Justin Bieber Enters the Sales Race…

Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj

Just when you thought the week of November 22 couldn’t get any bigger, another superstar has entered the race for No. 1. Justin Bieber has announced the release date for his acoustic album.

The teen idol took to Twitter to reveal a November 23 date for an unplugged version of his latest album My World 2.0, which will also include all-new material. “On November 23rd the Unplugged Acoustic album comes out! Taking it back to how we started. Spread the word,” he wrote.

The project will likely be bumped up a day to Monday, November 22, to face off against releases from Kanye West (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), Nicki Minaj (Pink Friday), Jay-Z (The Hits Collection Vol. 1), Ne-Yo (Libra Scale), Lloyd Banks (H.F.M. 2), Ke$ha (Cannibal), and more.

The pop sensation’s last studio effort My World 2.0 opened at No. 1 with sales of 283,000 copies in its first week of release.

Who do you think will top the charts? Tell us below!

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  1. chris

    kanye, bieber, nicki


  2. Marty-McHardy

    M B D T F. Enough said.


  3. S.CM.

    In order?
    1. Justin
    2. Kanye
    3. Nicki
    4. Ne-Yo
    5. Jay-Z
    6. Lloyd


  4. Ok Ok

    Bieber is gonna crush nicki and kanye’s sales, thats not a question.


  5. UpUpUp!

    Its going to be very close between Justin & Nicki


  6. Jaye

    1. Justin
    2. Nicki
    3. Ye


  7. drazzy

    ummmmmmmm, quiet hard to tell but yall know what will prolly happen… kanye with his fantasy beautifulness aint that ……., let u say any thing there. n bieber is such a tomato as to elephant’s meal it couldn be called a meal, trust me!!! its up to u if u dont…..
    up to that u already know im for whom!!!
    pink wig, thick ass barbie biatch!! who could touch her.. 50k on a verse no album out!!!


  8. ...

    I co-sign SM. Bieber has an insanely loyal (and very young) fanbase, so releasing something around Christmastime was genius (his first album was released in early November last year and it was one of the only albums to hold steady/rise post-Christmas). Kanye will do Kanye, but he could beat Justin if he has a big enough single. Nicki will do fine but not spectacular because of hype (longevity, though, is the issue, as hip hop isn’t selling that well this year, minus Eminem and Drake). Ne-Yo will do meh, but unless he finds a single that sticks, it’ll be gone from the charts by January. Jay’s album is a greatest hits record, so I don’t think it’ll do all that well in the iTunes age. Lloyd will have to have a monster single to move up the list because there’s just not as many people checkin’ for him this time. R&B/hip hop move extremely fast, so it’ll be difficult to push the same numbers he was doing. I think he could do respectably, though.


  9. drazzy

    mr . . ., numbers don lie nor negotiate, i suggest we wait n see.


  10. michelsontv



  11. Condor

    As much as I’d hate to say it, Justins album going to crush the competition. Part from Kanye who has a good shot! But Nicki and the rest have a small small chance. Wouldn’t surprise me if the album gets pushed back which she should


  12. a-town

    go nicki and ye. but yeah biebs is probs gonna take it.


  13. Ash3s



  14. amy

    1)Jay Z


  15. ponyo

    poor nick every body tryna rain on ya parade….but don’t worry this is your week…..


  16. vee

    kanye is still going to be first either nicki or justin second as many fans as justin has and as huge as he is his debut album sold 137k and 2nd album sold like 230k anyway im buying 3+ copies of pinkfriday


  17. jenna

    1) Justin
    2) Kanye
    3) Jay-Z
    4) Nicki
    5) Lloyd Banks
    6) Ke$ha
    7) Ne-yo


  18. Kelly

    in order :)

    3)Jay z

    sorry ponyo :( I don’t think her fan base is as big yet because it is her first album. I’m def buying the album, but not sure how many others will. She def does not as many fans as Justin, Jay Z or Kanye, she will once she establishes herself. Unlucky for her that she doesent have a cult like bieber lol they will each buy 50 of the 1 album, they are that brainwashed


  19. Lolsmileyface

    1) Nicki 350k
    2) Justin 320k
    3) Kanye 315k
    4) Ne-Yo 125k
    5) Ke$ha 120k
    6) Jay-Z 100k
    6) Lloyd 40k


  20. Hunter

    1) Ke$ha
    2) Justin
    3) Kanye
    4) Nicki
    199) Ne-Yo


  21. NVR

    WOW people have NO clue at all what the numbers will be, remember to look this comment back up when the stats are out:

    Kanye 400k+
    Nicki 180k
    Justin 120k
    Ne-Yo 90k
    Ke$ha 50k
    Lloyd 40k
    Jay-Z 35k


  22. G

    1) Kanye
    2) Justin
    3) Nicki


  23. G

    Ne-Yo’s album is going to flop. I know it. He should just cut the promotions, shelf the album and start again.


