Mariah Carey Hosts Nick Cannon’s 30th Birthday in NYC

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is preparing for an early Christmas, but first she celebrated her husband Nick Cannon’s 30th birthday at a bash she hosted at Lavo in New York City on Friday night (Oct. 8). The smiling couple, rumored to be expecting their first child, cut the turntable-themed cake and mingled with guests including TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. They will bring the party to the West Coast with a second celebration tonight at Universal Studios.

Nick can’t wait to become a father, but he’s not looking for his offspring to follow in his showbiz footsteps. “I want my kids to be brain surgeons! Astronauts are what I’m looking for. I’m aiming high!” the host of “America’s Got Talent” told In Touch Weekly.

Photo credit: CV and WireImage

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  1. queen beyonce

    there gonna have a very cute baby… confirm it already lol


  2. WhatTheF

    Mariah’s still lookin extra plump, but she looks pretty in these pics.


  3. got2be

    Really don’t know what to think re: MC’s pregnancy, though she definitely looks like she maybe carrying a bun in the oven in these pics. They will make really cute babies.


  4. lia

    Why the cake look like they celebrating him having a job?


  5. Dean

    My Mariah is lookin fiyaaah!!!! U just gotta love her!! xP

    Oh, and Happy Bday Nick!! =)


  6. holys

    Mariah looks beautiful. MARIAH IS ON FIRE!i’m pretty sure she’s pregnant look at the outfit the stockings to not get spider veins plus her glow and the size of her boobs. WISH THEM ALL THE BEST.
    GO MC loooking prettyful dahlin’


  7. lia

    I know it ls his love turn tables plus a.g.t but it just look like a job celebration more so.


  8. PURDYBOi1

    That cake looks cheap. I wonder if it came from the local super market


  9. got2be

    P.S. Mariah is glowing in these pics btw.


  10. Beysus Servent

    Beysus would never take part in such a poor looking event for her husband.


  11. trejay

    Me & Mariah Dated For 2 Weeks. .


  12. trejay

    She Is Very Tight


  13. trejay



  14. Dillon_68

    Dang Mariah is SEXY in those pics, best pic of her in a while.


  15. ponyo

    these two compliment each….love em both


  16. coco

    Cuteness. Mariah’s makeup is flawless. the baby gonna be cute! congrats to them and Happy Birthday Nick.


  17. K.K.

    happy couple ;D


  18. paulotomar

    I am happy as long as she’s happy! I LUV her so much! What a cute couple!!! Im so excited about her new album. NEW single oh santa- on itunes next tuesday!!!!


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