Video: Lloyd – ‘Lay It Down’


Lloyd takes it from the club to the bedroom in the Mickey Finnegan-directed video for “Lay It Down,” the first single from his Zone 4/Interscope Records release King of Hearts. The R&B crooner trades his signature braids for a low fade as he shares steamy scenes with his leading lady, played by actress K.D. Aubert. Before retiring to the crib, Young Goldie pops bottles with his Zone 4 fam Keri Hilson and Polow Da Don aka Awesome Jones.

Watch the ladies’ man master the art of seduction below.

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  1. Hes Back

    Lloyd is officially BACK. This is a really hot video. Such an underrated artist i really hope he gets his shine with this new album King Of Hearts.


  2. Dan King

    RnB is still a Bit of Shass on the Radio… It is Very Directionless Music….Wish Timbaland would Teach Boring Musicians Dynamics..)d


  3. KLG

    Who produced this beat? I heard it maybe a year back in time… Nearly the same.


  4. youdontneedtoknow

    @KLG Polow DA DON .. its written in BIG in the beginning of the Video LOL

    Love the song but he’s forcing too much on the vocals. The tone is def too high for him.


  5. magicpuppy

    Love the music, nice and chilled out. Lloyd on the other hand sounds like he’s being shocked by a cattle prod. It completely ruins the song.


  6. Dance Pheonix

    I’ve never really been a Lloyd fan like that, but he HAS mad songs I grew to appreciate. I loved ” Hey Young Girl” as well as “Girls Around the World”. I liked the fact that he DIDN’T force too much. But this here, is a MESS! No hate.. I love the fact that he’s trying something new, but KNOW YOUR LIMITS PLEASE! Everytime I’m @ work, me and all my co-workers roll the HELL outta our eyes when this comes on. As well as all the customers lol. Sorry Lloyd, #Fail…:(


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