New Music: Bobby V – ‘Words’

Bobby V

Bobby V wants less jibber jabber and more action from his girl on the intoxicating “Words.” The single, set to appear on his fourth album Fly on the Wall, bears production from The Pentagon (formerly known as The Underdogs) and showcases the R&B singer crooning such choice lines as, “You want me to believe that you ain’t even like that/ Baby show me that you ain’t even like that/ Words don’t mean that much to me.”

“This song is very representative of what my forthcoming album, Fly on the Wall, will sound like,” Bobby tells “It’s been a while since I’ve released a true R&B record as a single. Everyone that buys my albums always falls in love with my ballads, which are my favorite to make. Honestly, I’ve been a little scared to release them as singles because mainstream radio caters more towards hip-hop and uptempo R&B records. It’s definitely a harder sell because a lot of records break in the club and DJs rarely play slow music in the club. I can’t remember the last time I saw anybody slow dancing in the club. I wish those days would come back. I know times have changed but I’m definitely up for the challenge.” has your first listen to Bobby V’s “Words” below.

Bobby V – “Words”

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  1. ashley

    This a great song I luv it


  2. super8732

    U did again Bobby V…u are so underrated! U are the truth…swagg cant be copied….


  3. slimGOODYchick

    YaYYYY BOBBY V is back…. it takes me back to the reason why i feel in love with your voice!!!


  4. Candyfox

    I’m so in love wit this song bobby v is coming wit it hard this time . I pray for him he can sing is he usher or trey no but the guy has talent . Keep RnB alive bobby but i still love a omg every now & then lol . Rap Up ya’ll the best site i live for this site my nails too long that’s why i don’t leave comments but this song the keri hil pretty girl rock great music .


  5. slimGOODYchick

    YaYYY BOBBY V is back… it takes me back to the reason why i feel in love with your voice!!! : )


  6. KanYeezy

    this is not the reason he’s underrated, if you listen to the rebirth OMG that album is one of the best R&B albums of 2009 so i think people should listen to him instead od the DJ got us fallin in love , That Record should have been from Akon not Usher (Usher is the (R&B King ) but fuck it

    the song is fire looking 4ward to Fly on the wall


  7. key

    this is RNB, makes me lough on tv when its all about rnb and they putting like katy perry, lol i respect her but its not rnb,its pop


  8. notfirstone

    “ has your first listen to Bobby V’s “Words” below.”

    I noticed on Google that another website, MusicRemedy, had the first listen to Bobby V’s new song.


    Rap-Up Reply:

    ^ This is a premiere. If you saw it elsewhere, it was unauthorized.


  9. 619productions

    I hear where hes coming from they only cater to the hiphop techno/electronic infused rnb mainstream but the real music lovers people who know what real music is want this kind of music something you can groove to something that strikes and chord within us i dont wanna have to be on some crazy rave drug just to be able to feel your music homie real talk

    Mr V. welcome back to the soul side



    I am so impressed I have loved his music from day one he has never let me down. It is a shame how the music industry does not let true artists like Bobby V shine. I agree with 619productions and I do consider myself a real music lover and I love some Bobby V!


  11. Nait Phoenix

    This is the first single I heard from him that I genuinely like in a long time, since “Special Occasion”! :( & :D


  12. Dillon_68

    I love this song to death, Bobby V has my interest in this new album!


  13. DONNA

    loving this song!!! can’t wait tell the new album drop so far i had every album he made so far lol.. :)


  14. jusgreen

    this song is lustful and intoxicatin .. bobby v delived this song on a golden plate


  15. janet



  16. Kristen

    Love it!


  17. Kimberly

    This song is absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t wait until the album comes out!!!


  18. mal



  19. K-Brownie

    I think it’s a nice song. Especially the lyrics and the beat. There aren’t many artist with their own music style! And that’s why i like his songz.


  20. blacc diva

    i looooooved the song. I can’t wait for the new album Fly On The Wall to drop. I have all ya albums and as long as u keep droppin REAL rnb I will continue to support the Bobby V movement. And when u retire I’ll still be jammin ya old stuff! Keep up the good work! Its not all about $$$ all the time cus when the flunky’s fade away you’ll still be standing strong. Ya voice is beautiful and the lyrics always serenate me. Love u Bobby!


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