Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Lasers’ Gets Release Date

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco fans can put down the picket signs and call off the protest. The Chicago rapper’s oft-delayed album Lasers finally has a release date.

After hinting yesterday that his relationship with Atlantic Records was patched up by tweeting “Victory!” along with a smiling photo with label executive Julie Greenwald, a drop date for Lupe’s third album was announced via his website. The project will finally see the light of day on March 8, 2011 with a single to come later this month.

“Lupe Fiasco’s much-anticipated new album Lasers hits stores and online Tuesday, March 8th 2011,” read the website. “The first single will premiere on Tuesday, October 26th right here on first! #GenerationLasers you ready? Let’s go!”

The announcement comes after months of discord between the “Superstar” hitmaker and the imprint. While the label reportedly demanded that Lupe make more marketable material, fans came to his defense with plans to protest outside of Atlantic’s Manhattan headquarters on October 15 aka “Fiasco Friday” if their demands weren’t met.

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  1. ...

    now people need to open up their pocket books. it’s one thing to talk mess online about how an album should be released, but it’s another to actually buy it. we’ll see. i’m hopeful people buy it, as he’s one of the best emcees out there.


  2. Daire

    Great to see the fans can get what they want!
    It will be intrestin to see how succesful the album is now its gonna be released


  3. yeahyeah

    Damn, that’s so far away from now! Well, at least we got a date to look forward to.


  4. ASH

    I hope ppl buy this album. I did my part and bought The Cool the 1st week it came out… I hope everyone does the same when LASERS drops.


  5. queen


    i agree 100%… his fans need to buy his stuff so “lasers” doesnt turn out to be an “Fantasy ride”…fans complaining bout promotion and release dates when nobody buys the album

    but i don’t think he’ll be in that predicament


  6. Mii


    but I wanted to protest :(


  7. Lisa

    Why so far away?! Lupe I need you!


  8. Kelly

    uuuuuu ! That is not ok!

    Im gonna kill myself!

    I wont this album!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Mr Xclusive

    who is this guy again?


  10. GeeGee

    … 2011? That’s plenty of time to do some promoting. What is the record label thinking?!


  11. RooRoo

    i hope JoJo will be on the album


  12. chris

    new lupe on my birthday? hell yeah


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