New Music: Jasmine V. – ‘All These Boys’

Jasmine V.

Newcomer Jasmine V., who opened for Justin Bieber on tour, quickly became a trending topic on Twitter after photographers snapped pics of the two locking lips. But she’s ready to show the world her musical talents with the release of “All These Boys,” the first single from her forthcoming debut album.

“Yeah, he says he loves me, but then he don’t/ Always talking ’bout what he gon’ do, but then he won’t,” the 16-year-old sings over a tinkering clap-heavy beat. See what the fuss is all about below.

Jasmine V. – “All These Boys”

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  1. -

    Why is she on here?


  2. Kaczkev

    Get Me Bodied Beyonce anybody?


  3. raNZ

    this is shyt! like really? its not even catchy!! effin annoying >( what a waste of my 2mins and 43sec *stweps*


  4. Pinoy

    I don’t care how the song is cause Jasmine is 1 of the hottest young new stars that can really sing and she is a pinay aka Filipina.


  5. Phoenix_Wright

    ayeee!! wth is the 1st 3 comments talking about this is catchy. expected her to have a single that showed off her vocal ability but this is a heater, my type of dance song.


  6. Sly B.

    who’s this… It sounds childish..


  7. Teezy

    Sounds like M.I.A. remixing Beyonce’s Get My Bodied… But shes diffrent i like that…


  8. damn..this is..

    I can’t believe’s a mess..made for disney/nickjr kids not kids her age…eww


  9. yourboycelebrity

    she’s gonna be big! she’s been grindin for awhile Congrats to her!


  10. jenniika

    She’s so pretty, but I absolutely HATE her music. No talent at all. Besides, Justin is mineeeeeeee :P


  11. raNZ

    @Phoenix_Wright if your below the age of 16 i cud see why yur totally diggin this song… but in the real world she has to come better than this, no one said she cant sing… but damn this is annoyin as hell!


  12. KolochoKitler

    she’s a filipino!


  13. is that her?

    i dont think that is her singin…i have one song that i have from her on my ipod called serious and i love it..cuz she has a nice voice…and this doesnt even sound like her…


  14. uFail

    Can people stop hating on this pretty, young and talented girl? But like they say…”Haters make me famous.” (:


  15. True



  16. Jay

    haha this song is horrible but i’m sure she can come better than this if she wants to hit it big


  17. aadf

    shes hot….wooooooo HOT HOT HOT


    h Reply:

    yeah hehe i love u my dear jasmine


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