Kanye West Talks Death Threats, Awards Shows, & Selita Ebanks

Kanye West sat down for a series of interviews to promote his short film Runaway, premiering this Saturday at 8 p.m. EST. On “Access Hollywood,” Yeezy spoke about shooting the 35-minute visuals, his banned album cover, receiving death threats, being called a racist, how good will prevail, and how awards shows need to take responsibility and nominate more relevant artists.

“I’ll jump in front of a moving car for history,” shared a passionate ‘Ye, who also complimented himself on his “crazy awesome” awards show performances.

Over on “Extra,” he praised Selita Ebanks’ acting skills, explained how My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will blow people’s minds, and reflected on how he’s changed over the past year. Get a second dose of Kanye below.

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  1. Sarrkasm

    OMG KANYE WEST ISS PERRFECT!!!, I Mean LITERALLY!! He’s such a GEINUS!!!! OMG!! Everything he does is next levelllll!!!!!!!


  2. Dimp-Zone

    oh Kanye!! where would hip-hop be without u


  3. listen

    he definitely has a point. black artists – for all their contributions to music, pop culture and society in general – are consistently unacknowledged, looked over or thought of as less than their white counterparts. throughout history, awards shows are a great reflection of this bias, but what do you expect when the voting members are predominately white?


  4. WhatTheF



  5. meme

    oh something is botherin me about the way he is speaking, anyway, i love this man soo much. Everything he said at the end is so true. The grammys really have to stop with there sh*t. Its like u have to be a certain kind of white indie artist or something to clean up. And Taylor is one of the most talentless artist out their.


  6. PrinceSmooth

    Im too PUMPED 4 This Album!!


  7. ilovenicki

    he sounds like a gay male but i love himmmmm!!!!!


  8. Richie

    Kanye you say the TRUTH!!!!


  9. joey

    he has such balls to say some of the stuff he said. like i get why people think hes an ass. i dont thnk he means it. cannot wait for his album love everything he does.


  10. Hey

    why does kanye sound like a queer these days? no offense to gay ppl. but he sounds super weird compared to just last year. its like a weird ultra feminine tone.


  11. Hey

    why does he sounds so feminine all of a sudden? where did this come from?


  12. Andre Le Dale

    @ Hey Maybe it’s his new bottom roll of diamond teeth. With hs passion, vision and lov for music. I keep see why “SOME” compare him to MJ.


  13. Dior

    why are people turning this into a black and white thing? herbie hancock won the album of the year grammy in 2008. he’s a black musician. that was not kanye’s point.


  14. Bey Stan

    Omg, I’m on that shit people. I taught I was on another site. Lmao ignore my previous comment.


  15. Chri$

    kanye gon sell 2mill the 1st week!! I bet;)


  16. Renee

    While Kanye made some excellent points in terms of artistic integrity and discussing the media/public’s interpretation of an artist’s actions, I have to disagree with him about award shows. Personally, I feel he puts too much emphasis on the Grammys and I was quite surprise he even mentioned the VMAs. The VMAs has always been an irrelevant award show on MTV. If I understand Kanye correctly, basically he is stating if someone sells a lot of albums during the course of a year and are quite popular, then they should become the “toast” of the Grammy awards. I disagree. Some albums that are quite successful commerically are not necessary great artistic work. While, I understand his sentiment of artists being recognize at awards shows, I don’t feel that the most “popular or commerically successful” artist should dominate a ceremony. Taylor Swift’s album was okay, a nice and admirable showcase of good songwriting, but my pick would have been between Dave Matthews Band and Lady Gaga for album of the year at the Grammys. I thought The Dixie Chicks deserved every grammy won during the year of 2007. I feel artists like Jazmine Sullivan and Maxwell are never given enough credit or recognition in favor of more maintsream artists. So, I guess Kanye and I see it a little differently.


  17. Paaki 213

    Yeahh Kanye Go!!
    this is Perfect këengtar


  18. jeremydante

    great perception & very valid points said in this interview.


  19. anonymous

    Why should a fool have money in his hand to buy wisdom when he has no sense? A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. A fool’s mouth is his ruin, and his lips are a snare to his soul.

    …Kanye should spend some time in Proverbs it could solve so many of his “problems”… I like this guy, he just needs a foundation.


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