New Music: Rihanna – ‘A Child Is Born’


Rihanna adds some Caribbean flavor to her version of the Christmas standard “A Child Is Born,” included on the compilation Now That’s What I Call Christmas, Vol. 4, in stores today. Singing over an island-infused instrumental, the redhead goes au naturale on this seasonal jam. Celebrate the holidays a bit early this year by listening to the optimistic tune below.

Audio via Rihanna Diario

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  1. I'm Me Honey

    Me no likey.


  2. shajuan

    Awwww! So cute. I love this song.


  3. I'm Me Honey

    Well… the chorus is cool.


  4. JockItIfUWant24

    I Love This Song..!>.Who Ever Dnt Like It..Is Flexxing..;)


  5. nika

    she doesn’t sound as bad i thought, she actually sounds dare i say it…GOOD!, but i don’t like the song, i don’t think christmas, more like jamaican vacation


  6. Oreka

    reminds me of “Music of the Sun” days…LOL it sounds nice


  7. roxy heart

    ^^^^^^^^^^IT DOES!!!!


  8. fefe

    i like whn she sings reggae!!


  9. Kera

    Aww this is cute! She sounds good. And @Oreka I totally agree! This definitely sounds like it could have been on MOTS.



    lots of love (lol) to riri
    no mama leave xmas music to the QUEEN MARIAH CAREY
    you stay back princess, no voice sorry


  11. Rihanna Baby

    I love it!!!!


  12. @MonsterBarb

    Her voice sounds great!


  13. I guess!!!

    I like it


  14. PRESSED? LOVES rihanna.! The navy thanks them for it and appreciates it!


  15. roxy heart


    u have to admit that she sounds good, i was in disbelief


  16. ItsOscarYO

    The ONLY reason I’m living right now is because this gives me a blast from the “Music Of The Sun” past (With the addition of her better vocals.)

    Overall, I enjoy the song. Rihanna, bring back at least SOME of your carribean roots to your music again. This made me miss it.

    *Starts jamming to “Rush”*


  17. Phoenix_Wright

    this crap is dry as hell, and i’m usually the person who is for rihanna’s island-ish songs. She had to do her version of 1 of the wackest x-mas songs -_-


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  19. Jose

    does anyone else notice the illusion she is creating with the white sheet and her red hair…. ALL SEEING EYE!!! omg… smh


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