Cover + Tracklisting: Wynter Gordon – ‘The First Dance’ EP

The First Dance

Wynter Gordon is ready to command the dance floor. With her single “Dirty Talk” already topping the Billboard Hot Dance Songs chart, the singer-songwriter is prepping the release of her club-geared EP The First Dance, arriving November 9.

The Queens native’s 6-track EP is set to include original tracks as well as songs on which she is featured. Wynter collaborates with dance maestro David Guetta on “Toyfriend,” Freemasons on “Believer,” and Rhythm Masters & MYNC on “I Feel Love,” holding it down on Famties and Denzal Park remixes of “Right Here” and “Dirty Talk.”

Following the EP’s release, Wynter will drop her debut album With the Music I Die, which incorporates personal experiences from her international travels over the past two years.

Peep the tracklisting and watch the video for her Freemasons collaboration “Believer” below.

1. “Renegade” by Wynter Gordon feat. Static Revenger
2. “Toyfriend” David Guetta feat. Wynter Gordon
3. “Believer” Freemasons feat. Wynter Gordon
4. “I Feel Love” Rhythm Masters & MYNC feat. Wynter Gordon
5. “Right Here” Wynter Gordon (Famties Remix)
6. “Dirty Talk” Wynter Gordon (Denzal Park Remix)

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  1. ugh

    she looks like kat stacks with those bangs. I totally thought it was kelis with the red wig too!
    Shes a chameleon i guess. I love Wynter though, ive been supporting her music for a couple years now and i cant wait till her full debut album is released. I think she will slay rihanna and gain the fan recognition she deserves.


  2. harvey

    I love wynter,She has hella talent…I hope the album gonna be extaordiney.


  3. thestylisto

    i cant wait to pick it up! loves her very much!!


  4. LALA



  5. listen

    are they really going to put this project out there like that? strictly online promo like that’s going to result in tangible sales. so then, when the project fails, atlantic can have an excuse on why they won’t release a full album? this is so sad how they are doing artists these days. stripping them of their creative freedom, while giving them no promo or marketing. and have the nerve to scratch their heads when nobody buys the project! this is modern day slavery.


  6. ...

    oh, come off the modern day slavery crap. wynter had a choice to become a recording artist and that’s the choice she made. wynter gordon was not born into being an artist and there’s nobody beating her, raping her, or making her live in poor conditions to put her “in her place” as an artist. there’s nobody who chastizes her for being an artist, calls her names, and in no way, shape, or form is she treated like a second class citizen in this country for her occupation. if she dislikes the trials and tribulations of being a recording artist, she can always write, produce, or *gasp* get a real job. how dare you call the plight of generations of people to people who sing for a living. idiot.


  7. You Kno Me

    shes been signed since i first started college and i graduate 2 months :-( , I wish her the best but man labels suck at pushing talent out.


  8. RAHJA

    Are u sure that’s not Leona Lewis singing this song? Haha


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