Album Snippets: N.E.R.D. – ‘Nothing’


N.E.R.D. blends rock, pop, hip-hop, and R&B on their funky fourth album Nothing. The 10-track standard edition features the Daft Punk-produced single “Hypnotize U” and Nelly Furtado-assisted “Hot-N-Fun,” along with an appearance from T.I. on “Party People.” A deluxe version with four additional tracks will also be available on November 2. Preview 30-second snippets from the trio’s latest project below.

1. “Party People” feat. T.I.
2. “Hypnotize U”
3. “Help Me”
4. “Victory”
5. “Perfect Defect”
6. “I’ve Seen the Light” / “Inside of Clouds” (Interlude)
7. “God Bless Us All”
8. “Life as a Fish”
9. “Nothing on You”
10. “Hot-N-Fun” feat. Nelly Furtado

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  1. Richie

    The album sounds sick!


  2. Dee

    ***** – A 5 Star Album. ‘Nuff said.


  3. Yeeeaaaah Man

    This album sounds shit lol


  4. Mr Awesome

    where’s “radio WTF” );


  5. 2XCL

    These songs sound awesome. I’m so glad they released another album.


  6. tpm

    perfect album , so classic


  7. Dirrty Toni

    sounds really good to me. But I will not buy an album with only 10 songs for $12.99. That’s pathetic. sorry guys, but we live not in the 90s anymore……..


  8. Thatsuperstar

    I so ready for this album.. @DirtyTONI just buy the deluxe albu it has bonus tracks..



    THIS IS A MUST HAVE… people dont be cheap cop dem bones nd purchase dis ish


  10. Ahidet

    Nope Not into thid album… wow pharrell come on


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