Video: ’60 Minutes’ Profiles Eminem

Anderson Cooper and Eminem

CBS’ “60 Minutes” chronicled Eminem’s rise from being bullied in school to becoming the biggest-selling artist of the decade. Journalist Anderson Cooper followed Em to Detroit, visiting his old 8 Mile stomping grounds, an underground club where he battled, his private recording studio, and one of his sold-out concerts at Detroit’s Comerica Park.

Marshall Mathers told Anderson how he stores all his lyrics on notepads (aka “stacking ammo”), not being interested in meeting his father, refraining from using profanity in his house, being two hours away from dying of a drug overdose, and commencing with his first stadium show since being sober.

Em hopes his story can help others weather the storm. “If I can help people that have been through a similar situation, then why not?” he said.

Watch the full interview and bonus clips below.

Spotted at UHTN

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  1. Jennifer

    I love you,Em.


  2. agthe1

    funny lol Eminem is an interesting individual, deff inspiring tho hope all those lyrics amount to like 5 more albums =)


  3. idkjsdnjn

    wheres the whole 60 min interview?


  4. D12

    ^ Are you stupid?? the show is called 60 minutes. eminem’s interview was not 60 minutes long. SMH


  5. M



  6. a-town

    nothing to say but amazing. em is legend.


  7. Diana

    i like the story with the watch


  8. Bri

    LMAO!!! I hope idkjsdnjn was joking. The TV show is called 60 minutes. You must be living under a rock not to know that. Love Em.


  9. honeybun

    love it..made me just have even more respect for em


  10. Lil' Nello

    It’s always dope to hear stories like this of all these entertainers who had such humble beginnings like most of us! Loved the watch story to & Em always seemed like that type where he doesn’t really the money get to him!


  11. Bey Stan (don't hate or I'll drag your ass)

    Bwahaha @D12. I can’t. There’s some stupid people on the internet.


  12. From Tokyo

    If someone isn’t familiar with the show (if they’re from another country or just don’t know it) then the title seems to imply something along those lines. Y’all so mean that you have to jump on someone about that? Dang. smh at THAT.


  13. Yonatane

    Eminem is a person hu cant b expressed in words…. 4 me he is z best rapper ever…. btw ma nick name is Shady…. love u Eminem bt am not a phaget….


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