Missy Elliott Plots ‘Crazy’ Comeback

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott has been gone for a minute to focus on production work for Jazmine Sullivan and Monica, but she’s back and ready to conquer the dance floor once again. The leftfield hitmaker, whose last single “Ching-a-Ling” burned up the clubs in 2008, has some new music on the way.

A self-described club record called “Blow Your Whistle” will be released “in a minute,” but Missy first has to decide how the video will look. “I gotta figure out this video thing and then we gon’ drop it. It’s gotta be a whole thing, it’s a puzzle for me,” the hip-hop vet recently told MTV News. “It’s not just the record, it’s about the video too.”

Past concepts have included Missy sporting a garbage bag, adidas tracksuits, and a scarecrow outfit—and she promises to push the envelope even further with the treatment for “Blow Your Whistle.” “Something crazy,” she revealed. “I’m taking my foot off this time. I don’t know. Something crazy though.”

It’s been over five years since Missy released her last studio album The Cookbook, which produced the Grammy-winning single “Lose Control” featuring Ciara and Fatman Scoop.

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  1. Kyle

    I’m definitely ready for another Missy album!


  2. allen



  3. jeremydante

    the game is over.
    if her & nicki get together the rap game will reach new heigths- so insanely excited to see miss back on the scene.


  4. young$$MOVEMENT;

    can’t wait.


  5. young$$MOVEMENT;

    i hope she does a nicki feature on her cd.


  6. GangsterA

    i can’t wait to hear the song and the album and yes if she tamed up with nicki its a rap for the other bitches incloding queen p (plastic)



    Bring it on Missy!!!! =D


  8. Eddy

    Just counting till it DROPS on our ASSES !!!!!


  9. RUS

    her n luda gotta go in together again…they always made good tracks together since they both so animated


  10. MIMS

    Missy + Nicki = hot 100 #1


  11. Lisa

    Yas! The original female rapper who could rap, sing, produce, write and be over-the-top flawlessly. Move over Nicki, Missy is back to slay. I agree her and Luda gotta do a track together. They have the two wildest and innovative minds in Hip Hop.


  12. Dave

    DEAD @ her “&” Nicki. Missy >>>> The rap game (including Nicki). Missy will SLAY! I can’t fuckin wait. That’s my gurl! :D Missy is top notch like @Lisa is basically saying. She will OWN! #TeamMiss


  13. LOL

    Like Missy actually needs nicki gargaj to produce a hit single lol yall are crazy forreal. Missy shyts on her and she sure will when Missy’s single and video drops


  14. joey

    cannot wait for the single and album!


  15. TTB

    Finally, i’ve been waiting forever!!!!


  16. kani

    alright i’m ready!


  17. Will

    Missy could never get a hating comment im glad theres all positive energy in this post. Missy always reinvents herself with every album she drops and i know this one will be something fresh and innovative. The video will be incredible just get Dave Meyers to direct the video and your good to go Missy. Cannot Wait!


  18. sm

    cmon missy!! can’t wait any longer!


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  20. call me

    oh my days honey 2 out next week


  21. val

    yes!!! can’t wait for the video, missy’s videos are always unique and creative =DDD


  22. Gaz2010

    Finally Missy is BACK!!!! It really has been too long


  23. Migrator

    I hope she does NOT do a Nicki feature.


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  25. taj

    Yes some real talent. Looking forward to Missy’s video’s.


  26. brittney coates

    missy elliott i am glade you are coming back because i miss your singing so much i am your big fan a hole bunch.


  27. A Realist

    Hell yes! I LOVE MISSY! I really hope she collaborates with Nicki on her new album. Two of my favorite female rappers ever!


  28. I

    Maybe she can bring back the old Timbaland style


  29. antony

    yes, finally Missy is back, been waiting so long for something new :)


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