New Music: Flo Rida – ‘Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)’

Flo Rida

First he spun “Right Round,” and now he’s ready to “Turn Around.” On his new dance floor-ready single “Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1),” Flo Rida commands a girl to make her booty go “da da whoa” over a pounding Euro-dance beat. Ladies, heed his instructions by listening below, and look out for his third album Only 1 Flo (Pt. 1) (formerly The Only 1) on November 30.

Flo Rida – “Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)”

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  1. allen

    interesting as always nice songgggggg


  2. gone4toolong

    did i just hear him sing about beyonce?

    *stops song*


  3. Chri$

    he’s BACK!!!!!!!!!nice;D


  4. listen

    his raps are so basic and simple. all his songs sound this same and this is EXACTLY what e.badu was referring to with what’s wrong with the current state of black music.


  5. Feng

    i’ll be bumpin’ this song with my white beats by dre Studios


  6. me


    I disagree, reminds me of like new school wreck n effect type music. U gotta have a diverse taste in music.


  7. dee dee


    i thought she was talking about him too…he gives rap music a bad name…if he considers himself more of a electro/dance artist then i understand but he sure aint rap


  8. sagb



  9. Phoenix_Wright

    “First he spun “Right Round,” and now he’s ready to “Turn Around”.”

    rap-up that was so corny lol

    and the song is basic, just average.

    Yeah maybe Badu was talking about him, but Flo always been doing this type of music. Eh let ppl do what ever music they want. It’s their music so let them do what they do want with it.


  10. listen


    i have no problem with you disagreeing with me but i do have a problem with you suggesting that i somehow need to be more open minded musically. you don’t know what i listen to outside of hip-hop and r&b. you don’t know the countries i’ve lived and the music i enjoyed listening to that dominated their airwaves. you don’t know anything about me, so you continue to support wack artists like flo while i’ll hold myself to a higher standard.

    point is, flo is not hip-hop. some of his songs are catchy, but this is exactly why the genre is taking a blow.


  11. djinvincible74

    I think Hip-hop is taking a blow because it’s spinning it’s wheels. Most every song on the R&B chart is between 90 and 110 BMP and has very little originality to it. Let’s face it, when 90% of the songs have to feature a guest artist to draw in a larger fan-base, you know things are getting desperate. I remember when collaborations were special and were took up 1 or 2 slots on an artist’s record. Now it seems like every singer who’s nervous about scoring a hit enlists Lil’ Wayne or Nicki Minaj to save the day with a cameo or a remix. Then, it seems like artist who do try something different like Ne-Yo, Kelly Rowland, and N.E.R.D. are overlooked and don’t get their songs played much on R&B radio.

    It’s really sad to think how innovative Hip-hop and R&B were 10 years ago compared to the sad state they’re in these days.


  12. K.K.

    BEYONCE is a super wonderful name! so he mention the name, right?


  13. derick arnold

    who cares,as long as hes back.WELCOME bACK man’i ve been waitin.


  14. aj

    what is the very first part of this song from the ‘dum dum’ part its off an old tv programme im sure…..can u please let me know thanx


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