Drake Explains Why He Covered TLC


Drake showed a softer side this week with the release of “I Get Lonely Too,” the first offering from his R&B mixtape It’s Never Enough, on which he pays homage to TLC’s 1999 track “FanMail.” Drizzy told Rap-Up.com why he chose to cover the “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” trio.

According to the Young Money rapper, it wasn’t planned—inspiration unexpectedly struck while he was cruising around in Miami. “I was in the car and I had the iPod on shuffle, and I heard T-Boz’s voice come on and I was like, damn, I never noticed the lyrics to this song and how beautiful they were because it was an intro,” he revealed at the “So Kodak” launch event in New York City on Tuesday night.

Once his ears perked up, Drizzy knew it was the perfect way to introduce his melodic collection of tracks. “When I heard it, I was like, man, me and [producer Noah "40" Shebib] could do something with this, and TLC used this as the intro on their album, so I used it as the intro on my mixtape.”

Fans can get a taste of how It’s Never Enough, due later this year, is taking shape by vibing out to the seductive jam. “It’s track one and it’s a great song,” expressed Drake. “I love the words in it and I love how 40 flipped the beat, so I just decided to put it out and give people an idea of the direction the mixtape was going.”

–Steven J. Horowitz

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  1. Hold up!

    i like the track


  2. Nicole

    why couldn’t he just make his own intro no creativity just flip the beat. come on son


  3. jeremydante

    ^^^ that’s what people do on mixtapes- take someone elses shit & make it there own.


  4. JD

    Sometimes I really dont understand him..


  5. Brandon

    He’s giving the music away for free. He doesn’t even need to do this at this point in his career… Props to Drizzy.


  6. missz

    amazing! TLC and Drake <3


  7. Trey

    Exactly, if you dont like it…too bad.. People like me that are musically inclined appreciates music like this. 40 the production is tremendous!


    FANMAIL Reply:


    I think drake shouldn’t be stealing music from other people let alone world phenominon and super legends TLC, and if he does that makes drake a fake rapper. He stole a great song, Fanmail, from their Fanmail album to change a little bit and put it on his retarded mix tape, NO RESPECT. Im 13 years old and people my age love drake and don’t even know who TLC are, but TLC is and will always be my favorite artists and drake is no one to me.


  8. Kina

    Don’t hate appreciate 24/7 Drizzy Drake is original beats are beats but lyrics always change


  9. peace&music

    umm ppl its a MIXTAPE thats wat u do, u flip other ppls songs smh love the song by the way


  10. StreetLuv

    I Love Tha Track Drake & TLC Version <3
    i hope The Whole MixTape Is Like This With Songs
    we Know & New ones we Don't wit a Adlib from a songe we know or sum shyt.. Lolz ;-)
    {Haters U Can KiLL Ya Self}


  11. @ronaldranier

    For some reason, I don’t think his iPod was on shuffle.


  12. YGzCeegunnax5

    lmao ^ but he took the WHOLE part like at least make it LOOK original


  13. Isaiah

    Drake is dope, i love how he comes with these songs.. and you know boys growing up dont listen too alot of girly music but he’s redid some songs like aaliyah and tlc who EVERYONE loved soo he’s catching alot of peoples eye by doing that.. i knew it was a remake of fanmail when i first heard the beat!


  14. jj

    TLC is dope. I am so glad that Drake is honoring them. RIP Left-Eye. You should still be here showing all these female “rap” ho’s how it’s really done!!!!! Gone but never forgotten


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