New Music: Ray J – ‘Last Wish’

Ray J

Ray J has just one “Last Wish” on the smooth sequel to his 2005 hit “One Wish.” Brandy’s brother hopes for a final chance at true love with the object of his affection, seducing her with his silky falsetto stylings and crisp, sensual instrumentation. Catch a case of déjà vu by listening to the new single from Ray’s fifth album below.

Ray J – “Last Wish”

Audio via HHNM

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  1. Quis

    I wake up to new Ray-J ftw lmao


  2. Shawn

    its alright it has to grow on me….in reality he cant really sing, he gets by.


  3. A

    nice song. It can do good on R&b charts


  4. Dillon_68

    This is the best thing I’ve heard from Ray J since Raydiation.


  5. youdontneedtoknow

    sounds pretty Good. makes me want to hear more from him … Im sick of all this Techno/Pop/Dance Urban music on the radio right now!!!

    Please bring RnB back!


  6. Set it Straiter

    Sick of hearin people sayin ray j cant sing..
    yes we know Brandy can deliver but this tune is sick.. Perfect for Ray.. lovin it..


  7. ItsOscarYO

    I like it… a lot.


  8. Nait Phoenix

    This is very reminiscent of “One Wish”. Good one on you, Ray J!


  9. Jo

    Nice…..i like it


  10. Shawn

    This Shit Hott


  11. JD

    um he CANT sing. duh.


  12. ASH

    I guess…. a little late for a sequel to a song 5 years ago.


  13. Becca

    he really looks like brandy in that picture!


  14. kay

    i like it…it’s about time he came out with something worth listening to…honesty hour?


  15. The Queen

    who CARES if it’s too late for a sequel?
    who CARES if his vocals aren’t as good as Brandy’s?
    who CARES !?
    this song is hot & either listen or click the red X on the top right corner… thanks :)


  16. Marteena

    I totally agree with the Queen above. This song is hot. It will do well and lets stop comparing him to his sister. He is his own man and has made a name for himself separate from his sister. Go Ray J!


  17. Tina Fesler

    I really liked it, it was very good


  18. mara

    I like this song a lot, && I agree quit comparing him to Brandy. They’re two different people, it doesn’t matter if he can’t sing, he still got more money then any of you with the negative comments.GO RAY-J this the SHiT!!!!!!


  19. derrick

    stop hatin im from mississippi im proud to say he from my hometown


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