T.I. to Serve 11 More Months in Prison


The King is being recaged. After his recent run-in with the law, T.I. has been sentenced to 11 more months behind bars.

The Atlanta rapper pleaded to a federal judge not to send him back to prison for violating his probation with a drug arrest, but to allow him to get help for his drug addiction.

“I screwed up big time and I am sorry,” T.I. said during his probation revocation hearing Friday afternoon. “I am sincerely sorry. I am scared that you will send me to prison.”

Tip, born Clifford Harris Jr., was in federal court Friday in Atlanta following his arrest last month in Los Angeles on suspicion of drug possession. He was on probation after serving 10 months behind bars on federal weapons charges.

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  1. J.J.

    Stupid Ass


  2. jeremydante

    he really fucked up.
    not too many chances left for him.


  3. BK

    SFMH . . .


  4. Shaytan

    TI messed up but this judicial system is not right!

    He gets 11 months yet Lindsay gets 2 weeks. Are they serious?


  5. Nait Phoenix

    T.I. Plz come back a wiser man for us & your “wife”!


  6. Kolo

    ..This Is Such A F****d Situation..Wayne’s bout to get out n Tip is going back..Hope he finally learns something, this makes the parents who protested against him speaking to their children look Right instead of being Wrong..T.I HOLD YOUR HEAD..


  7. alfagta

    Fuck that clown. Like shit… He has got some serious brain disease. How can you ride in a maybach filled with dugs while being on probation? Tell me how? This nigga lost his mind. His recent music was trash. That’s what happens when you don’t have YMCMB on your back. You couldn’t even fell that wayne was gone. All the new music, albums, videos, letters, etc. But T.I.? He’s a moron, stupid monkeeeyyy. GAME OVER 4 HIM. Now it’s YMCMB time.


  8. Antonios World

    Oh Man, I Got Nothing To Say But Keep Your Head Up.


  9. CODY

    Dumb ass. He should feel ashamed of himself. When is he gonna start thinking about his children? It’s sad, and it’s even more sad his stupid ass baby mama doesn’t have enough sense to lead him in a better direction. She sits right there and condones it. It’s horrible when your celebrity lifestyle makes you forget core values like raising children and doing the right things. These stars start to feel invincible. Hopefully, he can really think about his actions the next 11 months. I just have to laugh at that MTV show where he preached to all those kids. No wonder parents didn’t want him speaking to their kids. Some role model. I can’t say that he’ll be missed, because his music was garbage this time around anyway. He should get another 11 months just for that song with Skeri on the hook.


  10. Migrator



  11. crazymanmike

    I don’t know why they always punish us blacks more than white’s!!!!khloe never stayed a month,paris,didn’t stay mre than 2mnths,lindsey didn’t stay 3mths…and they we’re all meant to serve 1year each…hold ur head up T.I,no 1 shud blame tiny cause she still got his back no matter what!!!its sad,its really,really sad..


  12. Music King

    He’s a idiot smh, his actions have consequences. Release King Uncaged before you go back in!


  13. Jacob

    Good, he deserved it. Hopefully this will teach him to wise up.


  14. Carter

    Lindsay and Paris were not convicted felons and were not hoarding weapons. There’s a major difference. Educate yourself before making ignorant comments.


  15. Fan Ov A Fan



  16. Diamond Girl

    SMH.. All I will say is that in life, your choices are your choices, no one else’s, who can he blame?, who is gonna do the time and feel it but him? no pity party, Slight disappointment. So much potential. I hope he can live with it! Just know that you gotta be stronger and wiser next time. Not judging. Just saying.


  17. Cory

    He need to go back, send Tiny’s wack ass wit him too. Cage that album back up, try again in 11 months.


  18. Dillon_68

    Can’t say that he didn’t deserve this, half of the rappers need to experience the same thing. Drugs are NOT cool, I love Hip-Hop, but I don’t want to live their lifestyle.


  19. Phoenix_Wright

    He deserves to go because he violated the his probation BUT I think 11 months is a kind of long. This time when come out he will stay away from ALL type of trouble


  20. call me

    bye, i think he enjoyed it way too much in there.


  21. Ankka

    LMFAO! I would have given him 12 months.
    looks like Flop Uncaged will be coming out in 2012.


  22. lewis xavi

    Fuck U T.I you got kids and u are doing drugs with your wife. What is ur wife is convicted 2 and ur kids have no were to go and social servics take your kids. U FUCKING DERSERVE 10 YEARS.


  23. New Music:// T.I. “Get Back Up” F/ Chris Brown & T.I. is going back to Jail… « Lala Foxx

    [...] Well we can all say that we expected this to happen. After being caught with drugs in LA he has been sentenced to serve 11 months in jail smh… For more on this story check out Rap-Up. [...]

  24. Kyle

    I think he definitely deserves it. After doing a full year in prison he showed us that he hasn’t really learned his lesson so his dumbass deserves to do more time behind bars. It’s such a shame. He seems so humble and has had so much success but makes really dumb decisions.


  25. unk

    He deserved it and he is one of my favorite rappers but how does he get prison time and lohan and paris get off without anything happening to them i don’t get our courts smh


  26. Jesse

    He’s too cute to be in jail!!!!!!!!


  27. dave

    To all of you making comments about TI doing more time than Lindsay Lohan etc. because he’s black, that’s simply not the case. TI has felony drug and weapons charges and therefore will always do more time as a felon. Paris Hilton etc. don’t have any felony charges. Even as repeat offenders they will do less time as long as they don’t get a felony charge on their record.


  28. quia

    Hi baby don’t worry everything will work out for the best love u some much I wish they leave u the hell alone damn


  29. Allen

    T.I going in and out of jail like its monopoly .


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