Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Coming Early

Nicki Minaj

Hold onto your pink wigs. Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday is coming a little sooner than expected.

The debut album from rap’s reigning diva will arrive a day early on November 22, has learned. It will go up directly against releases from Kanye West (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), Akon (Stadium), Jay-Z (The Hits Collection Vol. 1), and Ne-Yo (Libra Scale), all hitting stores on the Monday before Black Friday. Prior to this shift, Minaj had been touting a November 23 release.

“To carry on a great tradition of Black Friday, we are going to switch it up this year in honor of the Nicki Minaj album and call that day Pink Friday, and call my album Pink Friday,” she previously told fans during a Ustream session.

Young Money’s First Lady has already started promoting the disc with appearances on the MTV Video Music Awards, “Late Show with David Letterman,” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” The album has produced the singles “Massive Attack,” “Your Love,” “Right Thru Me,” and the “Check It Out.”

Are you excited about Nicki’s new release date? Who do you think will have the No. 1 album that week? Let us know below!

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  1. Hold Up!!

    No #1 spot for her. Why would she wanna face off with Kanye? Maybe any other rapper but Kanye?


  2. JD

    LOL what is a day difference gonna make? Plus, Nov. 22 is the same day that there will be another Michael Jackson album will drop, it was just announced yesterday. She got WAYY too much competition, if you think she actually has a shot at a high debut your playing yourself. She already losin for puttin out a “friday” out on a monday lol.


  3. Shaun

    They ain’t shit Nicki got that


  4. hearts

    nicki will be on kanyes album so its a good day for NICKI M either way


  5. From Tokyo

    I wonder why.


  6. Please!!!

    I think it is a great move for her! How else can you attempt to live up to everything you rap about, other than going up against some of the heavyweights of the game? I think it’s very admirable for her, even if she does not top them all. It proves she’s got confidence and courage and that is simply amazing. I just hope all of the fire she bring through her lyrics featured on “okay” songs explode on her own album. I don’t know about you all, but I sometimes just listen to songs she is featured on just to hear her blaze across the beats. I think her album will be one of the top selling albums for female rappers of all-time because she has done a great job marketing herself. Good job Nicki!


  7. K.K.

    Just one day? Why won’t she move it up for a few weeks? I can’t wait to get PINK FRIDAY ;D


  8. regis

    this shows that she isnt scared of anything even being the newbee!!! “I THINK ME YOU AND AMB SHOULD MINAJ FRIDAY!”


  9. Daire

    Nicki no 1,
    Kanye second,
    Jay 3rd and ne-yo 2 b a failure


  10. Ciara Fan

    jayz will come in last place since its not him releasing the album. The album is beign released by his former record label,. I cant wait for the truth to come out

    Nicki Minaj: 200K
    Kanye West: 320K
    Akon: 170K
    Neyo: 110K
    Jayz: 40K

    come back to this post and kiss my feet on release day because i will be so accurate u will scream for more predictions from me


  11. Jay'real

    nooo nicki should drop nov. 16 when rihanna does thatd be perfect!


  12. D-Money

    No Why would she drop when Rihanna is dropping hers That would also be serious competition! She got a tough release week but I think Nicki Minaj has a really good chance of taking the top spot! She’s the only one so far releasing an album that week with singles released! No one else has so far at least!!


  13. LOL

    I bet all her twitter followers are gonna buy about 20 copies each


  14. EL

    I’ll be purchasing Kanye. Next.


  15. meme☈

    @ ciara fan what u need to be predicting is ciara’s first week sales and lets come back and see how accurate it is.

    But i think nicki will be a little more than 200k. i mean drake did 500k. And nicki is right up there so i think betweek her and kanye they will be up in the 300k


  16. bgbenz92

    Nicki Minaj aint gonna sell more than Kanye…he gotta way bigger fan base than her…


  17. Dani Haile

    <3 I am very excited for the up && coming CD of Nicki Minaj.!! Pink Friday is going to b mad hott.! All the haters can most def keep hating because it's making her super rich && famous ya'll make it too easy for her to blow up.! "Why would I go hard when this shit is so easy..!"-words of Nicki Minaj


  18. Cameraman

    I say it’s between Nicki and Kanye for the top spot…This could be bigger than his ’07 sales battle with 50 Cent.

    Side note: FU J Records for pushing back Jazmine Sullivan’s album from November 2 (where it would have stood out) to the 30th (where it’ll get forgotten in the flurry).


  19. KlothezMinded



  20. Dillon_68

    Is Akon’s album called “Stadium” or “Akonic”? This is getting confusing….not like it’ll sell anyways.

    Kanye’s will be #1, Nicki #2


  21. who i be

    I’m agreeing with many of you that Nicki will take the #1 spot…yea, Jay big..and Kanye is going to do well..he has a large fan base, but he has also lost fans…
    Nicki has marketed herself so well she is sure to explode. The thing she has that any of the others don’t is a HUGE gay and female following and those are the ones who buy records. You have young girls looking up to her. If you jump on youtube there are so many girls..and boys trying to immulate her…and as one replier said, those twitter followers are running to the store or itunes to snatch that up…and on top of all that…she has just about every race behind her b/c she seems to be appealing to all.