  24. melanie


    i actually agree wit ur list…it makes sense…idk if nicki will sell so much albums, but hey


  25. April

    My predictions are… (based on their last sales, and current popularity)

    the order of the 2-4 could change, so could 6-7

    1)Justin: 450+ – unfortunately I can see it happen, his fans are obsessive
    2)Jay-Z: 375-400 – he has a big fan base, and last album sold 400+

    3)Kanye: 375+ -he would of lost heaps of fans from his altercation with taylor, but will still sell heaps

    4)Nicki: 300-350 – like Kelly said, she is a new artist and needs to her establish her self and find a big fan base . She will sell a lot though she might beat Kanye but 3rd or 4th for her. Still a good result for a new artist, its a hard week to release your album
    5)Ke$ha: 100-150 – I think 2nd time round the hype will die down with her as everybody realizes she has absolutely no talent and is making this industry look foolish due to the ridiculous amount of auto-tune she uses :(
    6)Lloyd: 50-75 – his recent songs have not charted well, plus he is up against the big guns (Justin, Jay, Kanye and Nicki). He is no competition to them

    7)Ne-yo: 30-50 – like lloyd, his current songs have not charted well in the US, indicating a popularity slump. I would not be surprised if he were to finish lower then 7th and some-other unknown artist beats him


  26. jhuntdaprodigy

    Yall are seriusouly underestimating the amount of buzz Yeezy has, Bieber’s last debut sold a lil over 200,000, but that was with a big single, and all that, this is just an accoustic album, trust me, Ye has this.


  27. Migrator

    ‘Libra Scale’ will take NO-Yesha straight to FlopVille where Xpired-Tina, Kelly Flopland, and (unfortunately, even) Ciara reside comfortably. Of course, the only goat in the world will receive a ticket once ‘LOUD’ makes no sound when it drops.


  28. psnivey

    @NVR, I agree 100%. Kanye will definately sell the most. With G.O.O.D. Fridays, the Runaway Film, and all the hype it has been getting, theres no way he will be outsold. Nicki doesn’t have enough loyal fans yet. Jay, Ke$ha, and bieber are all re-releases so they won’t do as well. Also, they have had no promotion.


  29. leena

    its going to be ye first and then either nicki or justin and ? one is justin putting out 3 albums in 1 year *shrugs*


  30. psnivey

    @jhuntdaprodigy, THANK YOU. It’s just a bunch of little girls making comments on here.


  31. Keith

    Kanye really….I believe….he gon sell a million in the first week….that’s another I believe or more!


  32. young$$MOVEMENT;

    1. kanye
    2. nicki
    3. justin


  33. Canada

    1. Justin
    2. Kanye
    3. Jay-Z
    4. Ke$ha
    5. Nicki



  34. Canada

    1. Kanye
    2. Nicki
    3. Jay-Z
    fuck the rest.



  35. Kyle

    This is going to be super tough. I honestly think Kanye will come out the winner with his new album because he always does pretty high #’s with his first week sales. I would say Justin but his last album sold a lot less than I thought in its first week. I really hope Nicki pulls some strong #’s though because she has had ENDLESS hype. We’ll have to wait and see though because it’s always so hard to predict.


  36. Ivy



    I want to see Kanye get the most sales. But those teen girls will make bieber get #1. It is so annoying, can’t he fall of the side of the earth or something, seriously. He is destroying music with teeny-bop ish. I swear he has brainwashed the teen girls of the world.

    KANYE FOR #1


  37. Zale

    @ Migrator….LMAO
    @ Keith
    Yeah, I bet someone 20 dollars that Ye would sell 1mill in his first week. IDK I just think he will since Graduation amolst did with 960k, even though that was 2 years ago..


  38. jane

    @psnivey you dont think nicki has loyal fans ? her fans are diffidently crazy obsessed with her her ..pretty much crazy like justins but not quite as big


  39. Rihanna Baby



  40. G

    Make sure Kanye goes #1


  41. lura

    its funny how none knows that Akon releases Akonic november 22d too.


