Willow Smith Eyes Lady Gaga Collaboration

Willow Smith and Lady Gaga

Pop’s newest star is going gaga for pop’s reigning queen. It may come as no surprise that Willow Smith would like to collaborate with Lady Gaga.

“[Somebody] I would really want to work with on a song would be Lady Gaga,” Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter told DJ Envy during a visit to his Power 105.1 radio show earlier today. “She is amazing! She’s just so amazing, she’s a free person. She’s a free girl, baby.”

The nine-year-old fashionista, who burst onto the scene with her single “Whip My Hair,” explained where she gets her style inspiration. “Sometimes I put my own stuff in it. I mix up the outfits too,” she said. “My mom puts together outfits and I can pick which one I want to wear.”

As for getting her Roc Nation boss Jay-Z on a track, she says it’ll happen “if he has time.” But in the meantime, she’s enjoying being a Roc star. “It’s amazing being on that label because it’s all about having fun and being creative and doing what you want to do inside.”

Willow has been receiving rave reviews for her debut music video “Whip My Hair.” Watch it here.

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  1. A Realist

    Hmmmm. That would be interesting.


  2. Kids + Music

    Lady Gaga is not child appropriate to be collaborating with Willow. She’s only 9 and most of her young fans shouldn’t be even listening to or even worse watching Lady Gaga’s music or videos.


  3. WhatTheF

    This girl just can’t admit that Rihanna is her inspiration. It’s okay though. It’s obvious anyway.


  4. Yellow Gorilah



  5. Amanda

    She’s awesome!



    That would be a cool song to listen too…Willow is a free spirited person just like Lady Gaga XD


  7. Lem

    “pop’s reigning queen”?

    Bitch please…


  8. Jen

    I find it odd that she hasn’t mentioned rihanna once or anything.


  9. sglade

    LOL. Translation: “Gaga, please hook up a song for me to a part of! It would help me be taken seriously! I am 9 year old! It would be hype!”

    Gaga likes one woman. They call her the Honey B.


  10. king

    she try to be like rihanna


  11. Brice

    How can people can hate on a 9 years old???

    You re just silly talkin about rihanna and everything


  12. Smile

    @ Brice, I so agree, hating on her because she wants to work with GaGa, and hasn’t said anything about Rihanna, you all are really some pathetic individuals. Where is it said that everybody has to work with Rihanna, I mean surious, you people really need help.


  13. ItsCuzMyMam

    People, dont be blind, if she didnt mentioned Rihanna its cuz her mam Jada is behind all this shit for sure, everythings willow says come from JADA! Listen her first interview on Ryan Seacrest then u gonna see what i mean guys.


  14. cari s.

    @Lem Can’t handle the truth? Gaga IS pop’s reigning queen. Beyonce and Gaga are the biggest stars out there right now. You can’t deny the facts.


  15. From Tokyo

    It’s disgusting that people hate on a child (you stans do more harm than help to artists you stan for) but a LGG collabo is not something I can co-sign at all. That woman should stay far away from children. Kids just don’t see things the way adults do but it is a shortcut to trying to maximize her potential fame.


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  17. Kieran Bonilla

    She’s adorable, I hate that “whip my hair” song though. And who wouldn’t wanna colaborate with GaGa. She is pops reigning queen. Stop hating. Ulike madonna or brit she could do a whole tour unplugged at the piano. TRUE talent! <3


  18. Boy Wonder

    Stop The drama. The Rihanna comparisons don’t need to be mentioned by her. Most of the press has dubbed her “Baby Rihanna”. She’s not throwing Rihanna shade even Rihanna said she likes “Whip My Hair” Their both Jay-Z’s protege’s so really the comparison doesn’t need to be said. What understood ain’t gotta be explained.

    But I love Willow. She’s cool and age appropriate. Keep rocking out lil mama!


  19. A Realist

    Willow HAS admitted that she is inspired by Rihanna. You fools just haven’t done your research. Rap-Up even posted it on the very first Willow Smith post.


