Christina Milian Unzips at L.A. Fashion Week

Christina Milian

Christina Milian hit the runway to launch her new line of sunglasses, C. Milian Eyewear, during L.A. Fashion Week at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood on Friday (Oct. 15). The million-dollar mami, showing little signs of her post-pregnancy weight, changed into a leopard-print leotard and thigh-high boots to perform her new track “Zipper,” helmed by her estranged husband The-Dream, and hit song “Dip It Low.” Watch Ms. Milian’s racy return below.

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  1. listen

    why did she decide to have that little girl wearing a two piece in front of a crowd of grown ass people??? what kind of message does that send? what kind of mother does that? unless the girl was a munchkin, something is really wrong with this picture.


  2. Yolanda


    Christina showin that man what he missin! Yas! She killed that performance. When she release Zipper, that’s gonna be a huge hit! I see it now.


  3. dee dee

    how old is that model…6???


  4. ashley

    yo is it jus me or does Christina look like a giant beside that girl


  5. ciaralover

    hopefully she releases her album soon!!! =D i love her and se’s fine lol


  6. Mike

    YES! Christina is back. I can’t wait for that new album. She looked amazing and definitely had stage presence.


  7. Mouse

    is that a little girl? hahaha


  8. 2XCL

    That picture looks really weird. Either the white girl is really really small or Christina is just really big/tall.


  9. Derek

    Or it’s a child.


  10. jhuntdaprodigy

    Dream failed epic-ly


  11. Sean

    I believe that girl is a “midget” or “little person”, whichever u wanna call it, or i hope she is! cuz Christina isnt that tall! either way the pic looks a little weird!


  12. KS

    That is a little girl and she was modeling for the swimwear line Teeki. Teeki is launching a little girl line. Christina was very nice and asked the girl if she would walk out with her in the end because the girl was an adorable little model that rocked the runway for Teeki and CMilian eyewear and really had the crowd cheering! It was actually very cute. It was sweet… not weird! The little girl is a model! Very professional too!


  13. brian b

    That outfit is too skimpy on that little girl, she looks like a midget.


  14. SR

    something is really wrong with this picture


  15. Jodi

    the best part is, that you here the-dream say radio killa!!


  16. 4 seasons

    They changed the beat to “Zipper” omg noooo they should have used the old one it was soooo much better. Rap-up do yall know if her album is still being released?


  17. Phoenix_Wright

    when I heard radio killer i was like o noooo lmao. Let’s just hope that if she puts out an album it is good and sells because u kno she will get dropped in a heartbeat by the Dream.

    the white girl is maybe 10 or under. Also Christina got on high ass heels and the lil girl has flats


  18. LaMont

    WOW! She has a great body! It’s good to see her back on stage performing.She looks sexy as hell!


  19. Sol-power

    That’s pathetic that they have that child dressed in a skimpy bikini. Her parents should be ashamed.


  20. Mr Xclusive

    @Sol-power ur stupid as fuqqqq good job reading dumb A


  21. jaboodi

    background track is too loud….oh wait she’s not even trying.


  22. stellar2

    nobody cares anymore what little girls dress like these days, because when they grow up they are still going to be bitchy, skanky, whorey or trashy no matter what, because they see thats what guys like.


  23. mz.spicy

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i’m a huge fan and have her second album on repeat! i am proud that she performed zipper and i cant wait 4 da album. hopefully she gets tru love in return


  24. Made in L.A.

    it is apparent that NONE of you have left your computer screens and attended Fashion Week anywhere. The little girl ripped the runway while modeling a child swimsuit line. You all complain but I bet your kids rock stuff like that too the beach where there are way more people watching. Like KS said she was asked AS SOON as she stepped off the runway to be apart of Christina’s. No time to change in fashion world because it moves so fast. But I doubt any of you know that because I bet not of you are professional runway models. What this sounds like to me is a lot of hating because this child made more doing this one show than you all will make in a month. Again this is a REAL fashion show. Not one of those ghetto ones you all are probably used to going to. All of you should be ashamed sitting here judging this child, whose career this is. I bet none of you have a real career, your mediocre jobs making minimum wage suits you just fine. That is until you see a child being more that what you’ll ever be. Get a life.


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