New Music: La Roux f/ Kanye West – ‘In for the Kill (Remix)’

Elly Jackson‎ and Kanye West

Kanye West goes hard on the remix to British duo La Roux’s newest single “In for the Kill.” Over a reconfigured version of the original instrumental, lead singer Elly Jackson icily coos over cut-and-paste synths, paving the way for Kanye midway through the tune. “The Thriller version of Michael,” raps ‘Ye, who will also appear in the music video.

“He’s a very exciting person to be around. He’s a special breed of person. He’s not quite like anyone I’ve ever met before,” Jackson told MTV News. “He’s very, very, very creative. He comes up with ideas every five seconds. We’ve had a very interesting three days. It’s a very interesting mix of things.”

Check their international connection below.

La Roux f/ Kanye West – “In for the Kill (Remix)”

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  1. MiGi

    ma nigga yeezy went in as usual , just killed another career , its a mild day lmbo !


  2. mike

    this remix is siiiiick
    i love it, even tho it kinda kills the 80′s vibe the original version has


  3. allen

    kanye is the mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  4. Dirrty Toni

    I like the new beat. Sounds amazing with her voice.

    But I thinks the song really doesn’t need his rap.
    I just doesn’t fit it.


  5. bass_man

    nowhere close to Skream’s remix. but, I love Ye’s verse. That’s one I’ll keep coming back to


  6. JhuntdaProdigy

    I don’t even listen to La Roux and only listened 2 the original one time, after I found out Ye was doin the rmx. So it sounds dope to me!


  7. Sasha

    I agree with bass_man, no one can touch the skream remix, even after so long.


  8. DopeBoyFresh

    Sounds Like Ye’s Rapping bout Twilight. . . just saying


  9. Kanye Fan

    nothing compares to the Dubstep remix of this song………………. In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix), i promise you just go listen to it for yourself!


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  11. kvmbvkj

    i see that he copied kid cudi style lol


  12. naya5532

    this has NOTHING on the dj skream let’s get raw remix of this song. NOTHING!!


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