New Music: CRS (Kanye, Pharrell, & Lupe) – ‘Don’t Stop!’


It’s been over two years since Child Rebel Soldier—aka Kanye West, Pharrell, and Lupe Fiasco—hopped on the same track. But in the interest of giving the fans something fresh and unexpected, Yeezy has reunited with his super-group CRS for “Don’t Stop!,” this week’s G.O.O.D. Friday giveaway.

“I’m so ultra, I’m even over Oprah,” raps ‘Ye, who was rumored to have recently canceled a scheduled appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” His partners-in-rhyme spit lyric-twisting verses over a cowbell-accented beat. Get your heart racing below.

CRS – “Don’t Stop!”

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  1. GeeGee

    Hope to hear some more of CRS in future. :)


  2. YMCMB

    Fire. Very energetic and lively beat. I hope to see some more CRS in the future. :)


  3. jhuntdaprodigy

    Dope as hell, CRS in the building, other rap groups should be scared now!


  4. Dante

    WHOA! Can yall imagine a whole CRS CD. Rap classic that would be!


  5. Bob



  6. V

    Nice. Sounds like Pharrell produced this one


  7. Drae

    when the beat switches up during kanye’s verse, that’s when you know SHITS GOING DOWN.


  8. Yeezy

    very hot:)


  9. ypzowww

    supa dope these song very hot hot


  10. SB

    nobody is touching Kanye right now!
    To come up with so many good tracks is crazy!
    Dope collabo!


  11. ILoveThis

    I wish this would be put on the album.

    This and “Devil In A New Dress”.



  12. mistwalker

    song is dope


  13. Fool

    This group is gonna be crazy and i liked that even though they all approach rhyming different they all blend 2gether good



    So imma give it the REALNESS… This shit be the bombsta… this is whats been missing in HIP HOP all the element got me feeling old school, new school and future school that whats trill… AYO!!!


  15. Oreka

    DOPE song! I LOVE IT! But Kanye canceling a spot on Oprah…RIDICULOUS !


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