Video: Kanye West Talks Time Off, Taylor, & Teeth on ‘Ellen’

Kanye West

Kanye West took a turn for the serious on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” speaking with the talk show hostess about his emotional state following his stage-crashing at the 2009 MTV VMAs. Dressed in a black suit, ‘Ye discussed how Mos Def encouraged him to get out of the country following Taylorgate, how it was the first time he’d gotten to really deal with his mother Donda West’s death, why he thinks he interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech, and the diamonds permanenty etched into his teeth. Watch the interview below.

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  1. Jose

    He seems nice in person…


  2. Brown Sugar

    It’s official! He is insane to rip out all of his bottom teeth to put in diamonds (cool or not).


  3. ItsOscarYO

    I love how he lived in three different continents in less than a year. Fly.

    …Oh, yeah. Kanye is cool. He plays the “misunderstood artistic genius” so well.


  4. dre

    “I just thought the diamonds were cooler” – haha, amazing.


  5. TVA

    @Brown Sugar …. Then add Baby and Lil Wayne to the list as well.


  6. OIC

    -_- He did “rip out” all of his bottom teeth.

    Have people not figured out Kanye’s humor is nothing but sarcasm? Like…really.


  7. OIC



  8. The Answer

    Just a guess, but maybe he had them put in after his accident before he made it big, while they put a plate in his chin? Throwing it out there


  9. Mr Xclusive

    @dre is it really amazing? wowwwwww


  10. Kanye West

    Lol. I just wanted to type that.


  11. Sly B.

    He so chill, i dig his style.


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