Ja Rule Flexes His Acting Chops

Ja Rule

It’s Rule, baby! Ja Rule, who’s been laying low over the past few years, resurfaced to shoot his crime thriller Goat on the streets of Garfield, New Jersey, on Tuesday (Oct. 19). The indie film, about a guy who makes a wrong turn in life, was directed by Paul Borghese and is due next year.

The rapper is also prepping a new album called Rule York to be released on his Mpire Music Group, featuring collaborations with Mary J. Blige and Lil Mo. Watch his new music video for “Pieces” here.

Ja Rule Ja Rule Ja Rule and Cast

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  1. g-lo

    50 end your carrier b#tch go home


  2. Baby Girl

    Carrier? How about career? B#tch you go home.. Ja Rule is awesome.. keep doing your thing :-)


  3. Cassive Brewster



  4. ny girl

    lmao @ g-lo learn how to spell dummy , Ja make that money let these lames continue hate :)


  5. Trey

    right g-lo dumbass tried to go in but she couldn’t cuz he/she is an idiot…..stay in school


  6. Brina

    Cool. T4P. I can’t for for Ja Rule new album will be getting it:) #teamjarule:)


  7. emil

    Missed this guy. Always preferred him to 50.


  8. NyKiD

    i stop reading when i saw “his crime thriller Goat on the streets of GARFIELD CITY” LOL


  9. 50cent

    ohh my god this guy has started getting so much love again what am i gonna do i thought he was gone ohh no


  10. twitter @rashidkasirye

    loool g-lo ,
    who taught you English? your Maths teacher?


  11. pain-is-love

    ja comin back hard on yall haters…new movie, new album… take that…


  12. Phoenix_Wright

    Wish him success, used to be 1 of my faves.

    @g-lo EPIC FAIL!!! lmaoooo, if i were u i’d go home and practice my spelling words every week =)


  13. amir82

    dope song…


  14. kellz

    Lmao this dude is forever gonna be on the flabby and sick list.


  15. Nick

    WOAH. He just fell off the face of the earth man! lmao. Glad to see he’s back..


  16. LadyRule

    I knew he would make a great come back, actually he never went anyway, but i cant wait to shut all the haters UPPPP! MPIRE!!!!!


  17. Rob

    That’s cool. Lots of people miss ja-rules music.


  18. Bobbylatope

    I love Ja Rule. “Pain is Love” is one of the greatest RnB album of the last decade “2000″. So many good featurings in his wonderful career. (cf: J-Lo, Ashanti, Lil’ Mo to mention but a few).


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