New Music: Pleasure P f/ LeToya Luckett – ‘She Likes’

Pleasure P and LeToya Luckett

Do you know what a girl really likes? Pleasure P sings about having what it takes to please his girl on the LeToya Luckett-aided ballad “She Likes” off his sophomore album Pleasure Principles, coming next spring.

“I’mma take off your clothes my babe/ I’mma make your body explode/ I’mma take more control my babe/ Until you let it go,” sings the former Pretty Ricky member in a stark falsetto over a glistening piano melody.

“I’m a little freaky baby, I’ll get freaky for ya/ I never mess with girls, but fantasize if ya wanna,” replies LeToya. Find out what she really likes by listening below.

Pleasure P f/ LeToya Luckett – “She Likes”

Audio via HipHop-N-More

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  1. Becca

    Pleasure P featuring the baddest chick from Destiny’s Child? I’m interested.


  2. Black

    Oh, Congrats to Toya on not only her Music but for the 3 Movies that she’s done since 2009. “Preachers Kid” which I’ve seen people on Twitter giving her props for, her first lead role and one that she got 4 days before filming began! She smashed that film, then she did “Killers” with Ashton Kutcher and Catherine Heigl. Small part, but she was in the Movie and it was Successful! Now she’s in New Orleans filming “From The Rough” which stars Taraji P Henson, and Tom Felton from “Harry Potter”!


  3. Hey

    ^^u mean second baddest chick…


  4. Rihannaz #1 Fan

    i like!lol..still mad at what he did though! -___-


  5. Dave

    I think they meant 1st @Hey. They said what they said, & meant


  6. Anthony

    love this track! toya is the truth!


  7. Richard

    Letoya always will be the first!!!!
    It will be a HIT!!


  8. Lil' Nello

    Love this song a lot! A really strong ballad from P & LeToya that is a definite hit! Really love LeToya on this 1 too!


  9. T-Mal

    Toya killed it… I love this


  10. DJ

    YESSSSSSS! LeToya shits on these the industry chicks!!! Her and Pleasure P sound superb together!!! Her voice is so refreshing!


  11. Smh

    Letoya is definately the baddest chick from Destiny Child.In my opinion, she’s one of the hottest in the game period.


  12. Crazyy

    Both Beyonce & LaToya is the Baddest from Destiny Child. And ya’ll know this.!


  13. @RonaldRanier

    Love this track!


    Ayoo Ciara Reply:

    @@RonaldRanier, Cute :)


  14. H-Town-Boy

    That H-Town Chick on her grind…Most def feelin’ this track by P and Toya.


  15. Al

    Like the song, sounds like a hit. Their voice blend well. @Black, gosh you gave us a full biography, u forgot the Luster thing though lol…


  16. domeniqu

    pleasure p is a beast!!!!


  17. kekeluvsu

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAS LETOYA NICOLE AND PLEAURE P. This has been my jam since it leaked. It has also been confirmed that this will be the first single of Pleasure P’s new album. I can freaking wait. GET INTO IT!!!!


  18. jrode

    man letoya killed this…and pleasure p know how to put down a baby making track good job


  19. Ken

    I LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I LOVE this song!!! I couldn’t stop listening to it!!!! Pleasure sounds good on the song…And TOYA sounds AMAZING, her vocals keep getting stronger!!!


  20. LeToya '11



  21. nookie

    very very very good..!! both of em are underrated!


  22. Ejay

    LeToya shyts on all these wanna be RnB/Hip Hop, damn, even POP singers!!!

    She killed dis song, her vocals are amazing.

    P did good too!!!


  23. cdub

    Mayne LeToya shitted all over this track…Vocals were def on point…Pleasure P. Did that sh*t too….I give much love to those artists like LeToya, Pleasure P., Kelly Price, Donell Jones, Faith Evans..etc who are out there making real R & B….like this track def takes me back to how R&B Slow jams use to be back in the 90s….so refreshing to here


  24. Ayoo Ciara

    Love It ♥


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