  42. Andres

    @lura: exactly who cares about akon lol he boringgggg. well i hope nicki minaj sells good numbers. Cant wait til december 14th basic instinct ocming out CIARAA babY! :)


  43. Mimi

    Anita is dom


  44. NimJay

    Damn, I never knew picking between Justin, Nicki, Kanye, Jay-Z, Ke$ha and Ne-Yo would be so difficult. =|


  45. 250 MG

    1.Kanye West (300-350)
    2.Nicki Minaj (200-250)
    3.Justin Bieber (125-150)
    4.Lloyd Banks (100-125)
    5.Jay-Z (75-100)
    6.Ne-Yo (50-75)
    7.Ke$ha (30-50)


  46. Konvict

    Just remember that without Akon music industry would have never reach this status. And Stadium still doesnt have a release date. If you don’t like him atleast pay your respect him for what he has done in the past years



    Akon’s Stadium/Akonic still doesn’t have a release date.


  48. Yeezy

    KANYE WEST: 400-500k
    Nicki: 200-300k
    justin: 125k-150k
    Kesha: 100k-125k
    Ne-Yo: 100k-110k
    Akon: 75k-100k (lol I just remembered since lura mentioned it)
    Lloyd Banks: 75k-100k
    JAY-Z: 50k-75k (It’s a greatest hits, might be over 100k)
    hope justin n kesha don’t do well. N Rihanna’s Loud & Kid Rock’s Born Free are going to e released a week earlier. They’ll probably round off the top 10


  49. Sab


    Neyo and Lloyd are going to flob anyways so i’m not going to bother!!!!

    GO KANYE :) i had no idea that graduation sold nearly 1 mil in its first week :)

    KANYE FTW :)


  50. Daire

    I think Kanye will top the charts by a huge margin,this album will be bought by every hip hop fan,Nicki will probably finish 2nd,Justin in 3rd Llyod 4rth,Jay hasnt released any new material so that may cause the album to flop and Ne-Yo + Akon will not even reach top 20


  51. Jay

    1. Nicki
    2. Kanye
    3. Ne-Yo
    4. Jay Z
    5. Ke$ha
    6. Justin

    Lloyd is a no go


  52. x

    Hope Kanye goes nr1


  53. K.K.

    JB won’t sell much like the full album, it’s just an unplugged.


  54. taj mahal

    Kanye will be first then Nicki and then Bieber. Some suprise contenders are NE-YO, Jay-Z, and Lloyd Banks. Jay’s fan always want him to have a #1 album and they have gotten it each time. NE-YO’s popularity has gone down but his album has been on the anticipated album list on every music station. Libra Scale was always in the top 5, and albums in the top 5 have been doing 200k each time. You could compare it Trey’s PPP. Lloyd Banks was the top rapper in New York (this year) so he could do good. Akon has lost relevance and Ke$ha will not win because it looks like it won’t get enough promotion.


  55. Steve

    I dont think Kanye is gonna chart high, because I thought his albumn wasn’t being sold in America ?? and isn’t Jay-z’s just a re-release ?

    1. Justin Bieber
    2. Nicki Minaj
    3. Ke$ha
    4. Lloyd Banks
    5. Neyo


  56. andres

    sorry i dont have any respect to akon he just plain boring and his music no comment so really wat has he done in the music industry? that i know of he is really irrevalent.


  57. Jeff

    don’t forget about Christina Aguilera releasing her the soundtrack that same week! she and Cher are on that one and those 2 have huge fanbases as well. I think they’ll outsell Ne-Yo, Lloyd, and maybe more most definitely


  58. Randy

    I don’t understand how people are listing nicki before Kanye west?



    Akon is the most talented vocalist inthe world. Akon will control the charts again, just listen to his latest 10 songs and you will see what i mean. Listen to this one Matisse ft Akon ‘Better than her’


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  61. k6

    @andres you really are an idiot. THIS IS FOR ALL : Let me remind you that AKON was the first ARTIST to hold 1st and 2nd spots simultaneously and the only ARTIST that have done it TWICE. Akon brought T-pain and Lady gaga to the spotlight. Not to mention his God giving voice. I can go on and on, but my point is that Akon is one of greatest and he doesnt need to be treated like this he should be up with his little sister lady gaga, i mean he is a raper/hiphop-singer/rnb-singer/songwriter/producer/and soon to be a popstar etc. OK I M GONNA STOP NOW


  62. Paaki 213

    In order?
    1. Kanye
    2. Jay Z
    3. Nicki
    4. Ne-Yo
    5. Usher
    6. Rihanna


  63. Edgar

    3.Jay Z

    Justin bieber cant sale 450+ like that one guy said on here
    hes a joke!!!


