Tracklisting: Rihanna – ‘Loud’


Rihanna takes to Facebook to unveil the tracklisting for her fifth album in five years, Loud. Fans who purchase the album on November 16 will get 11 tracks including the hit single “Only Girl (In the World),” the Drake-assisted follow-up “What’s My Name?” and the sequel to her Eminem collaboration “Love the Way You Lie.” RiRi samples Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” on The Runners-produced “Cheers (Drink to That),” enlists Nicki Minaj for “Raining Men,” and slows down the party on boyfriend Matt Kemp’s favorite ballad “California King Bed.” Peep the songs that made the cut below.

1. “S&M”
2. “What’s My Name?” feat. Drake
3. “Cheers (Drink to That)”
4. “Fading”
5. “Only Girl (In the World)”
6. “California King Bed”
7. “Man Down”
8. “Raining Men” feat. Nicki Minaj
9. “Complicated”
10. “Skin”
11. “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)” feat. Eminem

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  1. kitty

    Huh????what happened 2″ who’s dat chick”


  2. joshj




    this is by far her best era to date! she’s smashing all over the place! Only Girl #1 in 5 countries and top 2 in 14 countries! It’s #1 on iTunes WW Chart and #2 on The United World Chart! It’s the #1 video in the country as well (iTunes videos and Mtv Hits Countdown)

    And What’s My Name is just smashing the living shit out of the airwaves, this is shaping up to be her biggest single to date! It’s her time right now! Sooooo excited for her and this era! She deserves this!


  4. Niqer

    Love the way you lie part 2? That’s gAy.


  5. jeremydante

    “who’s that chick?” was created for promotional use for rihanna’s dorito’s campaign. will not be included on the tracklisting.


  6. UpUpUp!

    who’s that chick – Is going to be on David Gutta new album. (I Think)

    All I want to hear is the song with Nicki Minaj.
    This album should be leaking soon! Yes!


  7. saio

    that good tracklist
    eminem & drake on this album
    no david guetta much better


  8. Rihanna Baby

    I’m buying this for sure even without whos that chick!!!


  9. Antonios World

    Actually Rihanna Said That Whos That Chick Is A Bonus Track! Smh


  10. carl

    CHILE only 11 songs? Oh well wasn’t buying anyway.


  11. imaduckthatduckdown

    “11. “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)” feat. Eminem”

    “11. “Money Making Machine (Part II)” feat. Eminem”


  12. Becca

    damn I was hoping this tracklisting was a fake.

    I just don’t get why “S&M” would be the first track. You start the album with a song about sex? Really?

    And “Who’s That Chick” will be on the deluxe. I guess the deluxe will have a few tracks because there was this other ballad Rih was talking about that didn’t make it.



    I can’t wait to hear the Avril sampled song… It could be interesting.


  14. O`ZONN

    imaduckthatduckdown, very funny, but song was really cool why don’t you want to listen new version of it? sorry for my English i know, that it is terrible.


  15. Jayden

    i cant wait 4 the whole album but what happened to “straight up beautiful”?????!! she said its one of her boyfriend’s fav songs!!


  16. Condor

    Who’s That Chick will be on the album as a bonus as previously said when she said it was “too safe” basically implying it’s a good song, but not good enough to feature of the albums official tracklisting.


  17. JamieJigsaw

    “Who’s that chick”, is just for publicity for dorito’s. it wont be on rihanna’s album,

    But it could be on David Guetta’s


  18. cari s.

    Calling Eminem again? How original. I think it’s time to retire. Once Gaga, Britney and Beyonce release their albums, Rihfund will be forgotten. How sad.


  19. ThewigSnatcher

    hahhahahaahahaha @Cari s. u pressed??? hahhahahaha :D poor u! LOve the way you lie is the biggest hit of the year! will get tons of grammies!!! Rude boy Third biggest hit of the year! and biggest radio hit of the year! 2.5 million copies sold in the US alone! ONly girl is already #1 in 8 countries and top ten in 16 countries, the song is #1 on itunes in ( canada,SPain,Sweden,Ireland,Germany,France…) and no to mention that it #2 in US,Switzerland,Denmark,Belgium…..
    Rated R already certified platinium in US (dark& non comercial album) and sold 3 million copies worldwide , Britney’s latest album sold 3.5 not a big diffference” :) ENough said #Byeee


  20. P

    Only 11 songs… Ugh. & Who’s That Chick was supposed to be on this as a bonustrack, just like What’s My Name (feat. Drake) & her solo version was supposed to be on the “normal” edit of this release? (At least, i thought it was…..) Bit dissapionted……


  21. WhatchaSayin'

    For the first time in forever, Rap-Up were not the first to release this. The tracklisting was released on Thursday through Digital Spy. Shame on you Rap-Up. Shame on You. SMH


  22. PRESSED?

    Whos That Chick is the confirmed first single off of David Guettas rerelease, it’s not on the album GET OVER IT, it will be rihleased in early November to smash alongside WMN and OG


  23. swaggamcjagga

    Lol at Cari. Rihfund.


