t seem to get over yourselves and move on. You can always tell when a person don’t have anything going on in their lives, all they do is go around and hate on others. Everything Chris said is right on point, I wish you haters would do us all a favor, and crawl back under the rocks you all came from.


  59. LOL

    LOL @ Chris being better than Usher..Stop the madness! Not with them whiny ass, “I’m 21 but still sing like I haven’t gone through puberty” vocals lmao.


  60. CB Lawste like Gnauze

    Chris Brown loses again!


  61. Ankka

    Maurice once again proved himself why he is & for ever will remain a FLOP! only other Flops like him want to work with him now! the big names do not care!


  62. Ethan

    L M A O at all you fools who actually think chris his career is dead..ya’ll talking like hes nowhere, but wait hold up stop! Deuces is still #1 on R&B, 7 weeks in a row, how about that! it’s about to hit the top 10 on billboard top 100. so shut the fuck up, you ain’t got no life, so ya’ll here to talk shit about him, while he won’t even know about it. FAIl
    hes telling the truth, if usher would say this, you would be like, yeah usher you cool, real talk. but chris, nooo hes a woman that all you got? nothing else? it’s gettin really old, ya’ll still on that 2009 shit? faggots..


  63. HNIC



  64. Sharp Tongue

    I agree with some of you on here but come on it really sounds like Chris Brown is crying like a baby. And this isn’t the first time we’ve heard Chris Brown complain about shit who cares and don’t get me wrong i’m a fan of his music but this bitch shit has too STOP!!!!!! yeah Chris caught slack for whopping Rihanna’s ass but that is old news lets move on.


  65. tifanyy

    i am okkkk with him


  66. Bk King

    All Yuu Illiterate knob heads. . . he said when he was down no one was there but all of a sudden deuces is popular they all want in…meaning his saying none of those people are his friends just snakes slithering for fortune…


  67. tell'em

    So people were supposed to be riding his d!ck when he did something wrong, a crime actually? Get over your self homie. Have a seat in a corner somewhere…


  68. BELLE

    the whole rihanna abuse thing was most likely all lies anyway… props to chris for still being that dude!

    he’s more talented than rihanna anyway! yeah i said that!


  69. Arly

    No shit no one talk to you. You bashed your girlfriend who happened to be one of the top pop female artist.. Idiot


  70. caroline

    People always come back when you are rising back to the top. That is true for average folks, not just celebrities. When you are going through adversity, you find out who your “real” friends are. I agree with Chris on this.


  71. Excited

    If Chris Brown was better than Usher he would have more #1s than Usher. That’s not so its it? LOL! Chris Brown’s album sales is nothing close to Usher’s sales.


  72. usherbig fan

    usher is king of r&b of all times f**nk cris brown and all usher and mj ever bests


  73. honeybun

    ok first off thats not the point of him saying what he said..yeah the whole rihanna thing was eff up..i don agree but if ppl were your friends they would of still helped through the situation point blank..DAMN PPL CAN BE SO NEGATIVE


  74. Riiiight...

    What he did was wrong but he ADMITTED his guilt and he is STILL paying for it. I am not a fan of his AT ALL but I hate hypocrites, and there are a WHOLE SWARM of those suckers on this site. Just WOW x10,000. And for the people saying nasty stuff about Rihanna, y’all wrong too. What he said was real, and I bet a million dollars that if any of y’all were in the same situation you would have done the same thing or at least something similar. He’s not even whining – rather responding to a situation. Some real stupid people on this site these days.

    Talking about manning up – how is somebody talking trash about somebody they don’t even know on the internet a man either? roflmbao!


  75. tifanyy

    nuymbers are nothing!!!! rihanan sell but she’s nothing!!!! a a aaaaaaaaaaa youre dead
    chris tha best rnb artsit


  76. vivica

    What’s this a therapy session for fist??? why go to domestic violence classes when he’s got you!!!!


  77. danger_monroe

    chris .. you rite for once … there aint no true firneds in the biz … just getting … money you dnt need any more firedns just the one who been there thru thick and thin …that all i gotta say


  78. mirian

    One thing I learned that to help does not appear anyone else to criticize not falta.Eu s what I do not know what’s goin ‘to the people of America, but if there is something that leaves a Brazilian irritate and know they are talking bad of who we like. As a song here “Who does not have glass ceiling that cast the first stone” we are human we can not be perfect as much as we try, so we must accept people the way they sao.You has every right to express you feel, because before being a star, also has a life. I’m rooting for your success and hope it grows more and more.


  79. essence

    hi chris brown i love your song and you are so sexy but donot like wath you do to your gril freind but i still lo0ve you ok and how oold are you sexy but my freind like you ok


  80. essence

    I wath to see you were do you live i love you so mush ok bye and can you be my freind on my so i love see you soon


  81. essence

    And my mom donot like you ok bye i love you so mush see you soon ok bye and for all my hater see you soon love you chris brown


  82. cru

    CRYBABY. Plain and simple. People will not forget. And for all those effers who want to keep supporting a beater – just think about if it was your daughter, sister, wife, etc. Jumping on his bones just like a typical groupie. Stay HUMBLE!


  83. jim

    @ugh, FUCK all’ya who’s cursinq Nd Hatinq…….He got his life to live so do u perfect haters hun??? Fuck u all Trolls go get a life, nd if u wanna start thinkinq beefinq Fuck u too..:P.


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