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  23. From Tokyo

    Boy Wonder said it true.


  24. LJ

    Please shut up with the Rihanna sh*t, because with just ONE song and ONE video, she has already demonstrated MORE creativity, MORE originality and MORE actual talent than Rihanna has in FIVE years.


  25. Israel

    @WhatTheF she did say she was inspire by rihanna. so don’t start that crap. and even if she didn’t. .her style is much better than rihanna :)

    Kudos Willow


  26. John Smith

    To: WHAT THE F who posted a comment October 18, 2010.
    Sweety, Dear. You are a pure hater ! The girl is getting big money. You? 50 cents a day is it? Exactly stop your hating. The girl Willow Smith rocks ! :) Go Willow!!!


  27. Tinker Bell

    @WHATTHEF – You are a pure hater. The girl is making big money. Ok! You get what? 50 cents a day? If that ! Really get a life. Willow still will rock in the future. You dear will NEVER be noticed for such fame !


  28. wamp wamp

    @Kids + Music

    i agree lady gaga isnt type that should be collaborated unless your at least 18 and not an country artist…lol…but i’m reading these comments and i don’t see anybody talking bad about willow so for those whose saying ppl’s talking about her…#HAVEASEAT…

    “with just ONE song and ONE video, she has already demonstrated MORE creativity, MORE originality and MORE actual talent than Rihanna has in FIVE years.”

    what are you five?????? if u think that the video and song is original and creative and that a nine year old girl has more talent than a 3 time grammy award winning artist then your deeply mistaken…smh


  29. roxy heart

    lol at the gaga stan that said gaga>>>>>>>madonna and britney…gaga is popular NOW…u can’t put up two years against over a decade of artistry…smh

    willow stick to music suitable to girls your age and stay away from toxic music with exploiting artists


  30. LJ

    @wamp wamp

    No, I am not five and ‘Whip My Hair’ is not something that I would personally jam out in the car too, but this little girl has talent and that is more than can be said for Rihanna.

    As for the 3 Grammys, “Umbrella” would have been a hit regardless of who done it, Rihanna was just lucky enough to get the record, although she wasn’t originally sought out by the producers. The other two were just for her riding Jay’s and Kanye’s coattails on “Run This Town”.


  31. LJ

    Britney (and Madonna) shits on GaGa, her resume speaks for itself and there is nothing GaGa or anyone else can do in two years to override that.

    GaGa has to do outrageous shit to standout, Britney does it on her name alone. Prime example, her name and a mere appearance got ‘Glee’ their highest ratings EVER. It didn’t take a meat dress…LOL


  32. Melba

    Eeg, for some odd reason, i dispise her so…..


  33. Nikki

    I would NOT let my child work with a known satan worshiper. Lady Gaga ( and the rest of those in the music industry) are all satan worshipers. But, since the parents are most likely into all of this ‘occult’ like stuff as well, what difference does it make.

    This is sad, people you need to wake up.


  34. JillJones

    To all these self righteous, “perfect” parents running about this child, and the Smith’s parenting skills, this message is for you. If it doesn’t apply, keep scrolling Remember, “a hit dog will holler.

    If YOUR kids did/are doing any of the following:

    dropping out of school…

    reading, writing, doing math below grade level…

    hanging out on corners when they should be at home cracking open a book or in bed…


    taking drugs…

    selling drugs…

    gang banging…

    committing acts of violence…

    having sex…

    getting pregnant and dropping babies for the state to care for…

    If your kids don’t have/know their father(s), courtesy of you single moms spreading your legs for any dirt bag who comes along…

    Too busy doing “other” stuff to spend quality time with your kids…

    Haven’t saved a dime towards your kids’ college education (uh, yeah parents, that’s YOUR job too)…

    Trying to be your kid’s “friend” instead of their parent…

    Then shut the f*ck up about the Smiths and about Willow, ’cause GUESS WHAT, you sanctimonious A-HOLES are so NOT on top of the parenting game.


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