On the Scene: Tiny, Rihanna, Ciara, Trina, Eve, Common, Christina Aguilera

A smiling Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, decked out in Gucci, waved to photographers outside the courthouse in Atlanta before heading inside to support her man T.I. as he faced his sentencing on drug charges on Friday (Oct. 15). The loyal wife was also arrested and charged with drug possession last month in Los Angeles. While a judge ordered Tip to serve 11 months behind bars, Tiny’s fate has yet to be determined.


Good girl gone tired. An exhausted Rihanna took a stroll in Beverly Hills, keeping it casual in denim cutoff shorts, a knitted cardigan, and fedora.


Ciara bundled up for the colder weather by trying on a furry vest while shopping on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood. The jet-setter hopped on a plane to New York City to appear at tonight’s Black Girls Rock! Awards.


Common surprised 1,000 high school students at Justin F. Kimball High School in Dallas, Texas, as part of the Get Schooled National Challenge and Tour.

Trina and Eve

Who said female rappers don’t get along? Hip-hop sirens Trina and Eve united at the Hennessy Artistry Series finale in the Big Apple.

Christina Aguilera

Aloha! A newly single Christina Aguilera showed off her curves in a coral Herve Leger dress at the Waikiki EDITION Private Sunset Beach BBQ in Honolulu.

  • Kez

    Get some sleep RiRi… love you! What’s my name is amazing :-) x

  • Dizzle

    shiiiit if i didnt read wat was under xtina picture i wouldnt have known it was her lol she looks soooo tired! :O

  • RajibDavid

    Xtina looks amazing!

  • Stex

    Christina is beautiful, I love her!

  • Bonny

    Wowww Christina looks HOTTTT!! Love her! <333

  • jenniika

    Xtina looks sexy! And I looooove Rihanna’s legs :D

  • king

    love rihanna she is the best



  • ciarastanforlife

    ciara looks good like the fur coat!!!

  • Rox

    What are y’all on about? Christina looks horrible! Body is banging but she looks wack from the neck up. Rihanna looks so exhausted, bless her. She better get he energy back and milk the hell outta ‘What’s My Name’ because that song is the shit!

  • Bobby

    Ewwwww Christina looks horrible. Sorry but damnn.

    Rihanna looks great, its weird .. I swear I never liked her as much as I do with this red hair. Ciara looks fly! Trina looks -______-.

  • lil john

    ciara cute as always (basic instinct dec. 14 baby)!!!!

  • Dale23

    Ciara…fine as always.

  • Keepin it 100

    Ciara that spending is gonna need to slow down once Basic Instinct flops lol. Better move on to modeling.

  • Cmon Son

    Tiny looks like a granny in that first pic lol

  • listen

    christina doesn’t look like the hot girl she used to when she first hit the scene. something seems really “off” about her lately…and those breast implants….no comment. her career is over.

  • Redbonechick

    cici looks cute… luv her >>>

  • Redbonechick22

    cici loooks cute… luv her >>>

  • meme☈

    i agree christina looks so horrible. my god….sh may actually be finish. which is sad because she is the most talented artist of our era. Damn rihanna and Gaga, they’re just killing all these chicks careers. gatta love umm lol

  • kani

    christina looks like she’s ready to flop harder!

  • Joyams

    Tiny is freakin awful.

  • Selyne

    Wtf are you guys talkin aboutt ? Christina is looking so fucking hot !!! She just split with her husband, i think shes going trough a hard time! And she looks amazing so stop saying shit !

  • annie

    I can’t believe Christina Aguirella has split from her husband, they seem very close. I guess because we are used to seeing black men dogging the sistas, you always think that it’s like rosy on the other side, just saying.

  • KC

    Rihanna looks grungy chic! luv it