  64. A

    3)Rihanna (from the week before)
    5)Nelly (from the week before)


  65. youdontneedtoknow



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  67. psnivey

    @jane, yes nicki has loyal fans but not as many as kanye.


  68. andres

    well ur the idiot because i am stating my own opinion i dont care wat he has done but he still boring end of discussion!


  69. jojo

    @andres Agreed Akon Sucks The Only Thing Good hes Done Was To Bring Gaga To The Industry


  70. Smajo

    You guys are idiots! Nobody will come close to kanye.. his last album opened up with half a mill and the one before that with almost a mill while beiber’s do about 300k.. and now he’s supposed to beat him with an acoustic album? you fools


  71. sashaj

    everyone is stupid except a few people lol…
    Kanye will OBVIOUSLY debut at number 1 with monster sales I predict 500-700 and im underestimating him, Nicki will debut at number 2 shes has crazy buzz.
    JB album isnt new music, just acoustic its like a re packaging of the same album he just released he wont sell so much


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  76. Yeezy

    @A Kid Rock from the week before (gotta consider that). lots of southern rock/country music fans like me will be buying that.
    In order
    1. Kanye (too much hype but the tracklist was a fail and the album artwork is banned so he might fall to 2nd)
    2. Nicki (lots of hype but hasn’t released an album yet, kinda like what would have happened if Drake & Eminem would have released their albums on the same day)
    3. kesha (only because the rest ain’t gonna do that well)
    4. bieber (its an unplugged so that’s why he won’t reach no. 1 thankfully)
    5. Jay-Z (only if there is unreleased material on the packaging)
    6. Rihanna (her 2nd week sales would be strong)
    7. Lloyd Banks
    8. Ne-Yo (both he n Banks might do well if they release a monster single in the next weeks)
    9. Kid Rock (2nd week sales are gonna be quite strong as well)
    10. Nelly (2nd week sales again)
    11. Akon (lost relevance after his 2nd album. Angel came and went. hopefully he can replace kesha or bieber and send them out of the top 10 but that aint happenin)


  77. Westminaj

    Instead of predicting who’s gonna top the charts go and pre order Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Nicki’s Pink Friday!!!
    1)Kanye West
    2)Nicki Minaj


  78. devon

    KANYE FIRST, NICKI SECOND alright thats it


  79. Carmen

    I say Kanye based on the previous sales, then maybe Nicki depends on he moves she makes in the comming weeks. She could possible edge out Kanye depending on the moves she makes before 11.22.10 and if her record lael does right by her.

    Its true Nicki Minaj has a crazy buzz and loyal fanbase but does she have enough fans? I see more haters. She does have billboards hits all over but her solo singles going by the ones released and their success rate may hurt her unless Right thru me improves.

    Internationally Nicki may produce surprising numbers.

    Bieber will do ok but its not a real release, same for Jay z.

    Neyo will do lower than Trey songs did and loylld banks will be last because of his last flop.


  80. BRT0059

    Man Kanye has more buzz than his pre release of Graduation and that did 957,000units. Hes gonna take it thats all I know. Bieber got number 2 those little girls gonna buy him up.


  81. Neno

    Industry aficionados are predicting 450k for Kanye, 152k for Ke$ha, 111k for Akon, and 250k for Ne-Yo. Nicki Minaj is indeterminable because of her newness to the industry. I’ve yet to find stats for the others. These stats are usually spot on but they have underestimated and overestimated in the past. This day is hard to predict because some fans will have to choose between favorites. Personally, I think Kanye is underestimated and Ne-Yo is overestimated. Also, sales will be depending on prices for the album because Amazon’s $3.99 price for Taylor Swift’s album boosted her actual sales from the projected 900k to a cool million in actual sales.


  82. Industy Know It All

    Beiber is not going to outsell Kanye, your all thinking incorrectly. 1st off, its an acoustic album…2nd, he has no hit single.

    The sales will be no further off than 50K to the following:

    Kanye 420
    Nikki 240
    Beiber 180

    The rest will all be under 100K


  83. lil alicia

    1) bow wow him cute
    2) lil fizz
    3) nelly my sister man
    4) the all more
    but for i love then bow wow be one number him seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy AND WILL NAME MY KID SHAD MOSS SIR AND TINA MOSS AND BOW WOW NUMBER 2


  84. lil alicia

    1) bow wow him cute
    2) lil fizz
    3) nelly my sister man
    4) the all more
    but for i love then bow wow be one number him seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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