Album Cover: Chrisette Michele – ‘Let Freedom Reign’ [Revised]

Let Freedom Reign

Chrisette Michele plays ringleader on the revised cover for her third album Let Freedom Reign (Nov. 30). Donning a black top hat, elongated eyelashes, and a black corset, the Grammy-winning songstress poses in front of a tan-and-red backdrop, channeling a circus aesthetic. Peep the previous artwork and let us know which version you prefer.

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  1. Rojjy

    This one is way better! Love Chrisette!


  2. Yan

    the other one was so much better


  3. iFreakum

    She’s gorgeous! But I prefer the other cover. Her beauty was more prominent!


  4. Lyric "Commander" Lee

    this cover reminds me of ms kelly’s – uk deluxe version of ms kelly – looks like the same type of dress – i like the other!


  5. humberto

    Why change what was gorgeous?


  6. VV

    I hate this cover. She looks like a clown. I makes me think the album will be foolish and dumb – like a circus.

    Chrisette Michele is not a circus act. Whoever was responsible for designing this album cover should be slapped. And Chrisette, for giving the greenlight on this cover, needs a whoopin.

    This is crazy. The other cover was better. She showed her curvy figure on the other cover, leave this one how it was.

    Dang. I’m so disappointed. And I’m also ashamed. I’m gonna make sure nobody sees me pick up this album at the record store… the cover looks ridiculous.


  7. harvey

    Its supposed to represent freedom you know


  8. ponyo

    i cosign to wht v.v is saying …but i hope the album will be great…


  9. Nait Phoenix

    Either doesn’t matter! I like them. She’s just stunning in both.


  10. G



  11. tasha

    I luv dis pix of her,she’s so beautiful and classy!!


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