Album Cover: Nelly – ‘5.0’


Unlike his chest-baring cover for his last album Brass Knuckles, Nelly looks casual on the front of his sixth LP 5.0, pulling into stores November 16. Wearing a crisp white tee, a loosened belt on his denim jeans, and a pair of shades, the “Just a Dream” hitman stares off into the distance on the artwork for the album, named partially after his favorite car. “[The Mustang] 5.0 was always one of my dream cars,” he told

The St. Louis rapper recently shot a clip for his next single, the Dr. Luke-produced “Move That Body” featuring T-Pain and Akon, and has lined up appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “Chelsea Lately” during his release week.

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  1. VaunTV



  2. math_

    it’s ok, i like it


  3. Nick

    Must be a joke.


  4. Andre'

    The cover for Brass Knuckles was better!


  5. Lisa

    What the hell is this? He always wears a white tee or wife beater. Nelly could’ve came harder with the album cover.


  6. NellyDaDon

    Nelly aka King of hiphop..i like dis cover and the song “Move that body” is bangin’ fo’shooo !! NELLY IS BACK, even though he wasn’t really gone..


  7. Haze

    lol i am looking forward to this album, shame about album cover, i could whip that up in less than 2 mins…. cheap


  8. Abby

    I’m copping this album for shure.


  9. Will

    This cover isnt good could have taken more time for it and made it more marketable it looks like it could be a cover for an artists first album and Nelly is on his 5th. Looks very cheap.


  10. JhuntdaProdigy

    Okay, the cover sucks, but based off “Just A Dream”, “Move That Body”, & “Tippin in The Club”, the album won’t! Hope Nelly Nell do some decent numbers this time around, I’m definitely gonna buy it


  11. ugurekin

    i heard his some songs like she so fly, angel eyes ,taraji joint collabo,long gone,gone and many more i think this album can have a platinium x4 or more


  12. sagb

    this almost looks like just a dream single cover..its kinda lame!


  13. Carman

    @ ugurekin
    Angel eyes is not going to be on the album.


  14. jnew

    wow really?… this is stupid. cmon man


  15. yeahyeah

    It’s just simple and elegant. Why people are hating on that? If you haven’t noticed, all his albums have a simple cover so calm down. I’m excited for his new album.


  16. Leopalt

    I just hope the St. Lunatics album looks better.


  17. vally girl

    bird goes: cheap! cheap! cheap!…cheap! cheap! cheap!


  18. Bieber-Fever-4Eeva

    The official tracklist has been released! One Word “CRAP!’


  19. Ms. Love

    This album embodies what Nelly is today and that is a hip hop veteran who is business savy… Track Listing seems cool appears that he was being very cautious this go around album should be good im buying a few copies


  20. Hugs-N-Kisses

    Tracklist’s not real!


  21. Lucy

    ^ That’s probably why Rap-Up didn’t post it. SMH at these fans spreading false info.


  22. K.K.

    this cover is too cheap ;( wish he release another cover for 5.0


  23. Imma-Nova

    Hopefully he releases a special or limited edition version of his album and has a totally new album cover.


  24. Alexis Loves U

    he is so sexy


  25. Ankka

    don’t like the cover, very boring & unoriginal
    anyway, the album will be amazing! just a few more weeks!





  27. MiGi



  28. K-Rowl

    It looks like it was designed for a mixtape cover!


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