Kanye West to Take Fans to ‘Church’ of Hip-Hop on Next Tour

Kanye West

Kanye West learned an important lesson after his ill-fated tour with Lady Gaga—don’t mix musical genres. So the creative mastermind is focusing his next tour on hip-hop, dropping names of rappers he’d like to bring with him on the road.

“I would definitely like to bring Nicki Minaj on tour, Rick Ross, Kid Cudi… I’d like to do different tours,” ‘Ye told MTV News’ Sway in an interview following yesterday’s Runaway premiere.

His big brother Jay-Z and Lil Wayne could also be potential tourmates on his first trek since 2008’s “Glow in the Dark.” “I’d like to do a tour with me and Jay. I think that’s an obvious winner right there,” shared Yeezy. “A tour with me and Wayne, maybe me, Wayne, Jay, and Drake. One thing though that I’mma do, especially with my tour this time, is I’mma keep it very, very, very hip-hop.”

Kanye and Gaga announced their joint “Fame Kills” tour last year, canceling it soon after tickets went on sale. He explained what went wrong. “Tour is like church almost. It doesn’t really work if you got a Muslim-Christian church. It needs to be one or the other because it’s that camaraderie type energy,” he said. “What I figured out is I’mma keep the church really hip-hop. Crashing works on songs, but touring is a whole different type of animal.”

Who would you like to see Kanye tour with? Let us know below.

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  1. angel_cudi

    Kid Cudi for sure!!! well really the whole G.O.O.D MUSIC FAMILY, i think that would work best. Nov. 9th!!! #MOTM2


  2. C Easy 1994

    KID CUDI would be the concert i’d like to see the most, but i think touring with Jay-z would be the most popular. One important thing though is to keep rick ross out of it. That would not sell at all!!


  3. smh



  4. Lil' Nello

    Although I would love to see him & Jay on tour I think him & G.O.O..D. Music would be what would work the most! 1 reason being that if Jay toured with anyone it would make more sense for him to with Em!


  5. WhatTheF

    I say Kid Cudi. I don’t wanna see no damn Rick Ross’ titty sweat splashing all over the place.


  6. nerdywilliams

    ross ,minaj ………..i mean really does she have her own stuff…….it’s like she is on every song but what about her own sh*t .i respect jay he got like a million albums all good…ross on the other hand ,not my type brotha kanye…keep it good!!Wayne is again not ma nigga 4 sure ,but i would love to see a kanye N.E.R.D or Lupe tour!!


  7. i'm beamin

    he learned a lesson from working watered down pop singers like gaga…keep it strictly hip hop


  8. avi

    yo pleasse bring Kid Cudi


  9. G.O.O.D

    he should just bring all this G.O.O.D music better and he could use whoever as like surprise guest it will be a much better show..his team will shine like they already are


  10. jep

    Cudi, Sean, CyHi and please noooooooooo fuckin young money idiots!!!!!!!


  11. youdontneedtoknow

    ross is dope! he has the best rap album of this year #YeahIsaidIT
    but i dont know about the chemistry on a tour with Kanye?


  12. Jmatic

    He need to go to church and get god in his life


  13. Tulinius

    Gorillaz would be soo dope!!
    The best rapper and the coolest band ever


  14. runaway

    go nicki minaj, two great rappers in one concert, to die for. (:


  15. K.K.

    All G.O.O.D. for sure ;D


  16. bigMEECH

    i’m so gonna be there


  17. Jay

    Uh…the tour with Lady GaGa wasn’t dropped because of “mixing musical genres” or whatever. Kanye dropped because of the Taylor Swift incident. :/


  18. A-Schaef

    I would love to see Tribe on the road with Kanye. That would be crazy. Common or Lupe would be a great 3rd addition to the bill.


  19. Tanner

    Cudi and Jay-z. Niggas are hip hop royalty. BIG brought up jay, jay brought up ye and now ye is bringing up cudi. Cudi won’t ever be as big as ye or hova, but hes still fucking sweet.


  20. MVP828

    He should bring Jay-Z, Nicki and/or Keri Hilson, and the GOOD Music fam on tour with him.


  21. Wu-Tang Forever

    Idc who he brings as long as he comes back to Pittsburgh! C’mon ‘Ye don’t screw us over this time


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