  24. sean

    they like her in Europe .. cool for her.,, but she flop literaly In USA Negga ..


  25. K.K.

    Only 11 ? :(
    I expexted more ;D


  26. shermoon

    cant wait to buy it

    most anticipated album of 2010 4 me!


  27. stargate

    I hope one of them is produced by Timbaland


  28. Timbo

    @ stargate
    Mee too


  29. back2basics

    can’t wait


  30. Tex

    another Em track? Wow em doing it big


  31. tech

    Yea i was a little bum’d about it being 11 songs but u gotta think about it shes ganna do the same thing most likely how she did on good girl gone bad……… a reloaded album wit the other 3 songs added to the album….i believe whos that chick is a bonus track on loud but it would b smart to tease the fans and just give a taste and then give the rest next year sometime because shes ganna have this album last for a min…….and for the RIHJECT theres millions to RIHPLACE ur $13……lady gaga beyonce rihanna brittney are all unique and sold out artist in this game right now……. im RIH RIH’z Navy all day erryday


  32. king

    rihanna is the best


  33. Christian

    Hmmm. I’m not even a big Rihanna fan… but this sounds like it could be pretty good. I’ll be buying a copy.


  34. Giamma

    cool tracklist!

    already pre-ordered it


  35. king

    fuk gaga


  36. queen

    beyonce’s busy getting nutted by jay z, britney is busy driving drunk with babies in the car, and caca is in surgery cutting off her d*ck so sorry cari s. they’re kinda busy…..=[[[[


  37. roxy heart


    how in the hell will she flopp whenn all her albums were certified at least GOLD…three grammies and over 20 million digital sales in 5 years??? ur saying anything….*cough*hater*cough*


  38. UpUpUp!

    I will download this.
    Im saving my money for Nicki, Kanye, & Keri.


  39. musicmania

    or… maybe the re-release can be called “Rihanna – LOUD: Even LOUDER” #imjustsayin



    it seems like forever but i hope this album has a couple songs i like and i hope it goes #1


  41. cari s.

    @queen No, I’m sorry. All three of them are releasing their albums somewhen next year. Whether you and Rihfund like it or not. The real queens are coming.

    I bet Rihfund’s crying right now. She’ll probably ask her management (crawl into bed with Jay-Z) for a re-release of the same, lame album and then beg a rapper to do a duet with her. All just to keep her relevant.


  42. tech

    @ CARI…… like i said b4 RIHJECT there are millions to RIHPLACE your $13….. and they are all queens in different ways because if u think beyonce is all that….then why does RIH RIH have more number one in just 5 yrs vs Beyonce 15 yrs……dont get me wrong beyonce is a performer but she really isnt creative gaga is a master mind but she only has one album so we will C in the future to come…..and as far as RIH has five album and she always reinventing herself so she gets my vote


  43. the best

    Nov 22 Lloyd banks hunger for more 2 and either kanye or nicki album riri is ok to me right now nothin special. Well maybe her looks ill amit


  44. WHAT IS THIS!!

    NO Rico Love/Timbaland tracks!!!??? Album gonna be waaack if thats the case!

    LOL @ Queen’s comment above


  45. queen

    @cari s.

    yet Em asked HERRR to do LTWYL…b*tch pleaze… the girl is still relevent…check her credentials boo… she is the youngest african american female singer to sell out MSG, OG is a top ten hit, she ‘s on kanye’s new album, and she made at least $410,000 per show on the last girl on earth tour…so you can keep say petty sh*t like “RIHFUND” BUT SHE JUST “RIHJECTED UR AZZ”, BYE BYE!!!


  46. akshat

    just 11 tracks…??


  47. Andres

    Oh riannna she lame nexttt!


  48. Jayden

    she said that the deluxe edition of it is gna be called the “couture” edition and its double disc so the “couture”‘s 2nd disc either contains new songs (with i hope) or a bunch of remixes!!! but i wish ther will be more songs


  49. chris shorts

    once again rihanna has delivered a flawless effort adn a great cd ,,,, truly talented


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