Ciara’s Night Out with Kim Kardashian & Missy Elliott

Ciara and Kim Kardashian

Following the Black Girls Rock! Awards, Ciara hit up the town for the 10th anniversary celebration of TAO New York and Kim Kardashian’s 30th birthday. CiCi and her BFF held court, laughing and sipping champagne while blowing out the candles on Kim’s cake. Missy Elliott also tagged along with the girls.

“Everyone keeps telling us that @Ciara and I look like the blk-wht version of each other! LOL,” tweeted Kim, who partied in Las Vegas the night before with pals Kelly Rowland and Trina.

Check out photos from their fun-filled evening below.

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  1. Ciaralover

    ciara looks gorgeous as ALWAYS!!!!


  2. Lild

    How come ciara is never on Keeping Up With The Kardashians?
    LaLa was and so was Melody Thornton!



    This is the problem with C-Error.She’d rather be Kim and Lala’s lapdog instead of promoting her singles and pushed back album. If she got off her lazy ass ‘Speechless’ and ‘Gimmie Dat’ wouldnt be COMPLETELY ABSENT FROM THE CHARTS! SMDH.


  4. CiaraMedlies

    GODara gives me so much life


  5. STACY

    Ciara honored Missy at the Black Girls ROck event last night. Check it out on BET.

    She looks fab as always :)


  6. STACY

    And check Ciara out tomorrow on 106 & Park!

    Basic Instinct in store December 14th!

    Let’s go!


  7. mirage

    @shot fired. You aint lyin. I have seen more pics of her parting then I have seen her promoting. Maybe she should just be a socialite


  8. jeremydante

    love this; “pullin up to the club, in my jeep truck- lookin like a supermodel i- SHUT UM UP!”


  9. Ceejay

    1. being friends wit someone dont make u a lapdog, who got atleast some talent between the two? Ciara
    2. she is beginning promo starting with 106 n park real soon…

    away from the negativity, she looks great and looks like good times, we need a missy record!



    Love it. she looks amazing!


  11. Mememe

    U know u a bad bitch when hater hate in even who u hang with. Do ya thang cici


  12. stop_playa_hatin

    she jus finished the album. she start promo tomorrow on 106 and park. i bet u feel stupid shots fired


  13. K.K.

    lovely girls ;D


  14. chadwick

    “black and white version of each other”?????? really??? ciara pretty but kim is BLAAAAAAZIN!!!



    What Id give to have Ciara and Kim kardashian at my birthday party…..


  16. Drake&Ciara Fan

    Ciara is beautiful.

    @ Shots fired,
    Umm what would Ciara be promotiing. “Gimme Dat” hasnt been released to radio or as a digital download yet, and speechless hasn’t been released to radio either. Now what was that?


  17. Dale23

    Ciara is fierce!


  18. meme☈

    @ drake&Ciara fan…ciara supposedly have an album coming….that a good enough for her to be promoting. but i guess hangin out her d-lister friends is considering promotion. Ciara is truely a d-lister. U will never catch Beyonce or rihanna doing ish like that. Rihanna have an album comin out, there is no way in hell she will be present at a kim k party.


  19. ROCKIT



  20. Anonymous

    SN: but not too long ago wasnt Rihanna at some party with Drake? And isnt she always being photographed with Katy Perry? …interesting.


  21. AnTwaun

    So, cause Ciara is out enjoying life, at a FRIENDS party, she’s not doing shit musically?? lately Ciara has missed out on ALOT of Kim K & Lala’s parties, WHY?? cause she is actually working. just cause we dont see her doesnt mean she aint working & neither does, her going out. SO SHUT THAT SHIT UP! when Rihanna goes strolling corners, its Ok! but if Ciara does it, it means she aint working? smh u nothin ass stans


  22. Me

    Ciara album come out december 14! SHE START HER PROMO TOMMORROW ON 106. she has a month and a half to promote calm the hell down


  23. rap songs

    not bad looking for 30.. still a freak though


  24. CB Lawste like Gnauze

    Look, it’s the male 50 Cent, ha! Ci-Error will FAIL!


  25. ciarastanforlife



  26. joey

    i love missy haha


  27. From Tokyo

    Nice cake!


  28. Jarvis

    Everytime kim/ciara is in pictures everything looks so “staged and phony”

    ditto for LALA, whenever she is in pics too.

    just saying.


  29. Caroline

    why are these girls famous? I have seemed to have forgotten :)


  30. Minaj

    Can’t wait to see Ciara on 106 and Park.

    She been gone for too long!!


  31. Lil CiCi


    You live a sad and lonely life I can tell. Mad cuz Ciara is shittin on ya. Hell there’s NOTHING wrong with hanging out with friends. You’re soooo worried about what the hell she’s doing instead of worrying about your fav. Bitch Ciara can do whatever she pleases. Don’t be MAD cuz she’s enjoying life and you’re sitting behind a computer typing until ya flakey crusted ass fingers fall off. #SIT.


  32. tones

    okay the ciara haters are just so desperate, so ciara can’t have a social life. Basic Instinct is coming out on December 14th, she is about go on a promo tour overseas with Akon, Jay Sean and Flo Rida, Gimme Dat hasn’t been released in the U.S. yet, it was released overseas and I don’t know how their charts work and Speechless was just released to US radios like 4 weeks ago and it does take a song a while to impact radio, Can’t Be Friends and Deuces were out for like 2 months with a video and on the radio before they blew up. But we all know Ciara runs Whenever she gets outta bed, they post an article about and call all her haters.


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