  22. BoyYaDead

    I wil DEFINETELY be purchasing KanYeezy’s album the Day it comes out!!


  23. Diesel

    Lol @who i be + daire ain’t no way in hell nicki pushing more copies than kanye. kanye got a bigger fan base, is more well known, has more hype, has four platinum albums and is critically acclaimed. Your Love and her features may get hot airplay, but they don’t sell shit on itunes. Yea, Nicki got a fanbase that’s growing super fast and she’s the rookie of the year, but other than that, Kanye has has the advantage by leaps and bounds. Besides, her distributor already said they’re only releasing 100k physical copies.

    Kanye – 375K-825K
    Nicki – 75K-250K

    PS I’m a huge Nicki fan, but I guess you could say I’m an even bigger Ye fan.


  24. Trey

    I’m going to purchase kanye nd the nicki joint…I wish them all luck if I had to guess
    Kanye 660k
    Nicki 520k
    Neyo 340k
    Akon 173k lol


  25. Steve

    Personally I think Akon & Neyo’s albumns are gonna flop !!!

    But I’m getting both Kanye ANDD Nicki’s Albumns since they’re coming out on my birthday and they’re both gonna be making money off each others albumns regardless I think Nicki’s featured on two tracks on his albumn (Monster & Lost in a World) and he helped co-produce her albumn and I believe he’s on a track as well so either way both of them will be good !


  26. JhuntdaProdigy

    Well the only album I’m buying that week for sure, is Kanye’s!!! And Nicki isn’t gonna outsell him, people are warming up to Kanye again now. Runaway is #12 on the hot 100, and #4 on the digital chart. Between the Facebook/Twitter videos, good friday, snl, vmas, bet, his buzz is getting pretty high up there.

    Sales Predictions
    Kanye – 350,000-750,000
    Nicki Minaj – 200,000-400,000
    Ne-Yo – 100,000 or under
    Akon – 100,000 or under
    Hov – It’s a compilation CD (Nuff Said)

    **Flo Rida & lloyd Banks are dropping that week too, their number predictions are the same as Akon & Ne-Yo’s. Banks could possibly do Ross numbers though (Around 200,000)


  27. Zale

    Predictions….Either way Nicki & Yeezy FTW
    Kanye – 1 Mill(I Know I’m just being optimistic)
    Nicki Minaj – 400 – 600
    Ne-Yo, Akon, Jay – IDK

    IN STORES NOVEMBER 9TH 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. Deemy

    Rihanna Loud 11/16/10

    Cant wait for Nicki too. Hopefully she debuts big in the top 3 hopefully.


  29. vickie

    nicki’s best friend/hypeman/support system (SB)who knows everything nicki said this is a lie its still coming out the 23rd


  30. vickie

    i think nicki numbers are going to be 200k+ even though billboard said she will sell 125k first week and kanye’s will be 350k+ i no kanye will sell more than nicki hes a established high profile mainstream MALE rapper…nicki is new this is her debut and she just became sorta mainstream plus a female rapper (they dont really sell that much )and (most males are ashamed to even rap nicki in public yet alone go buy her album called PINK FRIDAY) but i will be buying nicki’s album


  31. youamuseme

    Just because people like Nicki does not mean they will go out buy her album especially when Kanye West will most like be right next to hers. I like Nicki, but will I purchase her album? No, the singles she has been putting out are not good at all. She said that this album is emotional and I don’t feel it. I know that Kanye West will deliver on this album, so I will be copping it. Good Luck to Nicki though.


  32. Carmen

    I agree with some of u cant see Nicki beating kanye right now. He’s already so established. Plus susan boyle is comming out too so Nicki may not even be number 2 either. I don’t care I dont buy albums because of their sells. Im getting Nicki’s album gotta support the females.


  33. A Realist

    I love Nicki, but she’s not going to outsell the monster that is Kanye. The world would be off balanced if she did.

    DEBUT album from a FEMALE rapper vs FIFTH album from a MALE rapper. Cmon.

    People hardly do well on their debut album in 2010. And then she’s a female rapper on top of that. I wish her the best though. I’m definitely buying her album over Kanye’s on that day if I had to choose (Although I hope to get both).


  34. CLR

    It truly is Black Friday lol


  35. Hellyeah

    Jay-Z or Kanye will probly have the top spot over nicki but who knows…


  36. Hellyeah

    nevermind. not jay-z on top cus its just a re-release lol


  37. J

    I’m not sure if this story is true personally I think it should have dropped on Friday 26th the public loves a gimmick. It really depends on whats going on behind the scenes. Kanye made a prediction that nicki will do better than him so its possible that she will. You have to remember a lot of money has been spent on the persona they have created for Nicki. Number three will not do her justice The singles are not strong enough to keep a number three album on the charts. I honestly can’t call it because Rihanna is coming so she may still be in the running that week. She better try to do at least 300,000 in week one


  38. meme☈

    ppl forget album only drop on tuesdays.


  39. Its Me

    This is just more albums her records label will have to buy…they are doing this on purpose…they want her to “break records” and by putting her up against the greatest she will do so…but this will be more albums her label will buy…she will sell like 37K and her label will by like 500K just make her go gold…watch!


  40. The Truth

    The truth is Nicki is going to very well her first week with about 200,000k in the first week but its no way she is beating Kanye people have been waiting for his next RAP album since 07. I still dont know what to expect from her album either but we expect a masterpiece from Mr. West


  41. Shawn

    Nicki’s album come out nov 23rd this is a lie and her label shipped 500k as of plans are now so she will probably sell 400k around there


  42. Nick Minaj: Conheça a capa do CD “Pink Friday” - Música – Pouco Pop

    [...] Fontes: Rap Up 1 e 2 [...]

  43. MatureBarbie

    Pink Friday is available on Amazon for pre-orders. The release date is listed as November 23rd. Go buy it!


  44. Darelle

    Via Nicki’s Twitter:
    “Tho the release date (for all intents & purposes) for Pink Friday is 11.23.10 , it will be made available everywhere on 11.22.10″

    “Albums are generally released on Tuesdays but in rare instances Record Companies will “break street date” and release on Monday”

    “Implemented by the Record Company, I am neither happy nor upset by this minor change. ThankYou”

    “I know it was posted on blogs but I wanted 2 confirm as I’ve been receiving lots of questions on it. Hope that clears up the confusion ;)”

    Jus thought I’d let y’all knw.
    I think she will do well. My timeline is goin crazy ova this album, & is pre-ordering like crazy. I’m a kanye fan too. So I’ll b gettin that…but I’ll prolly cop like 20 copies of PINK FRIDAY. *serious face* lol


  45. Britannia

    I’m definitely getting Kanye’s album first day

    Kanye 450k – 700k
    Nicki 100k – 250k
    Ne-Yo 60k – 80k
    Jay-Z 70k – 80k
    Akon 40k – 70k


  46. Illanee Banks

    It doesn’t even matter ; Nicki is still sonnin’ you hatin’ ass bitches . She’ll do just fine – and she’ll be on Kanye album anyway so either way she will qet her money . She’s the shit . GET IT THRU YUR HEAD : ) Da Dun Dun – @ilyofficial


  47. ququa

    forget all yu haters nicki minaj is gonna do better then everybofy i mean everybody ! on nov 22
    this is her first cd so everyone will go and get it she is her she is so HOT !
    like kanye alreadys has 4 cd .
    and tell me they all dont soung the same

    1.nicki M (900K+
    2.kanye W (700k+
    3.neyo (300k+

    fuck jay z


  48. ququa



  49. ququa



    KANYE WEST FIRST WEEK 100,000,00

    NEYO 900

    JAYZ 0


  50. BarBee~DoX

    Nicki Minaj (At least 800,000 copies on debut week)
    Rihanna (At least 500,0000 copies on debut week)
    JustinBieber (At least 300,000 copies on debut week)
    Kanye West (At least 250,000 copies on debut week)
    Ciara (At least 100,000 copies on debut week)
    -I love all these Fiesty Kats & Rough Dogz but, these numbers are just my opinions. I love all of them and I wish them all the best!”Team BarBee~Dox”!


  51. Beauty Cursed

    I’m getting them all!! No bootlegging here!! HOV is the greatest ever and Nicki is about her money and everyone else is talented.. even though Kanye needs to learn when to shut the h*&% up, he got mad skills. I thought he fell off wit 808 n heartbreak, but I see he came to regain his spot. Big ups to Kanye.. follow me on twitter. @beautycursed.


  52. It's me

    There is absolutely NO WAY Nicki Minaj is going to outsell Kanye. Nope nope nope. Her best verse of the year is on his album. Not to mention he’s a genius. Ye’s a beast and he’s gonna move 800,000. He sold over 950,000 copies of graduation in the first week, so…yeah. Drake sold almost 500,000 the first week, so I think Nicki could do 300,000 or so. But Nicki vs. Kanye isn’t even a question. His sales are gonna demolish hers.


  53. Jazzy

    i cant wait till it cums out i think nicki got iht


  54. Jaymo

    Kanye 800000+.av neva bought an album bt my first will be kanyes .That guy is the bomb with extraordinary skills!!


  55. Jaymo

    Plus dont 4get florida .he great too


  56. r3d bird

    come on “Jaymo” you hella lame if u think flo rida is good.


  57. r3d bird

    And come on “It’s Me” u hella lame to if u think kanye is goin to sell more then nikki i mean… have you heard Romans Revenge


  58. kayla

    its been posted Nick MInaj Has sold “200,000+ the first day Kanye sold 156,000 this is only the first day posting however the final list will be posted next week….. at the week mark


  59. ChiLLz



  60. maya

    I <3 Nicki minaj Im doing a biography about her in school!!!!!!


  61. johannes

    nicki is the beste i love you nicki


  62. pics

    pics || Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Coming Early

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